Sunday, July 16, 2017

Beal Century Farm

This last week we had a few play dates and we went to the library. The highlight was the Beal reunion over the weekend. We rolled into Arco around 5:30 pm. We had dinner and chatted and the kids played. Later on in the night we worked on getting the float ready for the parade. 2017 is the 100th year for the Beal family farm. My dad has been planning this for a long time. He wanted our family to be in the atomic days parade. The family helped design and pick t-shirts and plan how to execute the float. Trisha and Jory did most of the float planning and executing. Friday night it was all hands on deck to put it all together. After that it was the usual campfire late night talk. On Saturday we all got up and ready to go be in the parade. Scott missed the memo that he needed to be early so we could get a family photo before the parade. Luckily he pulled in before the photographer left and we were able to snag a picture with everyone (minus Lindsey and Brynn who couldn't make it). 

The parade was fun and HOT. After the parade we went to my aunt Alison's house to have lunch. Several of my dad's siblings traveled for it. Doug came from Arizona, Karen from Nevada, and Richelle from Bloomington, ID. Some of their children traveled as well. My cousin Teddi came from South Carolina. It was fun to see everyone. 

The rest of the day we tried to stay cool by hiding in the shade and getting in the pool Gabe brought with him. We mostly visited all day and all night. On Sunday morning we headed home. It was a great time!

Visiting in the shade.

Pool time!

Boy Cousins!

Camfire talks. Looks like Hart is in the middle of a story.

Float prep
Painting signs

Everyone minus the Cannons and Brynn and Linsdey.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

4th of July Vacation

We are having a great summer. After the kids finished swim lessons we headed to Utah for several days. When we got there we took the kids to the splash pad and then Janet, Jeff, Clark, Scott and I went to Stadium of Fire at BYU. It was a good time. The fireworks were awesome! On Sunday we just hung out and that night we had Sunday dinner and played family games. During the day I snuck down to Lehi to visit Scott's sister Carole who is bed ridden. She had a baby a month ago and has had some complications. She had to have surgery and is stuck in bed for awhile. Jeff and Janet watched Greta and Hannah the whole time we were visiting. Hannah is a adorable but she's a lot of work. Janet said it right when she said that Jeff should sprout angel wings for taking care of Hannah. He is excellent with babies/small kids. Later that night we went and watched an outdoor movie with some friends.

On Monday we went on a hike up Albion basin. That was a BEAUTIFUL drive and hike. Ryan was a beasty and not fun on the hike but other than that it was great. After the hike we went and swam in Mandy's pool for several hours. Her pool temperature was amazing! I hate cold water. Later that night they lit off some fireworks and we played some games after the kids went to bed. 

On the 4th of July we were supposed to get up and go to the Holladay breakfast but the kids slept in so we had breakfast at home. Later that day some of us went to Wonder Woman and some went to Despicable Me 3. Later we drove to Lehi to be at Carole's house for dinner, swimming, and fireworks. Carole has a great view of Utah valley from her back patio. You can see fireworks from all over the valley.

The next day we came home. On Friday we had a BBQ with our friends and met a couple from online and they were awesome. I love meeting people from some of my facebook groups. They are the best! That's about all, trying to stay cool. It's HOT, wish we had a neighborhood pool.

These two are so cute sometimes.

We go play at the river a lot. It's free and close and GREAT!

Backyard fun.

Corbin poopped a hole in this pool yesterday. WHY??? I told Scott to not let me buy one enct year. They never last.

I made homemade jam from our own raspberries. This is a first for us! Woot, woot!

Swim lessons..

Lunch in the park after lessons.

Fort! Gabby, "See this is what happens when you make us get off electrnics." Ha.

4th of July cuties (after the 4th). Ha/

Splash pad in Utah.


Ring around the rosie.

Nicole and Rustin hosted the kids each night for bed. They are the best!

Albion basin hike.

Stadium of fire.

Nicole hosted a tea party. 

View from Carole's patio. She said a neighbor snagged this shot. 

Gabby drawings 

Nana with her iphone nerds.

Papa with his biggest fans. Popsicle cheers!

BBQ with our Boise friends and the Hamms visiting from Seattle. LOVE!

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Swimming Lessons

The main events from last week were swimming lessons! I decided to try doing them through the Meridian public pool because my regular lady raises her prices every year AND I have to bring my kids back and forth for the different swim sessions. At the Meridian pool all of my kids can go at the same time and the price was much better. Winning! It's been pretty good. Corbin is a master swimmer. Gabby is starting to learn to swim a little bit by herself. Piper is doing pretty good, in her words when I told her good job she said, "I almost drownded three times." Ryan is doing great. (I think swim lessons for 3 year olds is a little bit of a waste of money but I wasn't going to torture him again this year by not letting him in on the fun). He's loving it so that's great.

On Monday I went with some of my ward friends to Roaring Springs. Gabby and Corbin had free passes from the school. We had a blast. Gabby was big enough and brave enough to go on most of the rides. We had a great time. I left Piper and Ryan home with Scott. Just the big kids this time. 

One of my friends was in Boise last week from New Mexico. We hung out a few times and it was good to see her again. 

Other than that through different circumstances several of my friends from my old ward needed help with cleaning, packing and painting. My one friend is moving into their new house this week. In the last two weeks they have been trying to paint and do all the floors. I went to help sand one night and they are repainting everything in the house. ALL of the baseboards, doors, window frames EVERYTHING is oak. They have been working a ton and have had a lot of people help. When I came back over yesterday to paint a lot had gotten done since I last saw it. They still have a lot left! I will be excited to see it when it's all done. Somehow they are in the middle of the city and are on a 5 acre lot. They have cows and chickens and a garden. Reminds me of being in Arco. Love it. 

Two Saturdays ago Gabby wanted to do a yard sale with some of her toys. She set it all up and was out there for a couple of hours and only our next door neighbor came and bought a 25 cent stuffed animal for a dollar. I told Gabby I would make some cookies and we could try again. I made cookies on Friday and went to the bank to get some change. On Saturday morning five minutes after she set her stuff up her first customer came and bought ALL of her cookies and a few toys. He was really generous and kept telling Gabby to be business minded. I hurried and ran in the house and bagged up the cookies we were going to eat so I could sell them. The next customer came and wanted to $5 worth of cookies (which we didn't even have that much left). We sold out again. I had to take down our signs and we closed up shop. Gabby made $15 in just a few minutes. It was so fun for her. We will have to do that again! (I should have taken a picture).

We went up towards McCall today and had a picnic and played in the river. It was great family time!

Pipes far left. 

Gabs on the noodle.

Corbin green goggles.

Playing in the river.

Ryan likes to make a nest right on top of the vent. Silly boy.

I love this picture.