Sunday, February 16, 2020

Gabby's B-day

Last week at work was pretty good. Every day is a different sort of adventure. We never know which kid is going to try to split every time we leave the classroom. Rodolfo has been especially difficult. Hannah (the main teacher) will be gone to training most of next week so I'm a little nervous about that. We will just call it an adventure.

Gabby's b-day was Thursday. I made her favorite dinner the night before because I had a mandatory meeting on her b-day. I also made her cake that day and put up her decorations. She also wanted to make her class cookies to hand out on her birthday so Wednesday was a little crazy town. On her actual birthday I was able to go into work late and make her a birthday breakfast.

Most of Scott's family came up for the 3 day weekend to celebrate Gabby's b-day. They rented an airbnb in Eagle. Friday night we came to the house and had Valentine fondue for dinner and the Valentine Rascal came and delivered SO many presents. It was pretty crazy loud. The kids were ecstatic. The kids spent the night and Scott and I went home and slept in on Saturday. We met up with everyone at Five Guys for lunch and then we went to a little kid craft at a store. The rest of the afternoon people chilled out either at our house or the Eagle house. I was in charge of dinner that night so everyone came over and we had sweet pork burritos/salads for dinner. Today some of us went swimming with the kids at the Y. The water was warm. I loved that. I HATE cold pool water. We've been lounging around since then. It's Gordon's birthday so we will have roast and brownie sundaes tonight per his request. I think tomorrow we will hit Pojos.

I finished my photo wall! Yay! If I had ordered these canvas pictures from a company it would have cost $600! Instead I bought plain canvas from a craft store, painted the sides, ordered pics from Costco and mod podged them on. It cost me about $60 I think. I think it turned out great! I'm happy.

Painted the sides black.

Tried to figure out placement on the wall.

Placed them up. I used command strips and some of them kept falling down but they've been staying on for days now so fingers crossed there! 

I didn't count the how many pics each kid had and the kids pointed out immediately how many they were each in. Of course! Oh well. It wasn't even. Oh well! It was hard enough to pick the pictures out in the first place. I did pretty good I think. 

Birthday breakfast

Gabby wanted a ukulele. 

Gabby put all the candles on her cake. I guess she's 16. But really she is 10.

Gabby's Valentine envelope "a dragon destroying a city!"

The Valentine Rascal strikes! 
Scott is such a dork. He grabbed the rats to play with while he was getting ready for bed the other night. Ha.

Sunday, February 9, 2020


There's not much to blog about. Piper had a school assignment with Frank the hippo. We needed to do some activities with Frank. I took Piper with me to get frozen yogurt on national frozen yogurt day (thanks for that heads up Nicole). She learned some lessons on frozen yogurt mix ins...she added conversation hearts, nerds, Swedish fish, sour gummy worms, and peanut butter cups to her cake batter fro yo. Wowza! She was like "I don't think I'm going to get nerds again."

I completed 4 weeks of working full time. I started to feel it big time on Friday. I was super tired and had zero patience. I've been really tired today so I've been trying to take it easy so I can gear up for another week. Hopefully I will be recharged for next week.

I've almost finished my photo wall. I've ordered the pics! Choosing 15 pictures was SO hard. I searched through 12 years of blog photos. There are so many cute pics. I'm excited and nervous to see how it will turn out.

Piper in her element. 

Frank joined us for a movie night.

Frank and frozen yogurt.

Piper's 2020 assignment. 

This killed me! Ha.

So cute! I love that she wanted to be famous, rich and very very nice. Ha.

Gabby's cute drawing.

Sunday, February 2, 2020

Bathroom Makeover Take 2

I officially started my new job. I had an informal interview with the vice principal. She didn't really ask me interview questions, we just discussed logistics and things. She knows that I'm looking for a teaching job and that I will leave this job if I am offered one. I'm actually enjoying the job itself better than I thought I would. It's different doing it when it's my actual job verses just filling in. It's also different forming relationships with the other paras and teachers in the room. Every day is an adventure. I never know what student is going to have a melt down when. Every time we go on an outing getting all the kids back to the classroom can be hit and miss. It can keep it interesting!

I learned I will get paid days off and I think I'll be paid in the summer. Sweet! I'm done by 2:30 so I have plenty of time for some down time and also time for dinner and homework and all the things. I've also been able to stay up "late" with Scott and watch a show on a work night and still get 8 hours of sleep. It's amazing! 

Gabby participated in the talent show on Thursday night. They did a great job. It's especially cute because they did it pretty much on their own. Gabby did most of the choreography as well. I helped a little. 

This weekend we were able to put up the frame in our master bathroom. It looks so good! I'm so happy about it. I think I've figure out what I want to do with my photo wall in the kitchen. Now I just need to pick the pictures. It's going to be so hard to pick! 

We are currently watching the superbowl at the Miller's house. I'm blogging. I'm here for the snacks. I mean go 9ers! 

I made this bulletin board at school.

Piper's persuasive message assignment. Pretty good! Ha.

Go Patriots! 

Gabby and Audelia

Scott worked some magic with this frame.



Sunday, January 26, 2020

Corbin's Band Concert

Last week was my first week without teaching online! It felt really good. Even though lately I've only been teaching 1 hour a day it's still one less thing for me to think about. Plus I can sleep in an extra hour. I love that I'm not teaching online or coaching anymore. It feels good to just do one job. Speaking of, I think I've decided to just go ahead and take the job I've been subbing for. It's not something I could do long term but I think I can do it for a few months. I mostly have to manage my boredom. I like being busy. I'd rather scrub toilets than sit and do nothing but I've gotten more used to it. I talked to the teacher and asked if they would hire me knowing that I'm looking for a teaching job and will quit if I find one. She said they would be happy to have me as long as they could. It's not official yet, I need to do a formal interview tomorrow. Since I'm only doing 1 job I want to do it full time and I don't know if I would have the discipline to sub everyday. It's too easy to just cancel or not take a job. Doing this para job will commit me to working 5 days a week like I want to. Plus the devil you know is better than the unknown. Subbing can be very stressful. I never know what I'm going to get and I hate figuring out the lesson plans and I ALWAYS have to improvise because the plans aren't good enough. It would be great if this job would get me a teaching job at Centennial. I would love to work at the same school as my kids. I'm getting ahead of myself. Anyway, so para job here I come.

Corbin had a band concert on Thursday night. I like the style of this teacher she only does one grade at a time and it's short and sweet. It's great! I'm so impressed with someone who can teach 6th graders how to play in a band. 

I've been staining my frame for my bathroom mirror. It's almost done. 

Scott has been working hard in the shed. He added window frames, door frames, baseboards, and blinds. He needs to hook up the Ethernet cord to the TV and put down the baseboards by the TV and he's done. I will need to paint the baseboards. I can't paint the door until the weather is a bit better. But basically we are done! We LOVE it!

That's about all the happenings around here. I'm nervous to start working full time but I'm glad I get to warm up to full time with a job where I have zero responsibilities outside of work. It will help me establish a routine and get used to the rigorous schedule before I add teaching where I'll also be dealing with lesson plans, grading, students, parents and all the things! 

Piper and Ryan can't quite handle band concerts.
Click to see Corbin's concert: video

Sunday, January 19, 2020

Bathroom Makeover

Back when Scott and I decided not to try to move to a bigger house for a lot of reasons we decided we would get a shed and I decided I would re-do most of the house. Bit by bit I've been doing that. I took a break in December because...Christmas. Next on my list was the bathrooms. I wasn't sure when I would get the gumption but then I realized it was a 3 day weekend so what the heck! Originally I was only planning on doing the main bath but I blew through that and painted the master bathroom as well. On the main bathroom I painted the walls, painted the back splash tile, got a new shower curtain, waiting on a new shower rod, spray painted picture frames, spray painted the rusty vent, spray painted the hardware, got some new glass fixtures for light fixture, and got some shelves and decor. I am in love! In the master I am hoping to figure out how to frame our mirror. I want a new light fixture. I am currently spray painting the hardware. I also want a new sink, not sure if that one will happen. Next on my list is to figure out some sort of photo gallery for my dining kitchen area. We will see when I get the vision and motivation for that.

I made it through the first week of my 3 week sub job. It's at Centennial High School which is really close so that is nice. What I also love is the special ed kids get on the bus about 20 minutes before school is out so I split as fast as I can and I don't have to try to leave the parking lot at the same time as hundreds of teenagers. It's the best!  I'm working in the extended resource room. I'm mainly working with a couple of students. One boy I work with is non verbal. He's pretty mellow though so that's nice. The other kid can be more challenging although he can communicate some. The first two days were LONG! It's just a really boring job. I'm trying to manage my boredom the whole time. Wednesday was better. I kind of got more used to the slow rhythm of the day. Thursday and Friday were half days and I as done by 10:30. Praise be! Two more weeks! Ha.

I finished teaching my last week of online classes on Friday! So glad to be done! I'm not sure if this will be a permanent break or not but I'm for sure not teaching again until day light savings in March where I will get more money for the sacrifice of the early hour.

Corbin was sick on Wednesday and stayed home alone. He started an oven mitt on fire while he was making some ramen noodles. I'm glad he didn't burn the house down! So that was an adventure.  He felt good enough to go to school the next day. He had his finals last week. He did well. Gabby and her friend Audelia tried out for the talent show and made it. I will be excited to see their dance. Gabby did most of the choreography herself. Piper and Ryan are great. They get themselves off to school on time by themselves because Gabby likes to leave earlier than they do. They are responsible little people.



Sunday, January 12, 2020

School's Back in Session

The kids went back to school on Monday. It was a pretty slow easy week for me. I had my online classes and subbed once. I will be starting a 3 week sub job starting tomorrow. I hope it's not terrible. The long jobs are appealing to me though because even though they could be tedious, boring, or hard you know what to expect everyday. I think that's the hardest part of subbing is not knowing what to expect. Waking up early again last week confirmed that I am pretty burned out of the early mornings. I've decided to take a possible permanent break. I will be for sure not working again until daylight savings in March when at least I will get more money for waking up early. My last class is Friday. Can't wait!

We woke up to snow this morning and it snowed for hours. It was beautiful. It definitely set the tone for a lazy day for me today. I've been watching Anne of Green Gables, my favorite!

We love watching movies in the shed! 

The girls have been playing school after school. So funny and cute.

My friend Lisa came over and watched a movie with me one night. So fun! 

Beautiful winter day! 

Sunday, January 5, 2020

Winter Break

Winter break is almost over. It flew by. We drove home from Utah on Monday. It was a fun short visit. My favorite part of that trip was playing card games and watching some shows with Scott. For New Years Eve we went over to the Miller's house. We had intended to play games but the kids were having too much fun playing upstairs and we just ended up mostly stuffing our faces and chatting. We did squeeze a game of Heads Up in. We didn't really do anything special on New Years Day. I took down the Christmas decorations. 

We bought a GIANT TV for the shed. Scott figured out how to hang it up along with a sound bar that he is very pleased with. I think we will go watch a show in there later tonight. Can't wait!

I took a 2 week break from online teaching. It's been so nice. That's the longest break I've taken since I started almost 3 years ago. Waking up early tomorrow is going to be rough! 

The kids have mostly been total vegetables playing roblox and whatever else. There's been some crafting here and there and some play dates as well. They have been loving the break. We've also watched a lot of movies. I love that my kids are getting old enough to start watching good movies with us. It's so fun. 

Our rats were delivered on Monday night. Gabby was so excited after the initial disappointment that one of the rats was not one she had picked out. She quickly got over it. Two days later we woke up to only having one rat in the cage. How fun to discover the holes in the cage were big enough for them to escape! Somehow it wasn't as worrisome for a pet rat to be loose in the house verses a non pet rat. I didn't have a chance to buy a non lethal rat trap before little Phoebe came out from under the couch. I yelled for Gabby and she came in and was able to get her easily. She just crawled into Gabby's hand. Phew! We put some rocks in the cage to block the holes and so far the rats have stayed contained. Fingers Crossed! I really don't mind them except for the smell. I have a sensitive nose and we cleaned out the cage YESTERDAY and it smells today. Yuck. 
I love when Ryan puts his blanket on his head! Ha.

Checking out the new rats in their cage.

Gabby loves her rats!

Piper dressed up as a zombie cheerleader on New Years Eve! I love how she posed for the picture! Ha.

Gabby made this map of Idaho for school. We didn't want to keep it so we took a picture so we can always remember it.

I love seeing Ryan's drawings. So funny. This is showing step by step movements of this guy through a maze? Who knows? Ha.

The kids ringing in the New Year (with New York City at 10:00, ha). 

Piper hair cut. She LOVES it.

Hope it's not too early to decorate for Chinese New Year because I did! Also it's the year of the rat. Perfect! Ha.

Gabby haircut, she LOVES it. 

I made new pillows for the shed and bought a rug. This rug might be too small. I might get a different one. I love it though so I'm torn. 

Check out that TV. It's so nice! I'm keeping the Christmas tree up for a bit in there. It's too cute.