Sunday, October 14, 2018


It wasn't too bad coming back from vacation. I had to work Saturday night and my classes felt like a drag Monday morning but after that it was okay. My allergies are especially bad in the fall so I take an allergy pill every day. I thought my allergies  were just going crazy but as the symptoms continued to progress I realized that I had a cold and it was not my allergies. I spent Monday blowing my nose all day and was pretty miserable. It was our Anniversary that day. Scott went and bought me medicine and made stir fry for dinner, true love! I rested as much as possible Monday and Tuesday. I really can't afford to be too sick. If I can't teach my classes I will get fired. They don't have very good policies with that kind of thing. 

On Thursday I subbed my token sub day. I'm trying to sub as little as possible in hopes of staying in the system to keep my options open for next year. I have a love/hate relationship with subbing. Mostly it's the worst but I love having the option to work or not. I had to put Ryan in day care to do it which was not cool. I think he was fine though. It's an in home day care and it's just this mom with her two small daughters so it's not too bad. She will be watching Ryan while I'm coaching basketball which starts tomorrow! I'm nervous/excited about that. I really don't know a lot and have zero skills. Ha! Coaching Basketball for Dummies will be my friend.

We had some friends over Friday night and we watched "The Shining." It's scary movie month! On Saturday I made the kids go rake some leaves. You would think they were being murdered. Oh man! Those kids need their butts kicked and to move to the farm to learn how to work. We later went to my brother Gabe's house for his annual soups and sweaters party. I had to leave early to work.

Speaking of work I'm quitting my job with Dada ABC. I'm so excited. The countdown is on! You have to give a 30 day notice or they will charge you $300 for ending your contract early. I sent in my notice and my last day is November 11th. I hate the lesson plans and I mostly hate being locked into a schedule. I hate working every Saturday night, it's terrible. I love being able to choose my schedule with VIPKid. I don't mind working a Friday or Saturday night if nothing is going on and I want to earn some extra cash but I hate being stuck doing it no matter what. I'm so glad I decided to quit. I started with them with the hopes of being paid more (which the pay is the same, only worse because of more prep time) and because I liked that they supply you with students because my bookings were down (my bookings are back up). 

Well that's about all. I'm still sick, I thought I was getting better but I'm not. My sore throat was raging last night. I'm trying to take as much zinc and drink as much Emergen-C as possible. Coaching starts this week. I hope it's good!  

This was me on Monday, totally miserable!

Poor Ryan was sooo sad after daycare when he couldn't take home their fishy stuffed animal. He LOVES stuffed animals so much it's insane. But that face! 

I decided to decorate my classroom for Halloween! I figured out how to put lights across the screen door as well. I love the lights the most!

The kids playing in the leaves before they started to work.


Sunday, October 7, 2018


Our trip was really good. On Monday I packed everything up and tried to gather everything we needed for the trip like printed tickets and things like that. We got up around 4:15 to get out the door and catch our flight. I was able to get the airlines to accommodate us a bit and for the most part we always got to sit in pairs and in the least I was able to sit next to Ryan so that was great. Our plane had something that was leaking water and it took them awhile to fix it. By the time we got to Salt Lake our connecting flight was boarding. We had to run through the airport as fast as we could bearing in mind we were running with small children and a lot of luggage. We made it and had to board the plane frazzled for all to watch! When we got to San Diego it took awhile for us to get our van rental and Ryan was a hot mess. He couldn't handle his life being awake so early and not eating proper food. We went to eat an early lunch at a Mexican place and Ryan was having a tantrum every other second it felt like. This did not bode well for a day of walking at the zoo. Luckily by the time we got in the zoo and took the tour bus ride he had chilled out. He was a good little sport and walked around the zoo for a long time. We were there for about 4 hours but everyone was tired from traveling early and we were all ready to go except for Scott. We all kind of compromised and we stayed a bit longer and Scott had to leave a bit earlier to try to accommodate all of us. 

We stayed at my brother's time share and the lady at the front desk forced me into getting a free breakfast to receive a free gift if we listened to their spiel. I did NOT want to do it. We couldn't figure out what to do. We ended up going and Scott informed me that it was a 90 minute presentation, HECK NO! I told them we had to get out and that this was our only day in San Diego and we would not be sitting here for 90 minutes with our 4 kids. They told us that was the only way to receive the free gift to which we said, "we don't want the gift!" Phew! We got out of that. I HATE stuff like that from the bottom of my cold heart!

After our stressful escape we headed over to the beautiful Coronado Island. This was the kids' first time seeing the ocean and they loved it. We were there for awhile just walking in the waves and collecting sea shells. After that we got some lunch and headed to Sea World. We enjoyed seeing everything there and going on their rides. They had some really fun roller coaster rides and zero lines. We could walk right up and go on the rides. After Sea World we went to Old Town San Diego to pick up some souvenirs and eat some dinner. After dinner we drove up to our hotel in Anaheim. The kids slept in the car and crashed as soon as we got checked into our room. 

The next morning we headed out to Disneyland. It was very crowded. I didn't think it would be that busy in October. I should have known better I guess. I think if I go back to Disneyland and it's my choice I will go the first week of November after the Halloween crowd and before the Christmas crowd or go in Jan or Feb and deal with the bad weather. I like bad weather more than crowds. Ha. When you get the fast pass you really aren't waiting in line that long for rides but walking from point A to point B was nuts. People were everywhere going every direction. I was constantly counting my kids. My least favorite part of the trip was how crowded it was. It was still fun though and it was fun to be there with the rest of Scott's family. We were there for 11 hours and called it a day and a day it was! 

The next day we had breakfast at the Cannon's hotel and got packed up and went to Little Corona beach. It was really beautiful. We hung out there for a couple of hours and then we headed to visit Scott's old mission buddy in Irvine. They fed us lunch and we got to chat with them for a bit. We stayed there a little too long and it was a stressful drive to the airport. We were stuck in LA traffic for a bit. I made peace with missing our plane and was not very stressed about the situation. Being stressed wasn't going to make the traffic go away. Luckily the traffic cleared and once we got to the airport there wasn't a line in security and we made it just fine. Phew! I really did not want to miss the plane. We got to Boise around 11:30 that night. What a trip! The weather was great, the company was great, the parks were great. Overall it was a smashing success! 

Statue in front of the San Diego Zoo.

Riding the double decker tour bus. I loved it.

Riding the sky ride over the zoo. 

Coronado Beach

Eating our food in the parking lot before entering Sea World.

Everyone liked the cleaner fish. I was good, I didn't want to feel it although I was tempted to put my feet in and have them have a go at the dead skin on my heals for a bit.

Petting the sting rays.

Sea turtles.

Shipwrecked rapids. Gabby, Scott, and Piper got doused pretty good on that ride.


Dinner in Old Town.

I bought the kids Mickey and Minnie mouse shirts ahead of time. I barely remembered in time and they arrived the day before out trip. Phew!

Little Piper in front of the Piper sign.

At the entrance of Disneyland. Ryan was a super good sport about getting his picture taken the whole trip. Ha.

Selfie in front of the castle.

Scott took a picture of how crowded it was. It was literally like this everywhere. UGH!
They had a mini golf course right outside our hotel room.
Little Corona Beach

We finally got one picture with all of us on the trip. Mandys' family already lives at the beach all the time in Florida. 

Sunday, September 30, 2018

Field Trips

Well you guessed it another busy week around here. Piper, Corbin, and Gabby all had field trips last week. I got to go to most of Piper's field trip. I had to drive separately and leave early so I could pick up Ryan from preschool. I was able to join Corbin's class on his field trip. They went to Black's creek. I don't really know what that place is other than a dust bowl with desert plants. My allergies were bad the whole time and that was WITH medication. Poor Corbin takes after me and he was struggling as well. We went through a lot of tissues. Gabby's class was on the same field trip so I got to hang out with her a bit as well which was great.

Cross country finished up. We were all disappointed at Districts. Our boys have been undefeated all season and they got 2nd place which was a bummer. Their number 5 runner was sick and couldn't run and we only lost by 4 points! So close! I think everyone was disappointed in that. The girls didn't have the same chance to win as the boys and overall they didn't do as well either. Oh well! I'm glad to be done. I hope to enjoy my 2 second break before basketball starts. Ha.

We put up our Halloween decorations yesterday and our trip is in 2 days! I'm not really ready. I need to pack and buy snacks and all the things. I think I'll procrastinate a bit more! Wish us luck on our trip!
Piper's field trip was at Meridian High School where their FFA had tons of things to show the kids.

Ryan helped Gabby put up the bats she made last year. We have a group of bats in every room of the house.
Piper's best friends mom just had a baby so I made them dinner. I decided to make soup and rolls. I made homemade rolls but I forgot to add the salt and egg! So sad!!! They look so good, but they are not!
One of my favorite athlete's made a card for the coaches. She is sweet. 

The kids' backpacks have been making me lose my mind. I realized we could make some space in the garage to put their crap out there. GET RID! I was so happy when Scott put it up. It will bring me endless joy.

Sunday, September 23, 2018


There's not much to say. We had two team cross country meets and then our top runners competed in a multi state race on Friday night. This week is the last week of cross country. I'm ready to be done with it. I'll get a short break and then basketball starts. I have my coaching basketball for dummies on reserve at the library.

The kids are liking their teachers. Gabby's class gets to take swim lessons on Fridays at the Y for some reason. That's pretty cool. All the kids have field trips this week.

Scott's work is going well. We are leaving for Disneyland in 9 days!

Sorry no pictures. That's all!

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Princess Party

We had another busy week. Scott was in Utah doing training for his work. Tuesday was the hardest day. I had a cross country meet and then I had to take the girls back and forth to dance. I'm feeling a little strapped with my time with all of the things. I was a little disappointed to realize that basketball starts two weeks after cross country and one of those weeks we will be in Disneyland. I'm doing okay managing it all I just have to be really organized with my time and plan ahead with dinners and things. It can be tiring though.

I did get paid from my two new companies which was exciting. I'd heard rumors about people not getting paid from Dada because of banking issues or something. Getting paid just for opening slots with Gogo seemed a little too good to be true but I got paid so that was sweet! My main problem now is that my bookings are back up with VIPKid so now I have to figure out the best way to juggle the different companies. If Dada doesn't give me time off for Disneyland I may just quit. We will see. 

Scott came back Friday night and it was good to have him back home. He is liking his job and he particularly likes having co-workers. We are social creatures! I'm glad he is getting out and being around people.

I threw Piper a birthday party. I've been dreading it for a long time. Ha. I don't throw many parties for my kids for lots of reasons but it was Piper's turn to have her first friend birthday party. She was sooo excited. The party went well and I was glad to cross it off my list. Ha. I was also happy for Piper because she was so happy. 

Kids playing at the park.

I put Piper's hair in a high bun and it was SO cute and she HATED it. I talked her into wearing it. It was so cute! 

Birthday invitation
Birthday girl in her princess dress.

Princesses decorating their cupcakes.


Piper showing the crown she decorated at the party.

Disneyland it coming right up! I made a quick paper chain for a countdown. 

Nana sent some Halloween jammies. Cute littles!