Sunday, July 15, 2018

Camel's Back Park

Summer is going by pretty fast. I do have to say though that each day is long and loud! The Boise heat has come. My bookings are frustrating me at VIPKid so I'm looking into to working for another company as well to help fill my slots. We will see what happens. I have a job interview this Wednesday for USKid. If it doesn't work with them I'll try another. There are a lot of ESL companies now. I got an online TESOL certification over the weekend. I'm not sure if it will give me a higher pay bump or not but I figured it was worth the few hours lost if it does. 

The kids are keeping cool by eating their body weight in otter pops and swimming every chance we get. 

I finished one of my summer goal projects. My collected recipes from online and friends were a hot mess. I literally took an old notebook Corbin scribbled on every page as a toddler and used that to paste my recipes in years ago. I finally retyped and printed out the recipes. It's better than it was! 

Today for our family activity I thought it would be fun to hike the trails at Camel's Back Park and eat a breakfast picnic. It was a beautiful morning. 

Well that's about all.
My old recipe system
Looks lovely! Ha.

My new system.

Looks better.

Sibling time.

Scott and I walked laps at the park and the kids literally waited in the shade for us to finish. LAME-OS! 

I love when Ryan sleeps with his blanket over his head. Ha.

Breakfast picnic. 

Sunday, July 8, 2018

4th of July

We enjoyed our week last week. On Monday we finished packing up and headed to my sister's house in Rigby. After the drive we hung out  for a while and waited until it was time for some of us to head to West Yellowstone to watch "Newsies." We ate at Fiesta Ole on the way, my favorite! When we got to West Yellowstone we got some ice-cream before the show. It was sooo good! The play started late and was too long. They definitely could have cut out some of those boring songs! Ha. Overall it was great though. The dancing and upbeat songs were the best. We had a good time gabbing on the way there and back. I was exhausted though having gotten up early and having spent about 8 hours in the car that day. Boo. I had a rough night sleep but by some miracle I was able to fall back asleep sometime in the morning and I slept in until past 11:00! I don't know the last time that happened. I don't like sleeping in late but I really needed the rest and I was so happy I was able to sleep in. We just hung out at Trisha's house that day. 

On the 4th we headed to Arco and hung out at the park until the parade started. I love Arco parades, short and sweet (literally). Ha. We mostly visited the rest of the day and the kids played with their cousins. We had a combined dutch oven dinner that night. SOOOO GOOD! We watched the fireworks at my aunt Alison's house. She lives right next to the number hill so we had front row viewing. I love Arco fireworks too. Not too long or too short AND the mountain always starts on fire every year so it's always entertaining to see how big the fire will get. Ha. Ryan was tired and fell asleep in my arms before the fireworks started. It was pretty cute to cuddle my sleeping boy.

The next morning most of us headed to go and hike Lower Cedar Falls. My parents only recently discovered this hike in the last few years and I've never been able to go. We were headed up and discovered we had a flat tire so Scott stayed back and took care of that and the rest of us headed to the hike. I should have left Ryan with him! We started too late and it was HOT. Ryan lasted about 5-10 minutes before he was begging to be carried by piggy back. Trisha held back with me and helped her 5 year old as well. After 45 minutes I was done! We turned around. I ended up hiking for about an hour and a half in the hot sun with a 4 year old on my back with interval crying/walking on his part. It is a good hike. Next time I'm going earlier and without Ryan! After the hike we had lunch and headed back to Boise. 

Overall it was great trip. We are happy to be home. 

Closer up pic before the show. I want more ice-cream! 


Hanging out before the parade.


Waiting for the parade.

Piper LOVES her cousin Lexi! 

Boy cousins!

Gabe always packs his pool for us to enjoy.

The men cooking dutch oven.

Ryan playing in the sand at the park.

Our tiny garden. It's small but I love to watch a garden grow. The yellow sunflower is from Piper's class at school. She planted it.  She is so proud! 

Sunday, July 1, 2018

I Did A Thing....

On Monday I met some friends and took the kids to Roaring Springs to use their free passes before they expired AND it was discount day. Apparently every parent in the valley had the same idea. It was packed! We couldn't find a shady spot so we were in the sun for 7 plus hours. I got a major headache by the end of the day and felt pretty terrible until about midnight when it finally went away and I was able to fall asleep even though I went to bed at 8:45. Ugh. The kids had a blast. After four hours I had Scott come and pick up Piper and Ryan because they wouldn't have lasted much longer and plus I like to go on the rides. It worked out great, minus the headache.

We were all exhausted and did nothing on Tuesday, we all needed to recoup. On Thursday we went swimming at my friend's mom's house. Every Thursday she opens her pool to friends and family and feeds them lunch. I love that! If we ever make the big bucks and have a pool I'm totally doing that.

On Friday night we got together with all of our friends and watched the documentary Believer on HBO. It was so good. All of us were crying. Out of the group of friends all of us have dealt with suicidality either personally or through our spouses. UGH!

Today I pierced my nose! It was kind of an impulsive decision and kind of not. I have been wearing a magnetic nose ring off and on for months. I was thinking about getting a real one but didn't really think I would. On Friday night we were talking about it and my friend was like "lets go get one." I didn't even know she wanted one. Done. She made an appointment and we did it. My nose hurts but not too bad. We will see how it goes.

I've been baking and getting ready to go to our family reunion tomorrow. Time to pack!

Our very sunny spot at Roaring Springs

Lunch at the park. Boise is not the prettiest city but I LOVE the river and the parks. It has the best parks.

Ha! Ryan. Sleeping by the vent. 

Yep! We did that.

I'm still working on my classroom. I painted the butcher paper the same color as my wall. I also added some more lights.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Art Camp

This last week has been good. The girls had an art camp that was awesome. One of my friend's daughters was running it. They did some cool canvas projects, tie dyed some socks, and made homemade chalkboards. While they were at "camp" the boys and I went to a friends house (who lives very close to art camp) and hung out while we waited for the girls to finish. It worked out slick. We even went swimming in their neighborhood pool one day afterwards. It was great.

Yesterday we actually got a babysitter and went out to eat because we had some friends come into town to do the Boise spartan. It was fun to catch up with them. Today I decided that we should have a picnic and go play in the river on the way to McCall like we did last year. We got everything ready and loaded up and started the drive. The road was busy both directions. When we found our spot it was full and every spot up to it was full as well. We turned around and headed back. The kids were antsy and hungry from being in the car for an hour so we pulled over and had a roadside picnic. After that we drove back to Boise and stopped in Eagle and played at our usual river spot 15 minutes from our house. Oh well! The drive toward McCall is pretty. It would have been better without the kids. Ha. They were so loud! Plus Piper needed to pee and was scream crying for about 15 minutes until we could pull over. That was good times! Ha. BUT when we got to our usual river spot by our house the kids had a blast playing so all was well.

Now the kids are watching Lord of the Rings with Scott and I am outside on the porch by myself. Everyone is happy! Ha. No plans are set in stone yet this week. We will try to use our roaring springs passes some time this week.

Raspberry munchers. I love having raspberries in our backyard.

Movie time.

Gabby's cookie sale again! Not one customer. My mom did say she would buy some cookies for the family reunion from Gabby so sh'es pretty excited about that. 

Gabby's chalkboard. So cute! Piper's says, "Piper's b-day." Ha. She is obsessed and it's not until September. 

Cute buddy.

Roadside picnic. 

River fun. 

Corbin caught a crawdad. 

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to all the father's out there. Our father's day was cold, wet, and dreary. We've just been hanging out today. The kids were playing some video game all together forever and they were so LOUD! It was really cute that they were playing together but wowza! I made a special breakfast and we will eat pork chops, scalloped potatoes, and key lime pie tonight. Food is basically my love language so that's what people get on their special days. 

The kids finished up their swim lessons. We will have to take them swimming to see what they learned (assuming they learned something)! This has been a pretty cool June for us. I felt bad for the kids I think they had to do their lessons in 70 degree weather about 3 times last week. Yikes! 

It was really cute and fun to see Corbin do his job. He wanted to go alone every time but I managed to talk him into letting his siblings come at least a few times. He did a great job keeping those animals fed and putting the chickens to bed at night. Ha. I decided to mow their lawn for them before they got back. The grass was long. I got a pretty good workout! 

A friend hosted a craft night and I joined in. It was fun to craft with some friends. I also bought a chair at a thrift store and upcycled it. I think that's the first time I've done that in a long time! It ended up being kind of a pain as these kinds of projects tend to be. The spray paint came out dark and flaky. It was really weird. I was able to work it out but it took more time and work. 

I've been trying to focus more on my VIPKID teaching. I'm getting certified in a few more things and trying to up my game a little bit. I've just been going along for awhile and since it's summer I have a little more time to try to hone in my skills a bit and try to ham myself up as well. I'm trying to wrangle some more clients! I also figured out a brilliant solution to my classroom. Half of the view was my bathroom wall and I took our old broken screen door and covered it with paper and now it blocks the bathroom. Huzzah! It's not perfect and is still a little weird space but I'm working with what I've got. 

This week I signed up the girls for an art camp. I hope they love it! I'm pretty sure they will. 

Gabby and I hanging out in my friends hammock. 

4th of July craft



A little Friday night pizza picnic. 

It's hard to see but my classroom view showed my bathroom wall.

Now it's been covered up and decorated a bit more. 
My friend gave me this beautiful mug for helping her out last week. Love it!

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Summer, Summer, Summer

Wow a week of summer has already flown by. The major event for me this week was hosting my book club. I actually had the time and motivation to do projects that have been bothering me for MONTHS! Gabby broke the glass in our fireplace and the glass company is out of business. We haven't quite figured out what to do with that problem yet, plus it's money we don't want to spend. Scott had to insulate it so we didn't freeze to death over the winter. I spray painted it with flame resistant spray so it looks a little better. This will have to do for now. I also did touch up paint on my baseboards and doors plus the walls. That has been a job I've put off for the longest time. I'm so happy to be done with that!

The kids major event has been swim lessons. Piper had a swimming pool birthday party and she's definitely getting better at swimming. I think this is the year Gabby will master swimming as well. She is so ready to be done with swim floaties. 

I'm still trying to figure out summer jobs and routines. Gabby cooks breakfast everyday and Corbin does the dishes. It's glorious! Gabby even made breakfast burritos the other day and they were delicious. 

We went to dinner at The Habit last night. Yum. I think we are headed to a park downtown today. I am so excited it is summertime! I was definitely feeling burned out. I am also getting up 30 minutes later in the morning for my VIPKID classes. Yay! 

Oh the other exciting event happening is my friend and neighbor Rachel is on vacation and she hired Corbin to take care of her chickens and cat while they are gone. The kids are fighting over who gets to do what. Between feeding the chickens and swim lessons we are set for this coming week. 



Book club, also this is where I spend most of my time in the summer. I love hanging out on the couch back here!

Piper is terrible at riding her bike. I have a goal of trying to work with her on this more. 

Gabby got a sewing kit from her uncle Rustin and Corbin actually wanted to sew a '"sew buddy" (as Gabby calls them) yesterday too. We got interrupted and never finished but I thought it was cute that Corbin wanted to make one. (Like I said, I live on that couch, best purchase ever)!