Sunday, May 19, 2019

Dance Recital

Same old same old last week. The girls had their final dance recital yesterday. Jeff and Janet came up for the weekend. They got here Friday night and the kids opened some gifts and did some projects with them that night. On Saturday we went to Delsa's for lunch and headed over to the dance recital. The girls did a great job! Piper wants to take an easier class and Gabby wants to try out for the competitive team so they won't be in the same class next year. I'm sad about that on a convenience stand point as well as enjoying watching them dance together. Level 2 has been intense for Piper and she hasn't enjoyed it. I'm hoping that she will enjoy dance better next year and if not she can quit. She does a great job though. I'm super proud of her for keeping up with the older girls. 

Later that evening we went to the white water park downtown. It was a really nice evening and it was fun to get out and walk around. We had breakfast at Elmer's this morning on Jeff and Janet's way out. It was hoppin'! 

Nothing major happening this coming week. The last week of school should be a little crazy town. I can't believe school is almost out! 

Papa and Willow

Target run


Ry guy


Little Dancers

Pole cllimbing

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Mother's Day

The main thing from last week was my battle with the bunny. She tried to claim my couch as hers by marking her territory more than once! This cannot stand! I live on that couch. I'm typing my blog post from that very couch right now. I cleaned off the cushions and then I've been kicking her off every time she gets on the couch. I think she's getting it. She hasn't peed on it again all week. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that she can adapt to this boundary. I just cannot handle that! I'm hopeful that she and I can live at peace together. Ha. The pollen is out of control right now and I really probably should be sitting outside but I love sitting in my backyard so much.

I went into Scott's work so we could apply for a home equity loan so we can get our shed. We won't know for a month if we got approved or not. Meanwhile Scott has been looking at different shed options and creating some spread sheets. 

For Mother's Day Scott rented a stump grinder and got rid of some stumps that have been bothering me for years. We can finally plant some new things there. Yay! We went looking today but I couldn't decide on anything yet. For now I'm just glad to know that I can plant when I'm ready. He also made me his yummy hash browns for breakfast and will be making me his stir fry for dinner. Yum! The teachers are always sure to have their students make Mother's Day gifts so I always get hooked up there. 

I've been TIRED. It's much harder to got to bed early with the time change. I may switch up my schedule and work less this summer. We will see. In the past I have worked later in the summer for that very reason. Well that's about all.

Happy Mother's Day to all you wonderful mothers out there.



Frosty's are on sale for .50 so Ryan and I got some.

Oh baby!

A coaster from Gabby

A clay dish from Piper

A coupon book from Corbin. I've already cashed in two coupons. 

Sunday, May 5, 2019

Scott's B-Day

Mostly the same old things happened last week. Ryan and I joined Piper's class for a bit on their class field trip. On Friday I drove to Arco and back to attend a funeral. Miken Jardine died of a rare cancer. He was in my sister's class and he was the brother of one my close high school friends. He also married a classmate of mine that I grew up with. He had 5 young daughters. It is sooo sad. You really can't take anyone for granted. Life is too short.

It was Scott's b-day on Saturday. We went out to Red Robin as a family for lunch. Later that night we joined a bunch of our friends for a Cinco De Mayo party/Scott b-day celebration. We had a fun night with all of our friends. 

The month  of May is always a crazy month. It seems like a mad dash to the end of the school year.

Piper's field trip

Ry guy joining in on the fun.

Piper trying to collect pollen.

Gone too soon.

His family. 

We took Willow with us to the park.

Rich pudding dessert for the birthday boy.

Sunday, April 28, 2019


Things have been good around here. I'm still staying fully booked at VIP which is awesome. I've started working just M-F again which has been really good. Having a full weekend off is great. Plus with the time change I can still work 20 hours a week. So I'm feeling really good about that. Scott's work is going good. He is leading his branch in overall performance for the quarter which is really great! Way to go Scott!

We are trying to figure out what we should do with our house and what options we have. We met with my brother who is a realtor. We went over our options and at least at this point we are leaning toward getting a shed in the back yard. No joke! There are lots of pictures and videos of people converting sheds to spare rooms. We would have it be the office/extra living space. An escape away from home! Ha. Anyway we don't really know and we aren't great at making these kinds of decisions. They stress me out! Moving seems terrible and exciting at the same time. There are some things that are hard to replace like our fully shaded backyard, the kids walk to school (which is beyond amazing, and necessary if I am going to sub and coach next year) and Scott has a no traffic 8 minute drive to work. Those things are hard to give up even if we are crowded. Anyway who knows, we will probably just put if off and do nothing for awhile. 

On Friday night I went to watch some of my basketball players compete at the track meet. After that Scott and I met some friends for a dinner date. The rest of the weekend we have just been chilling and doing house and yard work. 

Willow has found her spot on our patio couch. She better not pee!

The kids and neighbor friend (who practically lives here) having a backyard picnic. 
Lowes adventrue (Piper did not want to come). 

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Happy Easter

Just like that our basketball season is done. I'm excited to be done and have more freedom. Overall it was pretty good. The dynamics with A team weren't the same as B team in a bad way. B team kids know that they aren't good enough for A team and there's a camaraderie that gets built among the team. That does not happen with A team at all. A team members are more competitive and less inclusive of the players on the team who aren't as good. Unlike my 8th grade B team that lost 2 games and won 8 games my A team only won 2 games. It was more painful for sure! Ha. Three games we got killed and three games we lost with three points or less difference and we won 2 games. So overall not too terrible really. I didn't have any parent complaints (that I know of) and the athletic director gave me a good review so I'd say that's a success! 

On Friday night we went to our nephew's b-day party and later we watched a movie with some friends. On Saturday morning I took the kids to our local Albertson's for their Easter egg hunt. It is the best! Less than 5 minute drive, easy parking, and you don't have to worry about the weather! 

We didn't do much for Easter. I hid their Easter baskets and made a special Easter dinner but other than that nothing much. At one point Scott checked on the sprinklers and the kids put on their swimming suits to run through the sprinklers. It was cold! They lasted outside for at least an hour. I couldn't believe it. BRRR! 

7th Grade A-Team!

Albertson's Easter Egg Hunt. Ryan's face! Ha

Easter Baskets

Cute Easter Bunny
Crazy Kids!
It's hard to see but a mommy duck and her little ducklings came in our back yard. AHHH!

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Girls Weekend and Grass!

I had a busy week last week. I made it through okay. My team got killed against Eagle. It was so painful. They are playing a lot of teams that have better skills and probably better coaches no doubt. We lost by a lot against Victory as well but that game at least didn't feel as painful. We only have 2 games left. I hope we win at least one more game. 

On Thursday we had a meet up for local VIPKID teachers. They had an Easter egg hunt for the kids and the teachers. I won a Dino key chain and another teacher switched with me so I could have my own Dino doll. I'm so excited! I'll post a pic when I get it. The weather was terrible and we got rained out. 

On Friday late afternoon/early evening I met up with my sister and sister in laws so we could carpool to our airbnb in Hagerman ID. We were trying to find a spot where we could sort of meet in the middle for the Eastern and Western Idahoans. My sister flew in from Seattle. The airbnb was actually pretty cute and was right next to the water. It had tons of windows and it was like indoor camping! My favorite way to camp. We ate dinner and gabbed that evening until late. The next day we attempted a little hike that turned out to be a walk in a field! Ha. We got some sunshine and fresh air at least. The weather on Saturday was perfect, sunny and no wind. Amazing! We ate food and played games. Later in the evening we went and checked out the Malad gorge and 1000 springs. It was a fun little outing. That night we watched a movie. We got up and left this morning. I was happy to get back early and spend some time with my family and get some things done today. Overall it was a really fun successful girls trip.

While I was gone Scott spent the entire day trying to salvage our sad backyard. He picked up compost, sod, and a rototiller and worked all day long. I'm still worried the grass won't grow back there. We will see what happens this summer. Keep your fingers crossed for us! 

Easter egg hunt. Ryan is in the distance.

The view from the house.

Windows everywhere!

Yummy dinner!

Our field hike.

I forced everyone to participate in Speak Out! So fun. I kill at that game. Teaching English to Chinese students for the past 2 years is finally paying off! Ha. 

Taking this bridge picture was no joke! We could not get the timing right on the camera. Anna kept running back and forth. It was torturous! We were shocked we actually got a decent one! Everyone was there except for Christy and Amanda. 

Getting the compost.


Ooo la la!