Sunday, May 14, 2017

Dance Recital Sandwich

Gabby and Piper are taking dance from different studios. Piper had her recital yesterday and Gabby has her recital tomorrow night. Nana and Papa came up for the weekend to see them. They got up at 3:30 am to come to Piper's recital and they are leaving tomorrow night after Gabby's recital. Those are some crazy driving hours! We are having are great visit.

Piper did great with her dances. You could tell she was very nervous and she didn't crack one smile but she did pretty good and she did it and she didn't cry. Win, win, win. She especially did well on her S-h-u-f-f-l-e s-t-e-p move.

After the recital we went to Tucanos for their Mother's Day Special/Scott's birthday dinner. It was yummy good! We hung out the rest of the day at the house. Today for mother's day Scott helped me make breakfast (I'm way too much of a control freak, plus we have guests). We made bacon and waffles. My waffles were macadamia nut with coconut and coconut syrup. So yummy! We went to lunch at Cafe Ole and then hung out at Settlers Park for a bit. Right now they are all player Elder Sign and I'm blogging. Not sure about tomorrow.

My work schedule filled completely last week. That was exciting. Every slot I opened filled. Yay! I got my second pay check and because of incentives my pay was about $300 more than I expected. SWEET!

This has been a cold spring. I really wish we could enjoy temps in the 70's before it goes from 50-90 degrees. Come on 70 degrees!

Brrr. It was cold, out on the patio. Corbin sporting my sweater and Piper wearing her napkin below.

Corbin presents.

Gabby presents.

Gabby presents.

Gabby pic.

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