Sunday, June 18, 2017

Rigby, Karaoke, Father's Day

My friend Kate (who lives in NYC and I haven't seen in 9 years) was coming to Rigby to visit her in-laws and wanted to see if by chance I would want to come visit. I told her that I had a sister in Rigby so we could probably swing it. Arrangements were made and Tuesday morning I headed out with the littles to Rigby. About 20 miles down the road I felt like I was getting harassed by this dude in a big rig truck. I tried to get rid of him but he wasn't relenting. I was actually starting to wonder if I was going to have to call the cops or something. I finally looked over and they were trying to signal me that my tire was flat. Oy! So I pulled over and my tire wasn't flat but it was really low. I was immediately mad at Scott for not checking the tires and then I was immediately mad at myself for not checking the tires. A part of me was ready to just turn around and head home. This man was super nice and followed me to the next gas station and put air in my tires and then followed me to Les Schwab in Mountain Home where I ended up having to get two new front new tires (we just had to buy 4 new tires on the Avalon last week, gotta love timing).. With an added 2 hours onto our trip we continued for the remainder 3/4ths of the drive. Good times! Gabby would say, "if we didn't have to stop we would have been there already." Don't I know it. The kids did pretty good especially considering we added a lot of extra time on an already long trip.

My kids love coming to visit their cousins in Rigby. My sister has a big house and a big yard and the kids have tons of fun together. All of my kids get along and have fun with Trisha's kids, (even McCoy and Ryan didn't do too bad this time).

On Wednesday morning I went to breakfast with Kate. I picked her up and on the way to breakfast I had two engine car lights turn on. It was right before my sister's exit so I didn't risk it and we went and switched cars. Later that night a guy in her ward checked it out and found that a plug had come undone on the car and had let out a ton of antifreeze. He said if I would have driven it much farther I would have burned up my engine. Oy again! He refilled it and then we had to drive it and let it cool and fill it again and drive it and let it cool and fill it again. In the morning the fluid was low again and I filled and drove it around for a bit. I stopped in Pocatello and had to add more fluid again! After that I kept stopping every 60 miles and it was finally full and didn't need anymore after that! Car problems, no fun!

Anyway back to Kate, breakfast was great and it was so fun to catch up with her. As soon as she got in the car it was like we had just hung out yesterday not 9 years ago. I love friendships like that! The kids just played all day at the house. That night we build a fire and had s'mores. We headed home in the morning. It was a fun little quick trip (minus all of the car drama).

On Saturday we had a party with some friends and had tacos and karaoke, So fun and the tacos were DELISH! Scott  loves karaoke so much. It was great fun.

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there. We didn't do anything today (just like Scott likes, ha). I made him a special breakfast, dinner, and dessert. That's all!

Ryan quote: "Oh no, that's a mess man." Haha, it was hilarious. I wish you could have heard how he said it, so good!

Fire pit and S'mores!

Kate and I went for an early morning run. Kate is a marathoner and she was gracious enough to go REALLY slow and not very far.

Raspberry time!

Trisha made me a frittata for breakfast one day, yum!


I busted out my sewing machine yesterday and Gabby wanted to try. She ended up sewing herself a stuffed animal and I helped her with a little purse. Now I'm thinking we need to sign up for 4-H class.

Peanut Butter Cheesecake, one word: RICH!

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