Sunday, July 30, 2017


Last week went by much faster than the previous week, hallelujah. Work was still slow but it's been picking up. I'm hopeful it was a July vacation time thing. We were able to go swimming to two neighborhood pools last week. We went with Anna and her kids, my kids loved that, and we went with an old ward friend who moved to Eagle. We had a great time with her as well. Swimming is so fun. I wish we had a neighborhood pool. Oh well! We went to the river with friends. The kids were having a blast and didn't want to leave even though we go there a lot. We had friends over Friday night. My favorite thing was putting up some Christmas lights in the backyard. Love! They aren't quite as good as the big patio lights but they look great. It makes me want to hang out in the back yard even more now. Other than that not much is going on. I need to start going through my kids clothes and sorting them out (ugh). It's time to get back to school organized. I can't believe it. Summer is flying by!
Gabby crafting and experimenting and mess making. 

So cute. Corbin was trying to trace a picture and Ryan just came over and copied Corbin. Cutest!

I went to breakfast with some friends and I brought home my leftovers and they got instantly attacked! 

We went to our river spot with friends.

Fabric flowers I made for a reception. 

Signs I made for a reception. 

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  1. Hey Mitzi - looks like your calligraphy class is paying dividends - those are some cute wedding signs! I don't know how people exist without a big kitchen table - it's the happening place; looks like Gabby is making good use of it. Thanks for blogging. We live to read it. Jeff's online every Sunday evening to give me an update and show me the pictures he loves.