Sunday, August 13, 2017

Ears Pierced!

This last week was pretty low key. We just stayed home mostly and chilled. We had a couple of play dates and went swimming with friends on Friday night. The big event of the week was that Gabby and Piper got their ears pierced! I didn't really have a set age in mind for when I would let my girls pierce their ears. I figured when they wanted to bad enough I would let them. I don't know what made them want to do it but they suddenly both became interested and kept talking about it so we did it. My friend Haley has her own ear piercing gun and used to work at a place for years so I asked her if she would pierce the girls' ears. We found a time to come over Friday night and we got it done! Gabby didn't even cry at all. She was pleasantly surprised that it didn't really hurt. I think Piper based on Gabby's reaction was not so pleasantly surprised how much it hurt. She did pretty good with the first ear but kind of lost it on the second ear. Plus the gun kind of got stuck on her ear. It was weird. That earring back went on crooked too. I'm hoping that doesn't cause problems down the road. Haley is going to check it out again tomorrow.

Friday night we had some friends over to watch a movie and Saturday night I had some girlfriends over to watch a movie. Today we went and explored Eagle Island for fun. It was not very warm today we didn't go swimming but the kids played on the park equipment and we walked around the park. Scott found some wild blackberry bushes and we ate some yummy blackberries. On the way home we got some Taco Bell.

My work schedule has picked back up. July must have been vacation month for them (I'm kind of relieved to think of those kids getting a vacation). I've already almost taught as much this month as I did all of last month.
Gabby drew pictures of her summer adventures.

Piper glamming up

Ear pierced girls plus Ryan (not that you can see their pierced ears very well, especially Piper's)

Eagle Island


Blackberry hunt

Corbin's toe after his shower today. The cut is actually pretty superficial but still nasty.

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