Sunday, August 6, 2017

Summer Lovin'

Last week went by fast. We played in the park, went to the movies, had a friend BBQ, went to the river, had a Gabby yard sale.  Summer is wrapping up. We are trying to fit in everything. We went and got family snow cones tonight. Corbin hurt his toe mowing the lawn last week. He thought I told him he needed to mow under the playset (I did not) so he lifted the lawnmower and it got snagged on his toe. Yikes! That might limit our water activities for awhile. I'm not quite sure what we will do this week now.

My work schedule was full last week! Phew, hopefully July was just slow because of Summer. You just never know and because you are an independent contractor you are not guaranteed any classes so it can be stressful for sure. Scott's amazon sales were slow last month too and they have already picked up a lot. July was not our money making friend. 

On Friday I went to a sub orientation meeting. I think I'm going to go ahead and give that a go this year. I will work one or two days a week hopefully and if I hate it, I'll quit! I'm getting ready to get Gabby back in school. She is a busy body and it is hard to keep that girl entertained. Ha. 

Patio lights. Love!

Gabby really wants to take gymnastics. She tries crazy stunts all the time and watches you-tube videos to teach her how to walk on her hands. 

River life!

Ryan riding down the hill at our friend's house.
Friend BBQ. Some came from out of town so we snagged a pic.

Gabby wanted to make cupcakes for her yard sale.

She was all set. She managed to make quite a bit of money with only a few customers. 
The girls helped me make homemade tortillas today. I always want to just do it myself and get it done but I put on my patient pants and they had a blast. They did a good job too. Their tortillas looked like amoebas just like mine. Ha 

Gabby trying to make homemade slime. It kept her entertained for 30 minutes and it kept her busy so I could decorate her composition book for her. Win, win.

I love this so much.

Piper decorated her own. Good work Pipes!

The kids playing bubble gum bubble gum. It lasted two seconds but I snagged a pic first. Cutest!

Just checking out a garden park by our house. So fun.

Insect hotel.

Corbin's toe. Yikes!

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