Sunday, September 10, 2017


This last week was pretty busy. I'm enjoying my time with just Ryan in the mornings. He's my little buddy. He's fun to take on errands and we go to story time and he comes with me to the park to workout with some of my friends. Piper is doing great with Kindergarten. Gabby likes her teacher and loves school. Corbin doesn't really like school but he gets through the day fine. I've been trying to go to bed earlier because I get up so early for work and I don't get enough sleep. Now that the kids are back in school and it's getting darker earlier it has been easier to go to bed at 10:00 instead of 11:00. I will have to keep trying to do that. I subbed two half days last week. Subbing is hard. As a teacher classroom management was a struggle for me and it's hard for me as a sub as well. I need to get better. I'm hoping with more practice I will get better and get more of a groove with subbing. I've worked it out with Scott's schedule to sub on Thursdays and Fridays. I'm already scheduled with jobs through this month. We will see how it goes. I know that if I hate it and it's too horrible I can always quit. I'm hoping that I can like it well enough so it can be a little source of money and a social outlet for me as well.

Scott's amazon listing got high jacked. People will take other people's listings and steal them for their own. I think it can be solved so fingers crossed.

The girls started their dance classes last week. They love it!

On Friday night we had some friends over and played some games. On Saturday I had a girls night out with some friends.

Well that's all!
Piper helped me make some homemade tortillas. 

I try to put Ryan to bed earlier than his siblings and sometimes he goes to sleep and sometimes he doesn't. When he doesn't you can often see him sticking his little paws out from under the door. It's so cute and funny!

I made a fresh peach pie. YUM! (I just used a frozen crust from Walmart. It was pretty good but broken in pieces. One pie crust was all broken up. 

Ha! Love this picture. They are playing a game were watching some video where a scary monster will pop up and they all scream. So funny.
Gabby crafted this yesterday. Love!

I found a coat for Ryan for $.95 at Kidz Again. SCORE! I also found some costumes for the girls and some clothes for Ryan and for a really good price and quality.

All of Corbin's adhesive strips are gone now. All the wounds are shut and healing. 

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