Sunday, January 14, 2018

Bladies Night

Jumping back into the swing of things wasn't so bad this last week. I only subbed on Thursday. I subbed extended resource room and it was tedious for sure. I feel like subbing is when time stops. Phew I made it through and that's all that matters.

My friend gave Gabby some roller blades and she has been blading all through the kitchen. She wanted to go with me and I was able to find a pair on Craiglist. They actually responded right awya (sometimes a rare thing with craigslist) and I went over and picked them up. They are a little snug but not unbearable. She had to go out that night and it was raining and dark but we did it anyway. It was fun. Corbin was sad that he was left out and I tried to find him a pair on Craigslist with no luck so I found him a pair for a reasonable price on Amazon. We are still waiting for them. In the meantime he can wear mine. We have to take turns. We've been blading in the dark all week.

Everyone in my whole giant family gathered this weekend for my niece Brynn's farewell. It was fortuitous for us to get together before Keaton and Amanda move to Illinois I think? On Friday I went to breakfast with Kelsey, Justin, and baby Emmett. We hung out until my parents came into town. Then we went to lunch with them. That was a fun yummy treat. We did our own thing the rest of the day. We met up with the Beals for early lunch at the Golden Corral. After that several of them went to the temple. I watched Emmett for Kelsey while they went. We joined the family for swimming that night. The kids had so much fun swimming. It was fun to see everyone.

There's no school tomorrow, I think we might go check out a therapy lama from one of Scott's clients. Ha.

Ryan got hurt and would not take off his band aid. Scott finally got it off him so his scrape could get exposed to air and actually heal.

Bladies Night!

These guys have been blading around the kitchen all week. Sometimes in the early morning hours before school. It's so loud!

Most of us gathered for lunch. I think we are missing some nieces and nephews. 

We took Emmett for a walk. I could only find warm girl things for him to wear. Ha.

Gabby's cupcake purse.

So cute.

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  1. Yay rollerblading! I used to go in St George with Aunt Mary. It's fun! We weren't as adventurous as you are - we bladed in daylight. No lice around here to report - I still have most of my Nix kit left just in case. We are wondering what to do about Gabby's birthday - Papa is having back surgery on February 15th. He will be in the hospital at least three days and then home recuperating. Just found out about the date a couple of days ago.