Sunday, February 11, 2018

Gabby's B-Day Party

Gabby has been asking me off and on about a birthday party and I would just blow her off. I don't really like birthday parties. I had it in my mind that I would only let my kids have a few but what can I say she wore me down. Last minute I said yes and we planned a very low key last minute birthday party. I only let her invite 5 people and we used her extra Valentine cards to make into a mask shift invitation. I didn't even think about the party until Saturday morning. Luckily I thought of a easy craft that would take up some time. I figured with any extra time we would play twister and Disney Scene It. Done. I was not up to thinking of extra games and prizes and all other kinds of nonsense. It needed it to be basic and it was. I think they had fun though so that's good.

I worked all last week and it was good, tiring but good. There are a couple of challenging kids but luckily I don't have them for very long. On Thursday I was tired. I got home from work and didn't leave my bed. I just rested all night. I needed to be able to recharge to make through another work day. They haven't found anyone yet so I am working next week. I'm super happy about my weekends. I have time to rest, play, clean, and do errands. Scott has been helping a lot with things around the house, cleaning, shopping, cooking. It's been nice. We are a team.

We hung out with our friends Jake and Lisa and had a movie night with them Friday night and Saturday night. It was fun. I fell asleep in both movies. Staying up late is so hard for me now with my crazy early morning weekday schedule. Alright I need to get geared up for another full week.

Piper's cat picture. 

Last minute improvised invitation.

Gabby and Ryan were cleaning up around the house. They were the cleaning train. Ryan would hold up his hand in a fist and say, "choo, choo." 

They were doing stretches together. 


Birthday craft. They mod podged tissue paper onto the glass heart dish. 

At one point they all ran outside to watch Lizzie (our gecko) walk around outside. It was freezing! They didn't last long outside. 


Gabby had two friends give her the same unicorn beanie boos. Ha. She loves them.

Her mermaid blanket. 

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