Sunday, November 25, 2012


We had a great Thanksgiving vacation. I was pretty busy Monday and Tuesday getting everything ready to take to Arco. On Tuesday I made a 150 rolls to take to Arco and put in the freezer for Chase's wedding. We headed out around lunch time. Trisha's family, Hart's family, Chase, and Kelsey and Justin were all there. Luckily Scott brought our playstation and most of the grandkids played downstairs in the basement the whole time. I barely saw Corbin for 2 days. He was having a great time playing sack boy with his cousins. Wednesday we had our usual pie fest and watched an edited version of Trains, Planes, and Automobiles. Later in the night we also watched the new Spiderman movie. On Thursday Thanksgiving dinner was ready by 10:00 a.m. but as usual but we held off until 11:30. I think we are the only people in the whole world that eat that early.  My mom likes to get it done so she can relax. We don't care. It's delicious and then we already get leftovers for dinner that night. That night we watched It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World. Holy crow that's a long movie. It is pretty funny to watch with my parents because they both laugh really hard in that movie. We later played a thrilling game of Rage. I was winning for a few rounds but it didn't last. That darn game, so unpredictable! Love it and hate it!

Friday morning my mom made a yummy breakfast to celebrate Chase's birthday. Kelsey curled my hair and we watch an edited version of Love Actually then we packed up and went home. It was a lot of fun. It's not especially relaxing with our little ones, especially Piper but it was definitely worth it. We had a great time. It was also nice to be able to come home and enjoy a weekend at our own house. That was awesome! Plus I cheated and put up the Christmas decorations on Monday night so we got to come home to an already decorated house. In other exciting news for me, Scott found season 2 of Downton Abby online and I watched the first episode last night. Love that show! I have an incredibly busy month ahead of me with the ward party, Chase's wedding, Christmas, and Corbin's birthday. I may need to take the whole month of January off. 

Piper! So funny this coat is super poofy and I put it on her and she laid down and didn't try to get up forever. It totally reminded me of A Christmas Story. Hilarious!

My kids sleeping on with their bums in the air at my mom's house. So funny. I went to look at Piper in bed and she was in the exact same position. Kids!

Ha. That's right I made matching skirts. I couldn't help myself. So glad my girls aren't old enough to protest.

 The skirt looks alright on me, but I do think they look very cute on my girls. Fun!
Some of us playing Scategories.
Most of us gathered around talking and watching movies.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Breaking Dawn

This week a big group of ladies from my ward all went to the 10:00 pm premier of Breaking Dawn. I'm so glad it was at 10:00 this time instead of 12:00am. I do not like going to midnight movies. A bunch of us showed up at 8:00 and had a great time talking until the movie started. I thought the movie was good. The 5th movie was better than the ending in the book for sure. They did a great job. I want to watch it again. After the movie we went to IHOP. Talk about a late night. It was tons of fun though. I paid for it on Saturday. This girl needs her sleep.

Other than that I'm just busy busy doing wedding stuff, ward party stuff, and mom and wife stuff. Life is good. I've got a pretty good groove going with Corbin's preschool so that is good. I'm seeing some definite progress. I just need to keep it up.

I made three skirts last week. I had enough fabric to make my skirt, plus one for Gabby and Piper. I can't wait! It's going to be super dorky. I don't care. I'm glad my girls don't understand that their mom is being a big dork with them. It was the temple dedication so we couldn't match today. Next week though. I'm excited and you know I'll post pictures. My sister in law sang on the front row in the choir during the temple dedication. It was fun to see a familiar face.

Last night I went to the youth celebration at the stake center. 9,000 youth participated. They sang and danced for the prophet. It was great! Hardly anyone was able to actually go and watch it at the Taco Bell Arena. I was thoroughly impressed and very happy that our youth got to participate in such a wonderful event.

11 of the 16 of us at Breaking Dawn. Fun times!

Cute Gabby

I busted out the Christmas movies yesterday.

Family Bed.

Puppy dog Piper. She will do a little woof woof if you say dog. Cute!

Scott and Gabby jumping off the table. It was a long Sunday, why not jump off the furniture.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Birthday Week

It was my birthday on Tuesday. Election day. Not my ideal situation, I don't even like politics. That's okay. It was a bummer that Obama won on my birthday but life goes on. I woke up to a treasure map taped to the bathroom mirror. Scott hid my presents around town and I had to go and find them. Luckily he gave me a map, plus a picture of where it was hidden, plus he took Corbin with him so he knew where all of the presents were. Good thing he made it so easy or I would have never found them. I really needed him to dumb it up for me. Ha. In the middle of the treasure hunt I took my kids and went and voted. Luckily there was only a 2 minute line. That night I decided that I wanted to go out with the kids to eat at Cafe Ole to celebrate. I wanted to go somewhere the kids like to go since it was a family outing. They love eating the chips and salsa. After that it was cake and present time. My kids were so cute and funny singing to me and opening presents with me. Precious, precious moments.On Thursday my friend took me out to lunch and then on Friday Scott took me on a birthday date. We went to Olive Garden and then I got to go shopping. It was fun! I bought a super cute yellow coat. I think I have bought a new coat every year since I've been married. They are a weakness for me. I LOVE cute coats, and I have a lot!

I am still not really adjusted to Daylight Savings and neither are my kids. Piper used to sleep in past 8:00 every morning. Not anymore, (although she did today, cross your fingers). My other kids are up in the 6:00 hour guaranteed. I am now usually up at 6:00 as well now. I guess I am getting more done and I am turning into that morning person I always want to be. I did get a lot of stuff done this week so maybe it's a good thing. Plus I found out that Scott is in charge of the ward party and I am on the committee. I am already bouncing all kinds of ideas around. I have a lot of work to do for that.

Last night I went with my friend Jen to the Craft Warehouse open house. It was super fun. I sure do love that store. I thought for sure I would win a prize. Darn! I did get some cute fabric that I am going to attempt to make a skirt for myself out of it. I have not ventured into the clothes making department much. Wish me luck there.

The kids stayed home from church today. I went and left Scott home. Missing church is the worst. Thanks Scott! We have all been battling colds all week and their coughs were pretty bad so I decided maybe they shouldn't go. In Relief Society the lesson was on teaching your children. Wow, we have such a big and important job as parents. Parenting is the most important and challenging calling we will ever have. I'm so humbled and blessed to be a mother. I can't think of anything better in the whole world.
Cute kids!

Piper still blowing after the candles were burned out. If you say something is hot she will automatically blow. It's funny.

Silly Gabby
If I kick Corbin off video games he often times wants to build a fort and then watch a movie in the fort. Ha!
Another fort, they are watching their movie player.

I was brushing my hair while holding Piper and I accidentally hit Piper with the brush It was sad! She didn't cry she just looked at me with the saddest face for such a long time. Heart breaking. That face isn't even her worst, she had the pouty lip going on like crazy.
Luckily she forgave me and came in for some loves!
Piper loves crawling under our kitchen sink, you know next to the cleaning products and other safe things!

Sunday, November 4, 2012


Let's see Scott went to Texas again this week. While he was gone the kids and I carved pumpkins or rather I carved pumpkins while Corbin watched and Gabby danced to Halloween music. Jeff grew our pumpkins and Janet gave us a carving kit and Halloween music so we were set. I have never carved with proper tools before and like most things it makes all the difference. Having a picture to copy helps. I'm not good at thinking things in my head but I can sure copy someone else's good work. We picked up Scott on Halloween night and then we went trick or treating. It was fun. Our kids were so cute. After they got candy they would say "thank you, and Happy Halloween." Listening to Gabby's cute voice say Happy Halloween was precious. We came home and had a binge and put the kids to bed. Then Scott and I watched Psycho. That is a great thriller. Scott says they are making a movie about Hitchcock making the movie Psycho. It looks good. Apparently Psycho was filmed at the end of his career and no one would back him up so her mortgaged his house and made it anyway. Interesting stuff.

I'm almost completely done with wedding stuff. My goal is Thanksgiving and I am going to make it. I want everything in Arco so I don't have to worry about it and also so I can focus on doing Christmas things with my family. I can't believe that Christmas is right around the corner. Chase finally got officially engaged on Friday. Good thing I didn't wait for it to be official before I got to work.

While Scott was gone Corbin and Gabby were watching a show on the movie player and Piper tried to come in their room and Corbin kicked her out. I got after him and he said, "but mom, Gabby and I are having a cuddle." This was after he said to me, "me and Gabby are so fun!" Ha. Gabby also told Scott that a ghost said boo to her. She also said: "me and Corbin are gonna get married." Funny kids.

Fitting right in at the library stacks.

"Having a cuddle"

I probably should have made Corbin wear his pirate costume. He did wear it to a Halloween birthday party. He informed me that his costume was missing a parrot. Scott felt like a Piper peacock should suffice.