Sunday, May 25, 2014

Fathers and Sons Camp-out, Ryan's 6 month stats

The Bachelorette started again. I'm excited, not because of the show, but because I go over to my friend's house and watch it with her. I love that. So our weekly Monday night parties have once again began. Scott went to Texas for the last time this week. I met Anna and her kids for dinner at the park since my brother is working for my dad for a few weeks right now. I figured we were husband-less so why not get together.

On Friday Scott and Corbin went on the Father's and sons camp-out. They had a good time. Scott led all of them in a game of Cannonball and he said that ended up being great. Corbin had a lot of fun playing with his friend McKay and Scott got to have some nerd talk with fellow nerds. The girls and Ryan and I had a nail painting party and ate treats and watched Thumbelina (that movie is not very good, but Gabby really liked it). If I was more fun I would have built a fort for us all to sleep in but I didn't want to do that. Ha.

On Saturday night we went on a family bike ride and walk to the park and then we went and got Sonic shakes. Our shakes were pretty good. Usually I just like them because they are half off after 8:00 in the summer, but I don't know we all thought they were pretty good last night.

Scott and I had to give talks in church today. Other than the fact that giving a talk is nerve wracking we quite enjoyed ourselves on the stand today. We farmed our kids off and it was kind of like a little date up there. Scott gave an amazing talk if I do say so myself and I didn't let my nerves take total control of me so that's pretty good!

Tonight Gabe and Christy dropped by with their kids and we just hung out on the lawn and chatted and ate some of my most failed cookies that were so flat I couldn't even get them off with the spatula. They still tasted good though so whatever.

Corbin was talking to me about dinosaurs and then he said that they were on the earth when we were in heaven and that's when things were crazy because there were dinosaurs, and dragons, and unicorns. Ha.
Corbin is so sweet and thoughtful. He is always saving part of his treats to share with one of us. We went to buy treats for our girls party/boys camp-out and Gabby wanted to buy some stupid hair things or something and I told her no and then Corbin asked how much it cost because he was going to try to buy it for her with his own money. I LOVE that about him. Sweetheart.

Because Gabby is a big know it all it's hard to tell her things that might be dangerous and have her actually take it to heart and listen. So we often hear her saying things like, "look I'm riding my bike and I didn't get hit by a car" or "look, I'm not killing myself." It pretty funny.
"I didn't cry when it was hot. Is that interesting mom?"
(Ryan) "He ate one of those but he didn't choke and die."
I overheard Gabby say to Piper: "If you help me clean up the van I'll give you a treat." I'm pretty sure Piper was getting played.

"Oh no, a bee's in our house! We better get out of here."

Ryan had his 6 month appointment
Weight: 18 pounds 2 oz 60%
Height: 25.875 40%
Head Circ. 45 cm 85%
Check out the other kids here:
Ryan's slept through the night all last week. I think my sleeping baby is back! He is starting to get up on his knees and rock back and forth. He's going to be crawling soon. Ryan has 2 bottom teeth and one top tooth with another top tooth on the way and another bottom tooth on the way. Man, that's a lot of teeth for an almost 7 month old.

Rocking baby

Do you like her princess gloves. Hilarious! 

Corbin go his reading license at school. According to his teacher he can now read to his sisters. (They did not want to be read to but I made them oblige him). 

 Corbin was sooooo exciting to go camping with Daddy

Sunday, May 18, 2014


My sister in law Anna brought a bag of dress up clothes for my girls and holy smokes they are wearing those dresses like crazy. Gabby changes her clothes about 50 times a day and is always wearing a princess dress of some sort. 

On Wednesday I fed the missionaries and cute Sister Gummo got transferred yesterday. She has been in our ward for about 6 months and I've fed her a bunch of times. I am sad to see her go. I made the missionaries homemade Olive Garden chicken fettuccine and homemade Olive Garden bread sticks. It was yummy. I always like to make something tasty for the missionaries. 

I worked at the cannery for a couple of hours on Thursday. It was pretty boring, I was really happy I was doing a half shift. Working at the cannery for four hours is so long! 

Friday night we took a Little Caesars pizza and went and ate at a park as a family. We also hung out as a whole family in the yard for a few hours yesterday. It was a really nice day and we were just hanging out. It was fun.

Yesterday I hit what felt like a million yard sales. Neighborhood yard sales are my favorite thing. I love when you can just drive through a neighborhood and check out tons of sales in the same spot. I bought a really nice hot pink winter coat for Gabby next winter for $.50. Score! So yesterday I bought 3 kid bike helmets, a Gabby coat, a Gabby jacket, a United States puzzle, 3 kid movies, and the next size up Gabby bike all for $16. And by the way Gabby needed a new coat and a new jacket because she had outgrown hers. Sweet sauce!

Last night I went over to Gabe and Christy's to watch a movie in their backyard. Hart and Jory were there also. Lucky for me they couldn't get the movie to work for almost 2 hours so I just got to chat with them and have some Christy rice crispy treats and some Gabe popcorn with orange juice. It was perfect. I just wanted to hang out for a bit anyway. They finally got the movie going around 11:00 and I bailed quickly after that. 

Kid Quotes:
On Friday night before he went to bed I told him he needed to hurry and read me two stories. He started to whine about it and I wasn't very sympathetic and then he started to cry and said, "well I had a really bad day." It was cute and sad and funny. I then sat him down and he told me all about his troubles and I hugged him and listened to him. It was kind of a cute parenting moment for me. It seems like that was one of our first heart to heart conversations like that.
"You freaked me out."
"You scared me and I wiggled."
Talking to Scott, "Daddy mom gave me two hugs and two kisses. Did you know when she gave me two hugs and two kisses it made me so tired?"
I was reviewing with the kids our names, our address, and phone number so Piper kept saying my name after that.
"You are Mitzi. I am Mitzi too."
"You are Mitzi, mom?"
"I'm a girl, you member."
He slept through the night every night last week. He's predictably unpredictable these days. He cut a top tooth and a second top tooth will be following. 
First time in the swing.

These kids love to use my house as their fort/jungle gym.

The weather was pretty warm this week so the kids ran through the sprinker.

Ryan ended up putting that rug on himself. Hilarious!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day

Wow what a great mother's day. I love, love, love being a mother! It is the most precious gift and blessing. I know that people say it is thankless and unpaid but it's not.Yes, it is so ridiculously hard but we are paid big time. I am paid when Gabby runs out the door to say "I love you" one more time. I am paid when Corbin's timed letter sound score goes from 11 to 50 after working with him for so long. I am paid in hugs and kisses. I am paid by big toothless chubby grins. I am paid. Watch this video. It will make you cry.

Today Scott made me breakfast and dinner and he and the kids gave me lots of treats, my favorite. He also washed and vacuumed the van yesterday and mowed and edged the lawn. Love that!

On Tuesday I got to go with Corbin on his class field trip. We went to the Botanical Gardens. I'd never been there before and it was neat. We got a free pass to go again so that's exciting.

Other than that it's pretty much been same old same old around here. Ryan is still waking up at night. I can't figure it out but I'm not going to stress about it anymore. Oh well! No bragging rights with this baby. I think he must be on a mission to humble me since I thought I could sleep train any baby to sleep through the night. Guess not. Well I did, and he did it for three months and now he doesn't! Oh well. I can sleep in the next life right? Right? Ha, doubt it.

Piper Quotes:
"Mom, 5 more minutes? Are you kidding me?"
"Wow. That was beautiful mom."
"Oh, that is going to be yucky for my body. Bleh!"
"Mama, what is going on here?"
That Piper girl is a character.

Gabby Quote:
I call potato bugs rolly pollies and when Nana and Papa came they called them potato bugs. Well my kids thought that was pretty funny. Yesterday Gabby said, "Does Nana call these rolly mashed potatoes?" Ha!

Ryan is getting pretty good at sitting up these days.

Love this picture. 

Cute Pipes!

We made bird feeders for a preschool activity and the girls wanted to watch to see if any birds would eat it. (They've been hanging for days and haven't been touched). Ha.

Corbin at his field trip.

Family playing time outside.

The moms got invited to Mrs. Poole's class for cookies and tea (or juice for us Mormon types). 

The kids singing for Mother's Day. It was Gabby's first time and she went right up there. Love them!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Scott's Birthday

Ryan has turned into a very chubby newborn baby lately. He has been waking up at least once a night sometimes three times a night. He has been doing this off and on for over a month. What the heck? Once my other babies were sleep trained at 2-3 months they rarely ever got up in the night again. I've been trying to crack down on his schedule this week. That means if we want to go to story time during his nap time and if Scott's not home we are staying home. With cracking down this last week he's already napping better. Hopefully after we continue to maintain a strict schedule and stuff his face with some solids he will start sleeping through the night again. For real!

Ryan went from waking up to eat three times Monday night to sleeping through the night Tuesday night. This has been reeking havoc on my body. I got a real bad case of mastitis on Wednesday. It was really bad. Luckily I had antibiotics already but even with having a full days worth of medication on Wednesday I was in terrible shape that day. I was pretty much on the couch for 2 days straight. Luckily by Friday I had more energy although I was still in quite a bit of pain. I'm still not totally back to normal but I have two more days on the medication so hopefully I will be back to normal soon.

Scott's parents decided to come up for the weekend for Scott's birthday. I was glad my antibiotics had kicked in a bit more by the time they got here. After they got here they all loaded up and went to the school to check out Corbin's science fair exhibit. Janet may be biased but she said that Corbin's was the best one. His was the only one that was an actual experiment including the steps of the scientific method. All of the other kids just had informational charts. What's that? Come on! J/K. Scott worked with Corbin for many nights on that project.

After dinner we went to the park to try to fly the kites Nana and Papa brought with them. There wasn't a lick of wind. The kids did a lot of running to get their kites to fly. It was exhausting to watch. We went to Delsas for ice cream after the park. After we put the kids to bed Scott and I had a nice chat with Jeff and Janet for awhile.

On Saturday we went to breakfast at Jerry's and went Downtown and went to the Boise Nature Center. We also played at the park for awhile. When we got home everyone but me and Ryan went swimming at the hotel. That night Jeff and Janet were kind enough to babysit while Scott and I went to dinner and a movie. We never ever get to do that. Even better we had gift certificates for both from Scott's sister Nicole. Sweet! We went to Texas Roadhouse and then to the movie Captain America. It was fun!

Today Scott took the kids over to Nana and Papa's hotel and they had breakfast except Scott didn't eat breakfast, he fasted on his birthday! Good for him. I made a little pirate treasure hunt for Scott's birthday. I mostly did that because the kids get really into doing something fun like that. After church we had a birthday dinner and birthday dessert. Scott's parents went to another ward's sacrament meeting and came and said goodbye to us and left around 12:00. It was fun having them here. My kids love, love, love it!!!

Whoa Buddy!

Corbin's Science Project

The kids in Corbin's classroom

Nature Park

Gabby coloring

Birthday Boy!