Sunday, October 26, 2014

Home Show

Life certainly hasn't been dull around here. Scott decided to drop out of his counseling program so he could pursue selling solar panels more full time. Luckily he dropped out just in the nick of time and he may get most of his tuition back. Sweet! Scott and a few co-workers went to The Home Show this weekend and were killing it. They booked a lot of appointments and hopefully some of them will pan out. Apparently 10% go through so you really have to keep up those appointments to make it work.

I painted my bedroom and the laundry room this week. It seems like it shouldn't be as hard or exhausting as it is but what can I say, it is. It's especially exhausting when I'm trying to paint and still somewhat take care of my kids. So I have to stop to say feed them, or play a round of Candy Land. My goal this shopping. We seriously, seriously need some groceries and meal plans up in here!

Scott's sister Carole had a baby girl on Friday. She was born with Down Syndromes disease and they didn't know beforehand, so that was quite shocking to find out. She looks so sweet and I want to squish her cheeks. I think it would be most helpful to be a witch and use a portkey to get on over there.

On Friday I took the three little kids to a different library's story time. They liked it and it just so happened that for some reason they were giving away free books. Gabby and Piper both got these really cool princess books with magnets in them. They are in a different language but I think they mostly wanted the magnets anyway.

Kid Quotes:
Corbin: After I was exasperated about something talking to Corbin he said, "It's stressful being a mom." Truer words were never spoken. Haha.
Gabby: "Mom, was my trick pretty impressive?"
G: "Piper thinks she knows everything." Me:"You think you know everything. " G:"Well I do know a lot."
Piper: Me:"Alright goodnight love bugs" P:"I'm not love bugs, I'm sweet Piper."

After picking up Corbin from school one day we went and played at the park one day. Ryan loved it!

Yep, never a dull moment.

New paint, bedspread, and curtains.

Leaf Fort

Finally made Halloween cookies. I use the term loosely since most of them are Christmas cut outs. Who cares the kids love decorating them, and I love eating them. Winning.

Corbin helped Scott blow the leaves on Saturday.

Solartek booth at Home Show
Gabby's talk that she laughed the entire time last week.
Cute Ryan, I don't know how you haven't been seriously injured with our crazy life.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Ryan Show

Well life is just crazy busy. Corbin is in chess club again and he just started jump rope club this week. I kind of don't love the idea of him have two after school activities, I just don't want him to be over programmed. We will see how it goes this semester. Other than that Scott is continuing his juggle and I am as well.

On Friday night Scott invited his supervisor over for dinner. They just moved to town and his wife and kids were going to be gone for the weekend. We had dinner and then watched the movie Alien. Scott loves that movie.

On Saturday we had our Halloween ward party. They had a soup competition and I won top 3. They wouldn't say who got 1st, 2nd or 3rd. It was just a top three. I'm pretty sure mine was first though because I make a mean creamy chicken noodle soup. Haha. Corbin was super excited and proud that I won a prize. It was funny. I was pretty proud myself. Ryan was crabby and needed to go home so after dinner Scott took him home. I stayed with the three big kids so they could play carnival games. They had a great time and we snagged a ride home. Then our friends the Hunters came over and we watched Aliens. Scott was very excited to get to watch both movies this weekend. Our friend Cory is such a Scott clone, he totally wanted to watch Aliens too. It's like they share the same nerd brain.

It's the Ryan show this week. He is so cute! He is getting pretty close to walking.

At Nana's house last week we opened up his birthday present early.

I love how Ryan is playing with the ribbon and the other three kids are ripping open the present.

Ryan has climbed himself into the bath more than once when another sibling was bathing

Cute chubby cheeks

Love this picture! Scott built himself a desk yesterday and took the kids with him to get the lumber.

This picture is too darling!!!

"Souper Winner"

Kid parade. Piper fell and hurt herself...again. 

Ryan loves to rub his food in his hair. Oh buddy.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

SLC and Anniversary

Monday morning we dropped Scott off at the airport to go to training in SLC for his new job (his job is not in SLC). I held down the fort here for a few days and finished painting the kids' room. Tuesday night my friend Katrina came over and we watched Catching Fire together. On Wednesday night I went to Corbin's parent teacher conference. He is doing well. He's a little ahead in math and a little behind in reading. That's not a big surprise. I have spent many hours working with him and reading does not come easily to him like math does. One of his teachers said he will often stay in at recess to help her clean her classroom. He is such a little sweetheart. On the portion of his report card that he filled out the question said, "Is there anything you would like your teacher to know?" and he said, "I like to be better." He melts my little heart.

That night another friend came over and we watched Twilight. I figured I had to get ready since that is the room we booked at the Anniversary Inn. Ha. Super cheesy. I also spent Wednesday doing laundry and packing. I woke up bright and early and loaded the kids up and drove to Salt Lake. Prayer works folks! I was dreading that for a few weeks. I don't like to drive, especially long distances and the idea of driving with my kids alone seemed daunting. Luckily with a little preparation and prayer we made it alright!

We met for lunch at Hires. After that we went back to the house for a bit and then Scott and I escaped to celebrate our Anniversary. Luckily our school district has two days off right around our Anniversary so it is a great time to go to Utah and have babysitters and celebrate. Plus Utah in the fall is one of my favorite things. Scott and I had a great time shopping and eating and spending some much needed time together.

On Friday Nana and Mandy took the kids to Gardner Village to do some fun Halloween/Fall activities. On Friday night we went to Lagoon's Frightmares! I was so excited. I have been wanting to go for years. October is such a great time to go to Lagoon. Loved it. Nicole, Rustin, Scott, and I stayed until the park practically closed. Papa and Nana were good enough to go home earlier to take our other kids to bed. Corbin loved it! He started out really brave and went on some really scary rides but then I think he was done being brave and didn't want to go on anymore scary big kid rides. Gabby didn't go on one ride and Piper enjoyed lots of little kid rides. Scott was a hoot to go on the rides with. I almost DIED when we went on The Samuari. He was screaming and yelling so much I could not handle it. So funny.

Saturday morning I drove down to Orem to visit an old friend and check out my favorite store Cozy and then I met up with everyone else at Porter's Place in Lehi. After lunch we went to the brand new Museum of Natural Curiosity. It was really big and really cool. It was too crowded and I was tired so I got over pretty fast but it was really cool. That night Scott and I watched New Moon outside on the deck.

We drove home today. It is so fun to go to Utah and my kids are royally spoiled and love it so, so much!

Story Time

Gardner's Village


Nana and Piper on the Merry-Go-Round

Our Twilight room. Loved it! Ha.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Beal Weekend

I've just been continuing my quest to clean and organize my house some more. This week I tackled the kids room and sorted clothes and got rid of lots of clothes and some toys and junk. I also started painting their room this week. I decided to paint their closet doors bright orange. I knew they would love something like that in their room but I wasn't sure about painting a wall that color so I opted for the closet doors. I may do one wall a different accent color but I'm kind of leaning toward white again. Scott cut a piece of our wall out of a closet so Home Depot could color match it. It's a perfect match, Hallelujah since that paint color is in every nook and cranny in this house. I may just touch up some areas and rooms rather than repainting them completely. Like I don't think I care about my laundry room enough at this point to paint it a different color but I wouldn't mind a nice touch up.

I was able to go into Corbin's class this week. I hope I can continue to do that. When I was there they had a quiz and Corbin was finished really quickly but then when the teacher looked at his sheet he hadn't finished it. Ha. It's parent teacher conferences this week so I will be interested to see how he is doing. He is very polite and well mannered in class, I'm just not sure how much work he is actually doing. I'll find out I guess.

We had a big Beal gathering this weekend. To celebrate Gabe's birthday Gabe and Christy had their annual soups and sweaters party. My parents came over for the weekend as well as Trisha and all of her kids and my brother Keaton. It was fun. Friday night we ate a lot and the kids were totally nuts and it was a good time. Scott took the kids home and I stayed and gabbed around the campfire until late.

On Saturday I stayed at my house and painted and listened to conference. My brothers all went fishing somewhere and a lot of the girls went shopping. At dinnertime all the mothers and kids gathered at Christy's house for some pizza while the guys went to Priesthood and out for burgers.

General Conference is so nice. It's just really great to not have to get the kids ready for church and go to battle. Plus the messages are great and we always have special snacks and treats so it is something looked forward to by all.

Kid Quotes:
Corbin, "How about this, you do my homework and I'll empty the dishwasher."
Corbin was talking about how he wished he lived in the house across the street from the school so he wouldn't have to walk so far, but then he said, "But I do not want a new house you are working so hard to make our house like brand new." Ha. Love him, he is such a thoughtful sweetheart.
Corbin to Gabby: "Are you confused?" Gabby:" I do not know what confused means."

I was getting after Gabby about telling her not to complain and she said, "what even is complaining?"
G: "I am totally in love with Brie's Princess Cadence."

"My tongue is starting on fire."

Corbin picked out his Halloween costume: ninja!

Let me count the ways I hate sorting kids clothes!

Scott took the little ones to Costco in between sessions of conference on Saturday and he said it was nuts! Of course.

Gabby drew a picture for daddy. She draws, and colors and paints so, so, so many pictures. She's an artist like her daddy.

Wow! Bright doors. If I hate it I can paint it back. It only cost $6 to paint those doors. Two sample paints baby.