Sunday, June 28, 2015


Scott bought a drone that can take pictures and videos. The kids love it.

Last week we went to the river again with friends. We went swimming with friends in their neighborhood pool. We went to Kuna to have dinner with Anna and her kids and play one night. Corbin got to use his roarings springs readers pass and go with Anna and her kids. He had a great time. On Saturday we had some friends over for an indoor bbq since it is so ridiculously hot outside right now. After they left I took the three big kids to a swim party at a ward member's house. They are moving.It will be really sad to lose their family in our ward. Plus one of their daughters is in my very small primary class so that is an extra bummer. (Plus she's my favorite).

Last night around 2:00 am Corbin came into our room saying he had barfed. Sure enough there was a huge pile of barf all over the carpet. I started to clean it up and Gabby came out and said she needed to barf. So I grabbed her a barf bucket. By this point Piper woke up and said she needed to barf, so I sent her to the toilet. She started barfing red watermelon and dripping red blood from her nose all over the place. Directly after that Gabby barfed. Oh my gosh! I was just laughing because it was SOOO ridiculous. So Scott and I scrubbed barf and started laundry. Corbin barfed one more time and I think Piper did too. They slept the rest of the night but I was wound up until about 5:00 in the morning.

We slept in and I went to church to teach my primary class and Scott stayed home with the kids. Corbin woke up and he was totally fine but the girls were sick all day and still are. Piper dry heaved off and on throughout the day and Gabby barfed a few times. Gabby was able to keep some food down for a few hours and Piper was not. Piper is also running a bit of a fever. So we will see what tomorrow brings. That was crazy though. I've never had my kids all puke at the same time like that and it's not even like it was sympathetic puking because the girls have been sick all day. Crazy. That was an exciting night for sure!

Tonight we had another bbq because my friend and I are trying to play matchmaker with a couple of singles that we know. Scott stayed home with the three little ones and I took Corbin. We had dinner and then I made them play our family game Rage. We will see if it's a match. It's kind of a long shot but hey it was fun.

Kid Quotes:
I was asking Piper about something and I said, "How about that?' P: "No good" G: "She likes things her way."

Gabby while we were playing uno randomly says, "What if Heavenly Father was controlling us?" What the heck? Kids are funny.

One cute thing was Gabby was trying to explain to me about a time she was lost (I had no idea what she was talking about) but she told me that she was scared and that she said a prayer. Precious!

The kids and I have been playing cards outside. Corbin only likes it when he and I play but sometimes we all play even though he's not happy about it.

Trouble is his middle name.

Scott taking a nap to "The Empire Strikes Back" with his sick girls.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Eagle Island

Another week of summer has come and gone. Seriously June is almost over. Slow down! Summer vacation is going well. We are playing a lot. Having all the kids around all the time is going pretty well. I've figured out a good system with Corby do. Every time he makes his sisters cry he gets a job. It helps keep the house clean. Winning! My summer survival plan is to keep crying to a minimum and keep the house clean. Haha! But seriously when my house is clean I am much more calm and happy and more pleasant to be around. If mom's not happy, aint nobody happy!

A few moms and I took our kids to play at the river on Tuesday. That was super fun. We love going there. We've got a great spot to go with the kids and its free so that's always good. On Friday night we got pizza and had a picnic in the backyard and then we went and got ice cream cones at Sonic. Ryan got his very own ice cream cone for the first time. Pretty exciting.

On Saturday Scott decided to block out the day so he wouldn't get any appointments so he could get some projects done around the house and have some family time. He chopped down two of our trees and fixed our fence/gate. He did a bunch of other stuff too. It was great! After that we invited our friends to come with us to Lucky Peak to play. Luckily they heard of an ecoli outbreak so it was closed. So glad they knew that before we drove all the way up there. We went to Eagle Island state park instead. I've always been curious to go there. It was a lot of fun. They have a beach area with roped off swimming sections. The kids had a great time playing on their tubes and squirting their squirt guns and eating their snacks. I bought some picnic junk food and seriously my kids could have had all of it eaten in minutes. We had to keep pacing them and putting the food away. My kids are such piranhas. It was a lot of fun. We will have to go back for sure.

We got such a great harvest of raspberries last Sunday night. Yum, such a treat. I love how little Pipes is tucked away back there. Ha.

Ryan loves to climb in the sink so he can eat the toothpaste. This Bubba!

Story and craft time at the park.

Pizza Picnic

Ryan's first ice cream cone. Yum. 

Too cute.

Father's Day song. Gabby was too scared to go up. She's so much like me it's scary.

Our poor cute "Doris" tree winter killed last fall. So sad. Scott had to take that ugly sucker down.

Hot sweaty's. (They are totally posing in this picture). Ha.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Swim Lessons

Corbin had swim lessons this week. I always like to practice what he is learning at lessons so I try to go swimming a few times during swimming sessions. On Tuesday I met Anna and her kids at the Meridian pool to swim. My three little ones and Lexi stayed in the kiddie area and Anna's three big kids and Corbin swam in the main area. Anna watched my kids for a few minutes while I grabbed Corbin and made him practice a few things. My three little kids really liked the kiddie pool and I especially loved it because it was all shaded. Love that!

We went to the park several times last week and to the library. Anna got a free pool from someone and she gave it to us. We spent most of the day Thursday unsuccessfully setting it up. I didn't have a pump to blow up the outer ring and I wasn't sure how to hook up the filters anyway. Finally around 4:30 my friend Jen came over and blew up the ring and helped me hook up the filters. We were finally in business. We spent the next three hours filling up the pool. The kids played with it while it was filling up. I was looking for leaks but I couldn't find any. Finally by bedtime it was filled up and it was huge. It was awesome. I wish I would have gotten a picture. When I woke up and checked on the pool in the morning half of the water was gone. Bummer. My kids played in it anyway and by the end of the day tons more of the water had leaked out. By Saturday I just emptied the pool to clean it up and get rid of it. Scott wants to try to find the leaks but I'm not sure if that will actually every happen and it also seems pretty impossible. Plus I think we wasted like 600 gallons of water filling it up and I don't want to fill it up again to have it all leak out. My kids are really little to have a non gated pool anyway so it's probably for the best.

Friday night the kids and I watched The Wizard of Oz together. We read the book and they really enjoyed that so I got the movie from the library. They quickly learned that books and movies are not the same. As soon as the menu came up Gabby said, "her shoes aren't silver." It was fun though. After the movie I took Corbin to the closest community pool to our house to practice some more swimming techniques. It was pretty cold and Corbin was shivering and he couldn't handle it. I was able to get him to focus for a hot second and practice a little bit. We also played on the inflatable obstacle course a few times.

After walking into sacrament meeting about 5 minutes late, per usual I noticed there were a lot of priesthood brethren on the stand. I also saw that to my right there were several people I didn't recognize on the front row. I thought we must be having ward conference or something. After a few minutes I finally looked at the stand and was very surprised to see Elder Oaks on the stand. Well you don't see that everyday! He came up for leadership training this weekend and ended up coming to church today in our ward. He stayed for all three hours and bopped in to people's classes, "to make the teachers nervous" he said. Luckily he didn't come to my primary Sunday School lesson (much to my girls chagrin) and he didn't come to Senior Primary Sharing time where I was subbing as the music leader. It was pretty exciting though.

Scott was super busy with work last week and was just happy to have made it through the week. His work is going pretty well but it's sales so you need to be ready to deal with the roller coaster ride.

Scott: "Ryan, you have food in your armpits. Why did you do that?" Gabby: "He probably did it so he could save it for later."

Gabby: "Mom when do we get a cookie? We don't have all day."

Diaper head!

I don't know what that is. Ha.

Summertime=ice cream time

Gabby was dressed like that all day waiting for the pool to be put up. Gabby quote: "I am not going into the pool without proper protection because I do not want to drown."

Corbin tried to blow it up himself because they wanted to set the pool up so bad.

This is what the pool liked like in the morning. The night before it was twice as high.
I escape for the couch in the night (because I'm crazy) and often times a kid will sneak in by morning.

We took down both ladders but Ryan has mastered getting  up via the slide. It's okay now though. A few months makes a world of difference and he's much safer up there now than he was before. (And yes my baby is sporting the diaper look often). 

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Summer Vacation has Begun

One of my friends in the ward moved to Colorado last year and her brother in law died on Memorial Day so their family came back for the week. It was really sad, he was swimming and drown. Apparently he was warned not to go in because the water is too fast and too cold this time of year. He was 27. It's sad. It was fun to see my friend though and we had a girl's night at my house with her being in town.

Wednesday was the last day of school. They have a family picnic and then you can take your kids home after that. Corbin's been out of school for two days and I'm trying to come up with a summer survival plan. I love Corbin, but it's more stressful when he is home. When he's at school the girls can play for hours and entertain themselves. When Corbin is home he's usually making one of his sister's cry and the only thing he likes to do is play video games. So it gets stressful when I feel like I'm getting after him all day. He does have swim lessons for the next two weeks so that is great. He is an excellent swimmer and I'll be happy that he'll get some exercise. I'm excited to see what progress he makes in his swimming lessons this year.

Friday night Scott took Corbin to the father and sons camp out. Corbin loves that so much. The girls and I had a girl's night and they were looking forward to it all week. Gabby would say, "when is girl's night?" We did our nails first. Then we put Ryan to bed early so we could bust out the snacks and watch the movie without any trouble from him.

Last night we took our family over to the Hutner's house and our kids played while we chatted and played games. It was a fun night for all. Their daughter is Gabby's very best friend and Gabby, Piper, and Audelia play together so wonderfully. It's great. Gabby wants to play with Audelia everyday. They are basically the same person. They are both very girly and crafty and they can play together with Piper for hours with zero drama. It's great.


Strawberry from the garden

Kids gathered around for some leftover camping chips. I love that picture of Piper.

Notice the face Corbin likes to pull in pictures these days? Hmm...

Gather round daddy time.

It looks like Corbin peed his pants but really he just went swimming with his underwear on. Ha.

All tuckered out on the way home.