Sunday, December 20, 2015

Early Christmas

This last week was busy but not stressful. I wasn't feeling up to making homemade goodies for people this year so I just simplified my list and bought some store bought candy. On Monday night we took the kids around to give a treat to each of their primary teachers. My favorite home fabric store is going out of business so their fabric is like 75% off.  I decided to make some gum drop pillows for Corbin and Gabby's teachers. I felt kind of dumb giving it to them, like it was too over the top or something. I was also worried about them not needing it or wanting it but I thought oh well, Merry Christmas! They can do what they want with them. I had so much fabric I decided to make 2 more for my kids' room too. So Wednesday and Thursday I did a lot of sewing and I had a cheesy Christmas movie marathon while I did it. I pretty much have to multi-task while watching one of those movies but they are great project movies.

On Friday I was in charge of Corbin's class party but it was super easy. I just had to assign some things out and bring a snack and put up a few decorations. It was nice to have it checked off my list though. On Saturday we had a Beal Christmas party at Lance and Katie's house. We got together and had pizza and did a white elephant exchange. The kids had a really hard time grasping the gift exchange situation. There were more than a few tears shed that night. Those are good opportunities for teaching life lessons though.

Today the choir did most of the Christmas program. It was a great Sacrament meeting. There were a lot of solos and duets as well. Our ward has a lot of musical talent so it's great.

Scott and I decided to combine the money from both of our parents for Christmas and buy a ginormous TV for Christmas. Since we won't be home for Christmas anyway Scott went and bought it yesterday and set it up. It's nice! The kids love it! Plus our old TV got moved into my bedroom and the TV reception actually works and now I can watch the Today show in my room while I'm getting ready in the morning. Winning!

I decided to make cinnamon rolls for my kids today as kind of a Christmas present. The kids love them. We are headed to Salt Lake this week so hopefully the roads won't be horrible. Wish us luck!

A couple of favorite quotes this week:
Gabby talking to a friend, "we have a small cousin, her name is Greta, she is adorable, she is mean to baby Ryan." Ha.

Corbin was pestering Ryan and Ryan said, "Go Away!" It was funny!
Piper spent 45 minutes coloring this picture for her primary teacher.

One of Gabby's spontaneous creations. It's a bakery I think.

The ugly sweater I wore last week, Scott wore to a work party. NICE!

This picture is not great, but you can see the TV alright!
It snowed one morning so I helped Ryan and Piper get bundled so they could go outside and play. Cutest!
Cinnamon Rolls!

Teacher pillows. I made two more for my kids.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Kitchen Project...Boom, Roasted!

On Monday morning I decided I was ready for my painting project to be done so I painted all day and finished. My friend took my kids for 6 hours that day so I could paint without interruption. I think I finished around 6:30 that night. PHEW! That project was a big one. So glad it's done! It's not perfect but it's good. I'm really happy. My homemade chalk paint on my bar stools didn't work and the paint is chipping so that is annoying! I'm not going to worry about it for a long while. We'll see how ghetto it starts looking in the upcoming months. It may have to be a spring project.

On Tuesday I vacuumed my van and cleaned out the garage and raked leaves. I finally didn't have the kitchen project on my plate so I could take care of some things around the house that were driving me crazy. That night I went to the late night movie The Visit with my sister in law Anna. My sister in law Jory had been begging for me to see it since October because she loved it. It's a scary movie she actually likes. I didn't think it would be scary at all since Disney movies are a bit intense for Jory. Man was I wrong! It was scary! But I will clarify it's not evil scary hence why Jory liked it. Anyway if you like scary movies you should definitely see it. It's coming out in January and I think I'm going to make a bunch of people watch it at my house. That night I didn't sleep all night! My adrenaline was pumping. I finally got up at 3:00 in the morning and started reading a book and that shut down my adrenaline but I did continue to think about it or dream about it all night. Wait, why do I like scary movies again? And why do I want to watch it again? I don't know but I do! Ha.  

The next day I felt awful and had a bad headache, maybe it was because of the crazy lack of sleep the night before or the painting and cleaning marathons from the previous days? Who knows but I felt awful. I took a two hour nap that afternoon and felt a lot better after that.

On Thursday while I was driving my kids to dance class I started playing name that tune with them. I would start humming a song and they would yell out, "jingle bells" or whatever it was. They loved it and they were laughing so hard and screaming out sing another one! When I starting humming I am a child of God Gabby yelled out the title and then said, "that's my favorite song ever!" Moments like that are the BEST! There's nothing better than when you are having genuinely good times with your kids. It just really makes all of the stress of parenting worth it. Plus when I got Gabby out of the car she thanked me about something and then said that I was the best mom she could ever have. So cute! Love!

On Friday Scott and I went to an ugly sweater party. Duh I should have taken pictures. Well I'll just tell you that Gabby was shopping with me and the sweater I picked out was the one that Gabby found because she thought it was pretty. To a 5 year old girly girl it is pretty, to an adult it is hideous. We always have a good time at my friend Jen's ugly sweater party.

Well that's about all.

After we built benches but hadn't finished them.


Cute kids!

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Kitchen Up-cycle Still in Operation

I tried hard all week to finish the table all the way but I just couldn't do it. I have definilely lost my initial surge of energy and stamina. I'm just trying to keep going. I'm close but I'm not finished yet. I still need to paint three layers of polycrylic on all the painted white parts. I'm hoping to be done by Wednesday. I'm ready for this project to be over for sure! So far I'm pretty happy with it though so that's good at least.

On Tuesday I got a big group of friends to go to the late movie of Mocking Jay. It was fun to go with friends and I liked the last movie better than the last book. On Wednesday we went to Gabby and Corbin's school Christmas concert. The kindergartners stole the show with their props and actions. Kindergartners are the cutest. I was impressed that Corbin did all of the actions. He's not one to like to do that sort of thing so that's good he cooperated, he was cute too of course.

On Thursday Scott went to Salt Lake for work. That night I had a girls night at my house since our friend that moved to CO was in town for a funeral. We were sad for the occasion but happy to see our friend. 

Scott came back Saturday. That night we went to our ward Christmas party. I was super hungry and the food was good so that was a major plus. The decorations were really pretty and the primary kids did the program. All winning combinations.

Well that's about all. I'm ready to be done with this tedious project so I can start enjoying the holiday season more.

Gabby is a red blob towards the bottom right, (good luck!)

The girls have the funnest dance teacher ever. She always has fun props and stories to share. They got to run around like a team of reindeer. The girls love it!

A friend took this picture of Corbin for me. He's top left.

Friday night popcorn and movie night.

Corbin and Piper playing a game together. It didn't last long but it's cute.

I'm not sure the homemade chalk paint is going to hold up. I'm not going to worry about fixing anything until spring.

Just needs polycrylic now. So close!