Sunday, May 29, 2016

Dance Recital!

The end of the school year is wrapping up. I'm super excited about that! Corbin finished his last homework packet last week. I'm so glad! I am burned out. The month of May has been crazy with school stuff; field trips, mothers day visit, cardboard challenge, volunteer lunch, on and on. I can't keep up with it all. One more week! Hallelujah.

The girls had a dance recital yesterday. It was so cute. Nana and Papa and Colie and Rustin came up Friday night to spend the weekend with us. They got here Friday night. We ate dinner and then just hung around and played with the kids and chatted. After the kids went to bed we played a few card games.

Saturday morning we got ready and headed over for the girls' recital. My parents also came to watch the recital. The girls were VERY cute in their dances. Piper was really nervous and I wasn't sure if she was going to be able to do it. Scott took her up on the stage and showed her where she was going to go and sat with her and that helped a lot! She got up there and just did it. I was pretty amazed. I did not think it was going to happen for a minute.Gabby was loving the lime light. She hammed it up big time!

After the recital we went to lunch at Tucanos. Later the girls and I headed over to Gabe and Christy's house for a Beal gathering. Kelsey and Justin decided to be crazy and drive down for the bbq too. Crazy kids! We had a fun time visiting for a few hours. After that Nana, Papa, and Colie took the kids swimming. We hung out at the hotel for a while and then went to Delsa's for dinner and ice cream. We played some Quiddler that night and ALL of us were pretty tired. I was trying to sleep in between my turn.

This morning we headed over and had breakfast at the hotel and then went to church. Rustin and Corbin got in one last video game and then the Cannons headed home. It was a super fun weekend! We LOVED it!

Blogger is really annoying about posting videos. Unfortunately you can't see Piper much. She's behind the teacher. Here is a link to the dances:

Kid Quotes:
Piper talking about the recital, "That wasn't that scary and it was actually kind of fun."
Gabby then said, "It wasn't fun, I LOVED IT!" Ha.

Piper was crying in the car and Ryan turned to her and said, "you need a time out?" Ha.

Piper: "Mom I want food because I like eating." me too Pipes, me too.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Collection of Drawings

Nothing stands out too much from this last week. My sister and her family came into town to watch some of the state baseball games/track meet. We had a good visit on Friday. Cooper was able to stay the night and play a lot with Corbin. I pulled Corbin out of school at lunch so he could hang out with Cooper. The next day I went to a baby shower for our Bishop's wife. She is pregnant with her 7th child with a 7 year gap. She has a son on a mission. Crazy town! After that I took the kids to Trisha's hotel and we went swimming. The hot tub was the perfect temperature which is where I prefer to hang out.

Other than that not much else. Enjoy the pictures!

Piper quote: "mom you are the bestest mom in the whole city."
Me: "Gabby how did you do that? "I guess I'm just an art girl."
Ryan just looked at his picture on the blog and said, "delicious Ryan." Which now that I think about it he probably said, "this is Ryan."

Took the little two to BK last week.

All of the kids love Spot, but Gabby may love him the most. She constantly wants to have him hanging out on her shoulder.

Corbin was the star student last week and here is his questionnaire. His birthday is December 27th BTW.

Water times.

Ryan danced with the girls last week. So cute. 

Ryan gassed out watching TV Thursday night. He did not get a nap that day.

A collection of Gabby drawings.

Littlest Pet Shop Pig

Puppy she named Fluffy Cuddles.

Evil Bird

Dog with babies.


Littlest Pet Shop: squirrel, bunny.

Girl? She says she doesn't want to tell me this one.
Gabby drew this picture of herself and me on the computer. I didn't even know she could do that! 

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Painted Dining Chairs

Back in February I spotted 6 dining chairs that I thought had a lot of potential, so I bought them to fix them up in the hopes that someone would buy them from me. I have been very slowly working on them but with the warm weather we have been in the garage a lot more and the chairs were driving me NUTS. So I decided that I had to finish them. I only had three completed before last week. I furiously painted all week and finished the other three. Phew! Now we will see if anyone wants to buy them. I'm honestly only looking to break even so they will be a screaming deal. I just like having projects to do around the house. It helps keep me sane. 

Other than that just the usual happenings around here. Scott and I and some of the kids caught some sort of nasty virus although it hit the adults harder. What started out as a cold ended in the flu. I spent the entire day in my bed yesterday (minus making my kids breakfast and lunch) and that helped a lot. Scott has still been sleeping most of today as well. The kids didn't seem to catch the flu part which is good. 

Corbin made a wind  chime in his after school STEM class and then he had to leave it in a park for someone to pick up. I was wanting to keep it myself!

On Friday night I had a party for my primary girls. We played Disney Scene it, Twister, and Charades. I'm not going to lie I was happy when it was time for me to take them home but it was still a good time. Those girls are crazy! Ha. 

Corbin joined in the fun, I could not get him to go to bed. Oh well!
Chairs before:

Chairs after:

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Scott's Birthday, Mother's Day!

Last week was Scott's birthday. I took Piper and Ryan to Scott's work to deliver a birthday candy bouquet. We've never been there before. There are a lot of employees and they are actually spread out in 6 buildings. I guess only personnel can go into Scott's building. When we came by Scott was in a meeting so he couldn't come see us at the main building. We did meet the head boss who knows a couple of my brothers. They are in the same stake/ward. We met Scott for lunch at Jack and the Box. He went all out and ordered a cheese burger, fry, and large orange drink. It's his birthday! 

That night we just had a special dinner and cake. Hart and Jory stopped by and they brought a Marie Calendars pie with them. Yum. We went out on a date Friday night for his birthday. Lucky for him the new Captain America movie came out. Perfect timing. Afterwards we went and got some frozen yogurt. 

Today is Mother's Day. What a great day. Mothers are the best, if I don't say so myself. Ha. Scott made me stir fry for dinner. Yum. The kids gave me cute gifts from school. Sure love my kids!

We got invited to Gabby's school to check out the school garden and Gabby's very own plant.

Blurry picture but do you see Spot on Gabby's head? She's a nut!

We went to the park for a bit last night.

My little climber.

Do you see Spot popping out of her shirt? Oh my!

Gabby's Mother's Day present.

Gabby's portrait of me. She also grew a basil plant for me and Ryan dumped it in the sink. Little brothers!

Corbin made me a calendar. I look prettiest when I eat. Ha. I DOUBT that very much.

Side by side with me and my portrait. Pretty good!

Corbin's present from school. I LOVE it! If you can't tell it's a crazy face pot with crazy plant hair. Love! I doubt I will be able to keep it alive long however. Green thumb fail. Plus my kitchen does not have a good source of light so I will blame the kitchen and not myself. Ha.