Sunday, March 19, 2017

Bingo Night

Work went well last week. My time slots are almost all getting filled now which is awesome. I reached my goal of 10 hours last week. Woot, woot! 

We enjoyed lots of nice weather as well. Nice spring days are the best.

There was a bingo night at the school on Thursday night. It was a little painful. The kids were a little antsy and we were tired and of course we didn't win anything. Ha.

On Friday night I worked for two hours and after I was done one of our couple friends came over to watch a movie. We always have intentions of watching movies when we get together but we end up talking instead. It was fun, I really like hanging out with them.

On Saturday we went to one of my book club friend's 30th birthday party. They went all out. It was fun. Afterwards we went and got pie shakes at Sherry's. YUM! 

I bought some fake food for props for teaching and my kids have been playing with it like crazy.

Yay for nice days.

Gabby made this for her cousin Greta 
Bingo night! So fun, ha.

Masquerade party

Pie Shakes!

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Flying Pie Pizzeria

Work is going well. I had an easier time adjusting to the difficult schedule last week. I haven't been able to get anyone to sign up for my 6-7am classes yet. I decided I wasn't ready to get up an hour earlier but I could try teaching one extra class earlier. So I will try that tomorrow. I have classes scheduled for 4:30, 5:00 and 5:30. I will have to get up at 4:00, yikes, but that still sounds better than 3:30.

Scotts amazon stuff still isn't ready to be sold yet. Take forever much! He got a job as a veyo driver for now which is good.

We got a coupon in the mail for flying pie pizzeria. We decided to go ahead and go as a family Friday night. We rarely go out with the kids to restaurants (pretty much never, unless it's Burger King). I'll copy my facebook status about it because it sums it up nicely I think: When you get a coupon in the mail and think you will have fun family time but you almost turn around on the way because the kids are so wild. Then you get there and it's still wild times. Mom gets the brilliant idea to play 20 questions and the kids get really into and it's actually a lot of fun. Then the pizza takes FOREVER to get there that by the time it's arrived you burn your mouth scarfing it down so you can get the heck out of there. Family times are almost always better in your head. Ha. But for real playing 20 questions was great. It's the moments in between that really count sometimes.

On Saturday night I invited Rachel and her husband and son over for dinner. Rachel wasn't feeling well and so just Blake and Nate came. I made cafe rio pork salads\tacos. Scott and Nate played some games and I ran to Hobby Lobby to get some fabric. I was sad that Rachel couldn't come but it was still good to have Nate and Blake come and have an excuse to make that dinner, Yum!

I love when Ryan builds things with blocks!

Corbin's class had an edible food challenge on Friday. They had to make cars out of food items. Corbin's group's car went the furthest! 

I should have taken a video and a closer picture!

Flying Pie

We took the kids to Burger King

Some calligraphy homework

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Crazy Week

Last week was a little crazy. I finished my first week of work. I only taught 8 classes last week, 4 hours total. You would think I would have worked more for the disruption caused. Ha. The main thing to try to get used to is getting up at 4:30 in the morning. Getting up isn't the problem as much as functioning well the rest of the day. Before my first class last Monday I didn't sleep one wink. I was supposed to teach a trial class where the kid's placement was unsure so I had reviewed 5 different lessons. When I got up and checked my computer at 4:30 it was a different kid and a different lesson. I had to hurry and review a new lesson. The kid signed onto his computer and turned on his camera at 4:40 so I couldn't keep reviewing the slides because he could see what I was doing. I just sat there and stared at the kid until 5:00. Luckily my other classes the kids have not signed on that early, but of course for my first class they did! Yesterday I was in the virtual classroom 45 minutes early reviewing my material and waiting for class. 2 minutes before class started I remembered I hadn't put on my headphones and tested them yet. I tested them and they weren't working. I got off the website and got back in. The website wouldn't load. I had to restart my computer. It. Took. Forever. I ended up being a couple minutes late to class but my headphones did work after that at least. So dumb. So it's little things like lessons being changed last minute, tech problems, whatever. I just have to be prepared to go with it (which isn't my personality strength let me just say). I had one kid who wouldn't even look at me. He just tossed up his pencil and scribbled on the slides with his mouse. That was amazing! The best part was after 25 minutes we were done. See ya JIMMY!

The other thing to adjust to is dealing with an actual job. My favorite thing about being a homemaker is the flexibility. If I'm feeling great I can do 1,000 things, if I'm not feeling great I don't have to do anything. (Luckily I can pick my own schedule and there flexibility but I'm not used to dealing with outside pressure like that). All of the classes are recorded so I feel like Big Brother is always watching. What if I didn't teach that concept right? What if I skip slides or take too much time or not enough time? ANYWAY I have decided to try not to worry about Big Brother and try to prepare my best and just have fun with the kids. For the most part teaching the lessons to the kids IS actually a lot of fun. I just have to stop stressing about the dumb crap. I'm trying to work from 5-7:00 but so far my 6-7 classes aren't filling up. It's 9:00 pm Beijing time so that makes sense. I may start working from 4-6 but the thought of getting up at 3:30 makes my eyes burn! I'm just going to keep going slow and get more comfortable before I worry about getting more hours in.

On Tuesday night we had another Debrief Society meeting. We made a craft. It was very fun. I was tired though and stressed about my job. On Thursday night I had calligraphy wish I am not caring about. I mostly sit there and talk with my hands to my friend and not practice calligraphy. On Friday we had book club. I was frantically reading that stupid book all week as well. It was really cutting into my Facebook time. Ha.

The kids didn't have school on Friday. It was a pretty nice day in the morning. We had a play date at my friend Rachel's house and spent some time in the back yard .It was nice. Later in the day we got slushies and went to the park, It was windy and the sun was behind clouds so it was cold. Half my kids didn't want to wear jackets and were drinking slushies. BRRR. Whatever. Well that's all. I need to go get ready for church (UU). Peace.

Gabby pic.

Gabby pic

Ryan loves building nests. I wasn't feeling well on Wednesday so I was in my room and Ryan built a nest on me.

 "Dad, I built a nest."

At the indoor gym the kids were all lined up to get gas. Hilarious! I've been going there for 8 years and have never seen anything like that. So funny!

Gabby being a monkey


Stacked pancake bite. 

German pancakes.

My classroom in the closet. My props I've gathered so far on the ground.

My background (The closet doesn't show in class)

The love birds are my Debrief Society craft. I didn't have anywhere else to put it so my "home office" works!

I get up and throw on my orange t-shirt and my glasses. I put on a little blush  and lipstick to look alive .That's as much as I can care at 4:30 in the morning.