Sunday, May 28, 2017


I get up every work day at 5:00 am and I turn on my computer and check my equipment before class. My first class is 5:30 am. On Monday morning I turned on my computer and I went into my first classroom for the day to see the class timer going instead of counting down to class time. I almost had a heart attack! I thought somehow the computer was mixed up! Lucky for me there was no Chinese student online yet. I clicked over to see my schedule and realized that I had accidentally scheduled myself a half an hour earlier all week. Oy! My student continued to not show up so I would quickly get up and put in my contacts and check, brush my teeth and check, put on make-up and check. The student never showed up which was a miracle. It was a regular class and those parents have to pay for the lessons if they don't cancel 24 hours ahead of time so those classes are RARELY student no shows. Amazing. I couldn't believe my luck. That was stressful! Phew!

I got to get up earlier all week due to my mistake. Oh well! Naps are my friend. On Monday the kids ran through the sprinklers. The weather is getting nice finally. Of course it goes from freezing to sweating but what are you going to do?

On Friday night we went to our friend's house for an end of the school year party bash. It was very fun. Love them! On Saturday we went to my nephews baptism and then that night some of our friends came over and we played games. The weekend always goes too fast. The kids have one last week of school. It will be a busy week for sure.

A friend of mine lost her 10 year old son last night. It happened completely out of the blue. He was a perfectly healthy kid who just passed out with no pulse and no breathing. They called the ambulance and about 8 hours later he was dead. I don't even know if they know why yet. It's just horrible. Life is precious and short. Hold your little ones extra tight tonight.

Gabby asleep on my bed with my eye mask. Ha!

We went to Gabby's class to see her seahorse project.

Our friends had an end of school year party. My friend Krista is a master party thrower. So fun!

Scott made me stir fry for dinner (a belated Mother's Day dinner) it was so yummy!

I love sitting outside in the summer. LOVE IT! I used to sit on this cute wooden bench but it was so uncomfortable. I couldn't stand another summer like that! I got on Craigslist and found this amazing couch for a great deal. We bought it! The dude bought it brand new last year and kept it in storage and then realized he didn't have room for it. Now it's ours. Amazing! I was probably on that couch for 4 hours today. All the love!

My neighbors sold me this gazelle for $20 at their yard sale. Amazing! It folds in half and fits in my super amazing multi purpose closet. I can get it out and use it in my closet, (while I watch Netflix on my work computer) and fold it back up. I'm so happy! I had to get rid of my treadmill a couple of years ago because it took up too much space. I was very happy to get this bad boy. LOVE!

I made myself some VIP kid shirts. The company doesn't have them for most of their employees so people make their own if they want. I found a girl online who sold me the iron ons. Now I'm legit. Ha. 

Sunday, May 21, 2017


On Monday Jeff and Janet were still here waiting to watch Gabby's recital. We didn't do much that day so it was probably long and boring to them. We went to Gabby's recital that night. It ended up that Gabby's dance wasn't until the third from the last dance. I felt badly because Jeff and Janet had to drive back home that night. Gabby did well with her dance. She was nervous and I think she was also really worried about the choreography but she did well

The rest of the week nothing much happened. On Friday I went to watch my niece Hailey at the state track meet. She did great! She beat her best time by 30 seconds and she beat her school record by 8 seconds. It was fun to watch her and chat with my sister.

On Saturday some of our friends came over to watch a movie with us. This morning I met with a bunch of my friends for brunch. It's always fun to catch up with them.

The end of the school year is wrapping up. I can't believe it!

Piper quote: "Can I wear my China jammies cuz I'm still a big fan of China."
Me talking to Ryan, "Do you need to get any pee out before bed?" Ryan: "Of course not!"
Me: Let's get your sugar bugs off your teeth (brushing his teeth) Ryan says to Nana, "I have spiders in my teeth."

Ryan insisted on wearing Corbin's shoes. So funny!

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Dance Recital Sandwich

Gabby and Piper are taking dance from different studios. Piper had her recital yesterday and Gabby has her recital tomorrow night. Nana and Papa came up for the weekend to see them. They got up at 3:30 am to come to Piper's recital and they are leaving tomorrow night after Gabby's recital. Those are some crazy driving hours! We are having are great visit.

Piper did great with her dances. You could tell she was very nervous and she didn't crack one smile but she did pretty good and she did it and she didn't cry. Win, win, win. She especially did well on her S-h-u-f-f-l-e s-t-e-p move.

After the recital we went to Tucanos for their Mother's Day Special/Scott's birthday dinner. It was yummy good! We hung out the rest of the day at the house. Today for mother's day Scott helped me make breakfast (I'm way too much of a control freak, plus we have guests). We made bacon and waffles. My waffles were macadamia nut with coconut and coconut syrup. So yummy! We went to lunch at Cafe Ole and then hung out at Settlers Park for a bit. Right now they are all player Elder Sign and I'm blogging. Not sure about tomorrow.

My work schedule filled completely last week. That was exciting. Every slot I opened filled. Yay! I got my second pay check and because of incentives my pay was about $300 more than I expected. SWEET!

This has been a cold spring. I really wish we could enjoy temps in the 70's before it goes from 50-90 degrees. Come on 70 degrees!

Brrr. It was cold, out on the patio. Corbin sporting my sweater and Piper wearing her napkin below.

Corbin presents.

Gabby presents.

Gabby presents.

Gabby pic.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Rigby and Scott's Birthday

This last week was out of the norm. I drove to Rigby on Monday morning to help my sister for a couple of days with her painting project. She is painting her kitchen cabinets. I'm afraid that after a couple of days of painting with Trisha she still had a TON of work left to do. We didn't have much chance to hang out or do much else other than painting. We got quite a bit done though. I will be curious to see it when it is finished. We did manage to sneak a couple of runs to Fiesta Ole (love). My parents came and brought pizza and visited with us on Tuesday night. We had some good laughs with them. When I got back home after dealing with a couple of temper tantrums I thought I was ready to go back to Rigby. Painting all day is tiring but it's still a break from high demand mommying.

Scott's birthday was on Thursday. It was a pretty low key day. I made a special breakfast and had a present scavenger hunt for him in the morning. That night for dinner we had steak (grilled by Scott) and homemade scalloped potatoes. After that it was cake and presents from the kids.

On Friday night we continued with birthday celebrations by having some of our friends over to play games. It was a great time with them. We still need to go to Tucanos for birthday lunch. May the birthday celebrations continue!

Ha! Ryan zonked out for a little siesta. 

When I got back from Rigby we just got pizza for diner that night. We had  little picnic. I love nice spring days.

Steak! (Gabby decorated the table and light, pretty good)!

Handmade gifts b y Gabby and Piper.

Chocolate eclair cake. Yum!