Sunday, May 27, 2018

Memorial Day Weekend

Last week flew by. I subbed everyday last week although Monday and Wednesday were only half days so those were the best! All the jobs went pretty good except for the job on Friday but I made it through so there you go. I was able to go into Corbin's class and help with their trout dissections.

We decided to take a quick trip to Arco for the weekend. I texted Trisha to see is she could come to Arco too and she could. I love to coordinate our trips so we can see each other and our kids can play. My kids love their Rigby cousins and have so much fun playing with them. We got in before 9pm and ate and chatted until bedtime. On Saturday by the time I got up my mom already had the kids out in the fields getting muddy searching for wild asparagus. They found a bunch and it was delicious. Later in the morning we went and visited the graves in the Lost River cemetery. My mom was sure to point our where her headstone would be and to remind the grand kids to remember her. Ha.

After the cemetery we waited an hour for the grocery store to cook up our chicken strips and then we headed out to the Craters of the Moon. We have never gone there during a holiday weekend and we couldn't believe how busy it was. We were just lucky enough to snag a picnic table at Devil's Orchard. We saw the spatter cone volcanoes and went through the Indian tunnel (my favorite). Ryan was a hot mess since he got sunscreen in his eye and he was up until 11 pm with McCoy the night before. Scott and I had to take turns carrying him to the Indian tunnel. He mostly just wanted me to carry him. That boy is not light! I got some extra workout I guess. He fell asleep within 5 seconds on the drive home from the craters. We watched Swiss Family Robinson and some of us had naps. We drove the four wheeler and went for bike rides. Scott dug up some wild asparagus and is hoping to plant it in our garden. We will see if it takes.

This morning we had a delicious breakfast and got packed up and headed home. We had a great visit. I love going home, especially this time of year when the fields and mountains are green.  It's nice to get back to our Boise home and still have some weekend time at the house. We will probably have a popcorn movie night tonight. I'm teaching my classes in the morning. I'm not sure what we will do tomorrow. We will probably just relax.

This week is the last week of school. Crazy! I am already dreading fixing lunch for four kids everyday. Ha. The kids go straight into swim lessons though. Bring on summer!
Ryan is ready for summer and winter! 

Piper and I in the Indian tunnel.

Our borrow pit asparagus plants. 

My grandma and grandpa Beal's headstone. 

Our tasty picnic. 

Asparagus hunting. 

Cousins and lilac bushes.

The kids climbing at Craters (not very safe and definitely against the rules!) 

Hiking with Bubba.
We spotted a snake right by the trail! Creepy! That's the first snake I've seen at the craters. 

Ryan grabbed my dad's hand. Cutest! 

Sunday, May 20, 2018


The end of the school year is wrapping up. Yay! I subbed 4 days last week. I'm just going to sub as much as I can until school is out and then I'll get a break. Yay! My sub job on Friday was horrible. I was at an alternative school and it's a very small school with a high concentration of troubled teens. I actually had the thought at lunch time of possibly going home. My 2nd period was the WORST. I made it through the end of the day. I will be sure to NOT take a job there in the future. This week should be a semi long possibly terrible week of subbing but there is a light at the end of the tunnel people! 

The kids are doing good. Piper had a play date with her cousin Lexi practically all day on Wednesday. I think she thought she had died and gone to heaven. Gabby has a best friend that they already practically live at each others houses. Gabby was gone for almost 24 hours over the weekend. She's a crazy girl and she has a crazy friend and it's perfect. Ryan wants to have play dates all the time too and he doesn't have any friends. My friend Rachel has a son Corbin's age and she lets Ryan come over and play and that makes him very happy.

Corbin and Gabby both had field trips last week. I actually subbed for Corbin's class and it was a semi disaster. Ha. I think the kids were far too excited that "Corbin's mom" was subbing. They were pretty hyped up and he has a big class. They mostly calmed down and were okay. Ha. 

My parents came into town yesterday. My niece Lindsey is graduating high school and they had an open house for her. It was fun to visit with everyone. Lance has a fun swing in his backyard that the kids loved. They also enjoyed seeing their dogs. 

It was kind of sad, I had to say good bye to my English Learner kids on Thursday. I've had a long sub job since January with the same group of kids and that job ended last week. I will miss those kids. Ryuga from Japan was my favorite. 

Well that's all for now. 

Ryan loves to pee outside. Ha! 

Cutest brothers. 

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Mother's Day

Last Monday Janet and Jeff mostly just hung around and visited and waited for the dance recital. We went to lunch at The Habit. The girls did a great job during their dance. I love to watch them dance!
Here is a link to their dance. 

Nothing much else to write about. We've had a relaxing weekend which has been nice. Scott made me a yummy breakfast and we've been  hanging out today. We are about to head over and have a BBQ with the Boise Beals. My sister from Seattle surprised my mom for mother's day and is in Boise tonight so we are gathering for a visit. 

We bought our lawn mower for $20 from Craiglist 10 years ago and it died yesterday. Luckily I found another nicer lawn mower for $25 that we picked up today! Sweet! 

Last Sunday we had a picnic at DeMeyer park. 

Add caption

Playing the game Egg-On. 

Ice cream at Delsas!

Monday morning shenanigans. 

Cutest Dancers!

Cutest Boys!

Gabby's Mother's Day unicorn clay pot.

Corbin's gift

Piper's gift

Ryan's gift

Our old trusty lawn mower.

Our new one. Hopefully it will give us 10 years too! 

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Scott's B-Day

Yay it's May! I am pretty burned out and I'm so excited there is only one month left of school. I will be happy to take a break from subbing. The month of May is a really busy one at the schools. I will be subbing extra this month too. Bring on summer vacation! 

I went to my book club on Thursday night. I took a three month break from the club. It was feeling like an extra part time job and I needed a break. I had way to much stuff going on. I've been with that book club for three years now. We will see how much longer I last. Ha. 

Scott's b-day was on Friday. We didn't do much other than we had extra special yummy meals and dessert. We watched a movie and had popcorn with the kids that night. Scott's parents came up yesterday for the girls' dance recital on Monday night. 

Last night Scott's parents babysat for us and we got to go to a party. One of our friends graduated with her Masters in Social Work and our other friend threw her a celebration party. We had a great time eating delicious tacos and chatting with our friends. 

We've mostly been hanging out today. We went to the park for a few hours this afternoon and it was really nice.

Piper had crazy hair day at school.

One of my book club friends owns two Chick-Fil-A's in Boise. She has a garage door in her front room. Interesting. It was pretty cool. It's not my personal taste but you certainly don't see that everyday! 

Three year Anniversary pic. 7 of us in the picture have been with the book club since the beginning. These ladies are hard core about book club. 

The kids made Scott hand made crafts for his b-day. LOVE!

I bought this Schwinn bike from my neighbor for $40! I have casually been on the hunt for a bike for 10 years. I love beach cruisers because they are so cute but I hate how low to the ground they are. I love bikes where you can sit upright, plus this bike has gears. I'm excited! 

I hung up my sign. I also reaarranged the couch and had to get a new table. I found that black one for $10 on Craigslist. Score!  

Scott had the kids help him work the garden soil. 

Piper's drwaing of me. 

Piper art.

Piper art.