Sunday, September 30, 2018

Field Trips

Well you guessed it another busy week around here. Piper, Corbin, and Gabby all had field trips last week. I got to go to most of Piper's field trip. I had to drive separately and leave early so I could pick up Ryan from preschool. I was able to join Corbin's class on his field trip. They went to Black's creek. I don't really know what that place is other than a dust bowl with desert plants. My allergies were bad the whole time and that was WITH medication. Poor Corbin takes after me and he was struggling as well. We went through a lot of tissues. Gabby's class was on the same field trip so I got to hang out with her a bit as well which was great.

Cross country finished up. We were all disappointed at Districts. Our boys have been undefeated all season and they got 2nd place which was a bummer. Their number 5 runner was sick and couldn't run and we only lost by 4 points! So close! I think everyone was disappointed in that. The girls didn't have the same chance to win as the boys and overall they didn't do as well either. Oh well! I'm glad to be done. I hope to enjoy my 2 second break before basketball starts. Ha.

We put up our Halloween decorations yesterday and our trip is in 2 days! I'm not really ready. I need to pack and buy snacks and all the things. I think I'll procrastinate a bit more! Wish us luck on our trip!
Piper's field trip was at Meridian High School where their FFA had tons of things to show the kids.

Ryan helped Gabby put up the bats she made last year. We have a group of bats in every room of the house.
Piper's best friends mom just had a baby so I made them dinner. I decided to make soup and rolls. I made homemade rolls but I forgot to add the salt and egg! So sad!!! They look so good, but they are not!
One of my favorite athlete's made a card for the coaches. She is sweet. 

The kids' backpacks have been making me lose my mind. I realized we could make some space in the garage to put their crap out there. GET RID! I was so happy when Scott put it up. It will bring me endless joy.

Sunday, September 23, 2018


There's not much to say. We had two team cross country meets and then our top runners competed in a multi state race on Friday night. This week is the last week of cross country. I'm ready to be done with it. I'll get a short break and then basketball starts. I have my coaching basketball for dummies on reserve at the library.

The kids are liking their teachers. Gabby's class gets to take swim lessons on Fridays at the Y for some reason. That's pretty cool. All the kids have field trips this week.

Scott's work is going well. We are leaving for Disneyland in 9 days!

Sorry no pictures. That's all!

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Princess Party

We had another busy week. Scott was in Utah doing training for his work. Tuesday was the hardest day. I had a cross country meet and then I had to take the girls back and forth to dance. I'm feeling a little strapped with my time with all of the things. I was a little disappointed to realize that basketball starts two weeks after cross country and one of those weeks we will be in Disneyland. I'm doing okay managing it all I just have to be really organized with my time and plan ahead with dinners and things. It can be tiring though.

I did get paid from my two new companies which was exciting. I'd heard rumors about people not getting paid from Dada because of banking issues or something. Getting paid just for opening slots with Gogo seemed a little too good to be true but I got paid so that was sweet! My main problem now is that my bookings are back up with VIPKid so now I have to figure out the best way to juggle the different companies. If Dada doesn't give me time off for Disneyland I may just quit. We will see. 

Scott came back Friday night and it was good to have him back home. He is liking his job and he particularly likes having co-workers. We are social creatures! I'm glad he is getting out and being around people.

I threw Piper a birthday party. I've been dreading it for a long time. Ha. I don't throw many parties for my kids for lots of reasons but it was Piper's turn to have her first friend birthday party. She was sooo excited. The party went well and I was glad to cross it off my list. Ha. I was also happy for Piper because she was so happy. 

Kids playing at the park.

I put Piper's hair in a high bun and it was SO cute and she HATED it. I talked her into wearing it. It was so cute! 

Birthday invitation
Birthday girl in her princess dress.

Princesses decorating their cupcakes.


Piper showing the crown she decorated at the party.

Disneyland it coming right up! I made a quick paper chain for a countdown. 

Nana sent some Halloween jammies. Cute littles! 

Sunday, September 9, 2018


Ryan started preschool last week! I'm so excited for him. It's sooo boring for him to just be with me all day every day. I think he likes it a lot. Cross Country is going well. LC dominated at the last meet. We host our first meet this week. My friend is the head coach and it's her first year coaching cross country so I'm sure we will be trying to figure things out this week. It could be interesting! 

My sister was in the play Annie last week. Her daughter Shae LOVES theater and is very involved with any play she can get be involved in. Trisha wanted a chance to bond with her daughter in her interest so she tried out for the community play with Shae and got a leading role! She was Daddy Warbucks' secretary which is a big part in the play. She did a great job! Shae ended up having a solo part as well and she did great! Ryan and I took off for Rigby Friday afternoon and had a quick trip. It was fun to see my parents and a couple of aunts as well. 

Scott's work is going well. He is heading down to Utah this whole week for training. We will miss him! I took out my nose ring. I had a weird nose ring bump which is common but it wouldn't go away! I was sick of it. See you nose ring! This hot dang bump better go away or I'm going to be ticked! Well that's all! I use a lot of exclamation points! Ha. 

This week will be interesting to see my different pay checks with my different ESL companies. VIPKid tracks and updates it's pay tracking every day but the other companies don't show anything! I'm probably getting ripped off. With Gogo kid I should be getting paid just for opening time slots. There's a great way that VIPKid teachers and Gogokid are using this to their full advantage.  I book a time slot with Gogo and if it doesn't fill I am able to book a short notice class with VIPkid (which automatically pays you more). For some time slots I'm making money from both companies and am making like $33 an hour. Pretty sweet! I guess we will see since Gogo doesn't track it. I'll be very curious to see the paychecks this week. 

This boy will not cooperate when I'm trying to take pictures. Ha.

Gabby let me fix her hair. So cute!

Pic with my sister after the play.

Irritated bump. Fingers crossed it goes away!

Sunday, September 2, 2018

Piper's B-Day!

Things went well for everyone this last week. I have gotten some good projects done with the kids gone at school. I canned some pears and defrosted my freezer. It needed to be defrosted so bad!

Ryan went to his preschool open house. He is the only one of my kids to do preschool. He already wants to go to Kindergarten so I think he will LOVE it. His preschool teacher is a lady in our ward who has been teaching preschool for 30 years. She's great! I'm excited for Ryan. It's a pretty long day for just he and I.

We had our first cross country meet. Our kids did really good. I'm not surprised the coaches have these kids work really hard at practice. I love cross country. It's all grit and heart.

Scott took Corbin's bed from  the triple bunk bed and secured it to the ceiling in the office and made him a loft bed. Corbin has been waiting for months and months to move into the office. Scott did it and Corbin is sooo happy!

Today is Piper's birthday! She has been anticipating her birthday for months and months! She got pretty hooked up with presents. She's been playing with her new toys all day. We went to Pojos after dinner. She said it was the best birthday ever!

Defrosting the freezer. It's such an annoying job!

Ice build up from the freezer.

Here's the after, I should have taken a before picture. The ice build up was bad!
I bottled pears practically all day on Saturday. 

The bed is strong enough to hold Scott doing pull ups.

Happy Boy!

Here it is with the side rails and ladder attached. Corbin was using his blankets to create a mini fort underneath the bed.
Pretty cool!

Here's the girls bunk bed now. No Corbin bed on top.

Birthday girl! Happy 7th!

Mermaid blanket from Colie

Cute birthday girl in her new birthday outfit from Nana.

Bumper Cars!