Sunday, March 31, 2019

Spring Break

We mostly hung around the house during Spring Break until Thursday.  I did take the kids to the library and to the new Mary Poppins movie at the Dollar Theater. The kids couldn't wait until Thursday so they could get to Nana and Papa's house already! The drive down was fine. We made it for a late lunch at Hires. The weather was beautiful on Thursday so the kids had a blast playing down the hill in Rustin's yard and playing with the chickens. Rustin also set up a zip line and the kids had fun going down that. It was good the weather was beautiful on Thursday because we woke up to inches of snow on Friday. Annoying! I went to my eye doctor appointment to see about lasik surgery. It turns out I'm not a candidate for lasiks because my corneas are too thin so I will have to do a different kind of procedure that has a longer more painful recovery. I'm not happy about that but what are you going to do? I scheduled my surgery for June. I'm kind of nervous about the whole thing. We will see how that all goes! Scott and I left late Friday afternoon to spend a couple of nights at the Zermott hotel. We were planning on doing just one night but that didn't feel long enough. One night feels to rushed to actually relax and have a good time so we opted to go for it and stay for 2. We had a great time!The kids had a blast having all manner of adventures. Now it's time to get back in the swing of things. Full speed ahead! 

Getting ready for the drive down. Silly Pipes.

Playing with the chickens.

Rustin decided to buy a bunch of baby chicks. The kids are IN LOVE! So cute! 

Dance Party! 

Easter Egg Hunt

Sunday, March 24, 2019

A Little Bit of Showbiz

We had a pretty busy week. My girls had their first two basketball games. We lost the first game by 3 and my star player scored 2 points at the end of the game for the other team. Ha. We won our second game 34 to 22 I think. We will see how we fair after spring break. Hopefully they won't lose all of the progress we have made.

Ryan's recovery went pretty well. He would cry at breakfast a lot of mornings and grab his head. It was kind of strange. I'm not quite sure why he would grab his head. Who knows? He also woke up in the night crying from pain three separate nights. Other than that he was pretty okay. Less energy and a little more grumpy. He seems back to normal now. His pitch is a little different when he talks and he's much more mumbly. I hope that changes because it is driving me nuts.

Gabby has been going to play practice for the last 8 weeks. She had her performance on Thursday. It was about how you would imagine a group of 4-10 years old's practicing once a week for an hour would be like. Ha. Gabby was a little more shy than I expected in her performance but it was her first time doing a play. It was very short. I think she really enjoyed the experience so I was glad she was able to do it. I think they may have a summer camp of some sort and I'm sure she will want to participate.

The kids didn't have school on Friday and no school next week for Spring Break. I am not motivated to think of activities for the kids to do. Ha. We will see if we do anything. We will probably go to the library and park but aside from that I'm not sure. We are headed down to Utah on Thursday for a quick visit. I am going to a doctor's appointment to see about getting lasik surgery. I have to wear glasses all week which is going to kill me! I hate wearing glasses so much. Ha. 

Last night Scott and I snuck away and had dinner at Freddy's. It was our first time eating there. I thought it was good! Later we went and watched a movie with some friends.

Well that's about all.

Scott went and got some free compost. I think he got Corbin to make a few shovel fulls before he had to take over. 

Gabby's play. I didn't really get any great pictures. I also can't load videos on here anymore. 

Sunday, March 17, 2019


What a week! Ryan got an ear infection a couple of months ago and when I took him to the doctor he was very concerned about the size of Ryan's tonsils. He put him on antibiotics for 3 weeks to see if that would help. It didn't. He then referred us to an ear, nose and throat doctor. We had that appointment Monday morning. Sure enough the doctor took one look at Ryan's tonsils and concluded that they should come out. Ryan snores and hopefully this will help. Little Gabby snored like a trucker before she got her tonsils out. Piper and Gabby have been complaining of Ryan's snoring forever. They were very excited that he got his tonsils out. I went to set up an appointment for surgery and they actually had a cancellation so they had an opening the next day. I figured what the heck let's get it over with. Scott already had work scheduled to be off that day so  it was perfect. The bad part was that when we got to the hospital 2 hours before surgery (as instructed) they were 2 hours behind schedule. We were hanging out for 4 hours before he finally got to get the procedure done. Not only that but he couldn't have anything to eat or drink either. He was a patient trooper. After about 3 hours he was ready to go home and started to complain but we were able to redirect him fairly quickly. After the procedure he was doing great early on and they sent him right home. We were at the hospital for over 6 hours. It was an ordeal! For whatever reason 5 years ago when Gabby got her tonsils out our doctor recommended a different doctor that was not in the hospital. That was so much better! We were in and out within a few hours. Oh well! So far Ryan's recovery has been great. For whatever reason he struggles at breakfast and cries but then seems to be fine the rest of the day. I can't quite figure it out. I think he should be good to go to preschool next week though which he will be very happy about.

The entire 3rd grade made a "wax museum" of students dressed up as different famous Idahoans. They had to do research, and memorize information about their person. All of the parents came and would push a "button" that would turn them on to say their part. Gabby did great! She said that Corbin did torment her when his class came and he kept pushing the button over and over and Gabby kept saying it over and over until she finally hit him on the foot with her golf club in frustration. I was proud of her for that! Corbin seems to love the role of pesky older brother. 

We have our first basketball game on Tuesday. We will see how it goes. The 7th grade season flies by because it's so short which I really love. Ha. 

Saturday night a bunch of my friends wanted to have a stay cation. They reserved a hotel room and spent the night. I am so crazy about sleep that I opted to go to dinner and hang out at the hotel for a few hours before I had Scott come and pick me up. It was really fun. 

I was not feeling like worrying about doing anything fun for St. Patty's day today. Piper built a leprechaun trap and I forgot to do anything about it. When I got up she said she as disappointed that she hadn't caught the leprechaun and that he hadn't taken the coins she left him. I told her to go to her room because I thought he was coming. Luckily I happened to already have some gold chocolates so I scooped up the coins and left the chocolate in its place. She was more than happy with that. I then decided to make green eggs and pancakes for breakfast and none of my kids would eat it. Fail! Next year we will have Lucky Charms for breakfast! 

That's about all. I need to gear up for a busy week! 

Gabby with Willow on her leash. Ha.

After surgery treats

Ryan playing while waiting for surgery.

More waiting. 

Finally, he's off!

Nana and Papa sent Ryan a special beanie boo for recovery.

Piper's Leprechaun trap 

Ha! I love that. So cute.

Green eggs and pancakes. NOPE. Kids were NOT down.

Dinner with friends.

Gabby at the "wax museum." 

Sunday, March 10, 2019


Last week went pretty well. I had to run try-outs and the parent meeting but it went okay I think. We picked the teams on Friday. It will be interesting to see how it goes. Keeping my fingers crossed it goes okay.

Nothing much else going on. Just the same old same old. On Saturday morning Scott and Corbin went to Captain Marvel and I took the other three kids to the "far away library." There's a library that's 15 minutes away from our house and the kids like that one much better than the one by our house. We haven't been there in forever. The kids acted like we were in Disneyland. Ha. Last night we had a movie night with our friends. It was fun. Today we went to the park and played some b-ball. Good times.

Spring forward actually means I can go to bed later and get up later. Woot. Hello bedtime 9:00 instead of 8:00 and wake up time 4:45 instead of 3:45. I'm pretty excited about that.

The kids have so much fun on my gazelle. Ha.

Wacky Wednesday at preschool. 


Story time at the library. Good thing my kids came or it would have been empty!

Cutest Willow

Sunday, March 3, 2019


Nothing new happening around here. I'm feeling tired and run down. I closed some of my teaching slots in the coming weeks. I am burned out! If I feel better I can always open more slots later. Basketball starts this week! I am in charge of try-outs and the parent meeting. I will be happy to get those things done this week. The athletic director approved me having morning practices sometimes but not everyday. I will have morning practices Monday and Wednesday. I am so excited! That will really relieve some stress no doubt.

Scott had a busy week at work and got quite a bit of overtime last week. One of his co-worker's sister died unexpectedly so they were short staffed all week. Her sister just died in her sleep and she was young. So sad! Her husband tried to wake her up when the baby kept fussing and she was dead. Horrible!

My sister came to Boise with some of her kids because her husband wanted to come and watch State Basketball games. She and some of her kids came over for several hours yesterday. It was fun to hang out with her and our kids had fun playing with each other.

We went late night bowling last night with a bunch of friends. I had to get up and teach a few classes and then I went back to bed and slept in until 10:00! Crazy! Ha. I. need. sleep.

It's March and the last three days have been sunny. Peace out snowy, cloudy February!

Gabby has to do a report on Shirley Ruth Englehorn. Her class is doing reports on famous Idaho people. Shirley was a famous golfer. We had to get her a costume. We found this whole outfit for $7 at the DI. Sweet! Cutest little golfer you ever did see.

Gabby made these cookies all by herself today. YUM!