Sunday, June 30, 2019

Just the Littles

Scott's boss has two cherry trees. We went out last Sunday and picked tons of them. It was really fun to pick and see all of the beautiful cherries.  However when we put them in a tight baggy tons of worms worked their way out of the cherries to get air and died. I can't quite handle the thought of eating them. Ha. They were sure beautiful to look at on the tree at least! Ha.

 Corbin and Gabby have been gone all week. I hear Rustin has been putting them to work and making them read. Good job Rustin! Ha. It's just been the littles this week. I tried to do some extra things so they didn't feel too badly about not staying in Utah. We had a really fun week and while of course I miss Corbin and Gabby it's been kind of fun to just have the two littles. 

My eyes are doing great. My vision is good. The worst part is how dry my eyes are after I've been sleeping for several hours at night. I have a follow up appointment on Wednesday so we will be driving back down to Utah. Scott was able to take some work off so we will spend the 4th and the rest of the weekend there. 
Cherry picking

Lots of wormy loot!

I took the kids to find snow cones.

I took them swimming.

I've been making them get out and ride their bikes. Piper still doesn't know how to ride a bike without training wheels. It's a summer goal of mine to help her learn how to ride a bike. 

Ryan eating peas from the garden.

Raspberry pickers.

Nicole sent a pic of Gabby trying to read "The Lord of the Rings." I would have the same reaction. Ha. 

Cute little Ry Guy. 

Sunday, June 23, 2019

PRK Surgery!

When the Cannons came for a visit back in February we started talking about laser eye surgery. They were talking about how much they loved it. As I was talking to them I decided that I wanted to get it done was well. Nicole's friend happens to be an eye surgeon  at Hoopes Vision (one of the best in the country). She texted him and asked him if I could have the friend discount and he said yes. Sweet! I called right away to see if  I could get it done over spring break. My hopes were dashed as that would not be possible but I scheduled a consult over spring break instead. My hopes were dashed again when I realized I would not be a candidate for lasik surgery because my corneas were too thin. The doctor told me about PRK which sounded much worse. I went ahead and scheduled my surgery for June and spent the next couple of months in dread and doubt. Ha. I consulted my Facebook friends and from what I could tell the recovery from PRK was rough and with sketchy results for months. But overall everyone that had it done was happy with the results. I never cancelled mostly due to embarrassment and the need to follow through. Ha.

I loaded up the kids and headed down to Utah on Thursday June 13th. My surgery was the next day. I was so worked up about the recovery that I hadn't given much thought to the actual procedure. I was quite shocked with how worked up I got even with a valium. I panicked a little on the second eye and made a solution get all over my eye which made my eye burn. They got that rinsed out right away and finished the procedure. I went home and slept most of the day. The next day I slept quite a bit but I was also able to go outside and hang out a bit but by that night the pain started to increase. Luckily the doctor warned me that the pain would be worse on days 2 and 3. Boy was he right! All night on my second night I was trying to fall asleep with burning eyes. Day three I was miserable and my eyes were burning the entire day. Luckily the pain was gone on day 4. I stopped taking any pain meds. On day 5 they removed the protective lens and my eyes were more sensitive for the next couple of days. As far as my vision it was pretty good from the get go. I was pleasantly surprised with how much I could already see. The Cannons had made plans with the kids through Friday so I decided we would hang out until Saturday morning. Corbin and Gabby are staying in Utah until we come back down in a couple of weeks for a follow up appointment and to spend the 4th of July. We are already missing them like crazy. I'm sure they will have a great time.

My kids were plenty entertained with endless hours playing down the hill, swimming, Hires, going to the movies, more swimming, butterfly museum, family games, classic fun center, and the Heber Creeper. I had such a nice break from life I think surgery should be on the docket for every mom to have a forced rest once a year. Ha.
On the drive home from my surgery I ate my chocolate chip cookie with my eyes closed and managed to get chocolate everywhere!

I had to sleep with these eye shields.

Me hanging in bed, I did that a lot!


The girls got to go to a fancy wedding reception. They loved it! Piper said their house was 30 of our houses. I believe it! 

Pizza at Classic Fun Center

Backyard Playing Time 

7-11 Slurpees

Tea party

Beautfiul view from the Heber Creeper Train

Train station

Train ride

Butterfly Museum


Okay, let see if I can play catch up for a minute. Scott and I went with some friends to a 90's mix tape tour a few weeks ago. We had such a fun time. We aren't big into the concert scene but our friends who are had some extra tickets and gifted them to us for Scott's b-day present. Good times were had by all.

I went to visit my friend Karen in Portland two weekends ago. We had a great time together. She doesn't have a car so we had to walk everywhere. According to her phone we walked between 4-6 miles every day. When we got the she took me to a local pasta cafe for lunch. It was very good. I rested and she did some work for awhile. Later that night we got dressed up and then dressed down and went dancing with her friend Liz. On Saturday we rented a car and drove to Cannon Beach. It was very beautiful. We ended up in Ecola State Park where we did a hike down to the beach. The weather was perfect hiking weather. Later that night we just crashed and went to bed early. We both woke up super early Sunday morning and decided to get a head start on the hike to Multnomah Falls. It was very beautiful. Karen didn't want to hike to the top but I did so she humored me. When we got to the top we were confused and thought there was nothing there. Luckily I figured out where we needed to go (duh) but Karen was done so I quickly jogged to the top because I couldn't get that close to the finish line and not cross. Later we had brunch. Karen has a small dog that she takes with her everywhere so we couldn't eat in the diner. We ended up having breakfast on a sidewalk. We crashed for most of the day and later went out and did some shopping and walked to the water front. We also got a gyro from a local food truck for the second time because it was so amazing! Monday morning I barely caught my flight and went home. I really shouldn't be allowed to travel alone! First I was waiting in the wrong area. It was close to my flight and I wasn't hearing anything when I realized I was in the wrong section. I hurried to the right section and got loaded on the plane to realize I couldn't find my seat to realize that I was on the wrong plane. I then had to fight upstream to get off the plane and run to the correct plane. As I said, I should not be allowed to travel alone! Overall the trip was a great success and we had tons of fun. I loved hiking the best and all of the beautiful scenery and laughing with my friend. Good times! 
90's mix tape concert

My lady friends!

Blurry pic of good times!

Dancing night

Dress up

Late night delicious donuts

Ecola State park

Cannon Beach area

What we thought was Multnomah falls.

Real Multonmah Falls

Me going to the top alone

Sidewalk breakfast 
Oh gyro why can't I eat you right now?

Sunday, June 2, 2019

5th Grade Graduation!

The last week of school went by in a flash. I went to the school to help out for field day on Tuesday. On Wednesday I went into Corbin's class to help with the cardboard challenge. We weren't able to go to it because Gabby had dance so I didn't get to see the kids' final projects this year. Gabby had a 3 day dance camp and tried out for the competitive team. I am kind of hoping she doesn't make it just because of the time commitment and extra money. Even if she makes it we may not let her join. She will have dance twice a week and they are moving the studio farther from our house so I just don't know.

Corbin had his 5th grade graduation on Friday. I can't believe he's been at Summerwind for 6 years. Crazy. It will be really interesting to see how to navigate Middle School for both us the parents and Corbin. It will be an adjustment I'm sure.

On Friday a neighbor had her annual end of the school year ice-cream party. I took the kids to that and we enjoyed some ice-cream and company.

Summer Vacation has begun! I don't really have any kind of plan. I will need to think of some daily chores and things at some point.

We got approved for our heloc so we can buy our shed now. We need to still do a little homework and pick one out. I got rid of our play set and our backyard looks pretty empty now. It's too bad we had to get rid of it. Oh well.

I'm heading to Portland on Friday to visit my friend. I'm looking forward to a little vacation and break.
Scott's "clandestine orchard." 

2 Cherry trees, a peach tree, and an apple tree.

Ryan pulling his angry try not to cry face. He was so sad to say goodbye to Ms. Janis. She's the best!

5th Grade Graduation

Corbin and his friends. They are standing on a ramp so Corbin is not way taller than his friends.

A cute assignment from Gabby's class. Her future as an artist or a zoo keeper.

Farewell play set. You served us well!
Open spot for a shed!