Tuesday, August 27, 2019

First Day of School

Well on Sunday night I was very tired and didn't want to blog and then there wasn't any internet anyway. Much to the alarm of my mom I did not blog. Alright, so I'll do it now. The last week before school started we didn't get to do much. I was coaching everyday and the kids seemed to be more than happy to get in those last lazy days. Corbin had middle school registration which was a mad house. The next day he had Charger camp where they help new students figure things out like where their classes are and how to open lockers. Sunday night I did make some tin foil dinner and we went and got snow cones. Check! We weren't able to get to Camelback park so we will have to do that on one of the weekends and we didn't get in one last swimming trip. Oh well!

Yesterday the kids went back to school! Crazy. Corbin is in Middle School and Ryan is in all day Kindergarten. For the first time all of my kids are in school. It's kind of nuts. I will be super busy coaching, teaching online, and subbing. I will also be doing some parent volunteering at the school. I will have to figure out some kind of new normal. I think it will be good though.

All the kids seem to like their teachers. Ryan gave it a two thumbs up. Corbin's never one to spill too many details. I think he was ready to go to Middle School and he's mostly just excited to see his friends. He had to get help once yesterday for forgetting his locker combo and he went to the wrong class a couple of times since there is an A/B schedule. The girls love school as usual and seem happy as clams.

I found this super nice couch for $40 for the shed. Sweet! 

Tin foil dinners.

Snow cones.

1st day of 6th Grade!

1st Day of 4th Grade!

1st Day of 2nd Grade!

1st Day of All Day Kindergarten! 

Walking the kids to school. 

Ryan looking at books in his classroom.

Sunday, August 18, 2019

Discovery Park, Sleep over, Eagle Island, and POWER!

I did several things with the kids last week. I need school to start ASAP, my guilt of too much screen time is getting to me. I forced the kids to get out more and some non screen time. Ha. We all survived alright! We had a play date at a new park in Meridian. It was really cool! It's pretty far from our house but it's a great park, it will be even better in 10 years when there is shade. 

On Friday night Kimberly offered to take all of our kids for a sleep over so Scott and I could have a break. It was so nice and the kids had tons of fun. They didn't want to come home. Scott and I went to Freddy's and binge watched the new season of Mindhunter. 

On Saturday our friend Justin came over and helped us put the electrical wiring in our shed. That was SO nice of him. He helped us out BIG time! We are one step closer. Bit by bit we will get there. I need a big pair of patient pants.

On Saturday night we went to a birthday party at Eagle Island. I don't love going to random birthday parties but we hadn't been to Eagle Island yet this summer and they fed us dinner so it was A OKAY. 

I started coaching cross country last week. Practice is HOT! The first few weeks are a little brutal until it cools down a bit. The temps are supposed to be 99 degrees. Not exactly the conditions I like to be standing outside at 3:30 in the afternoon, but the kids have to run! Poor suckers.

This is the last week of summer break. We have a few more things to cross off our bucket list. Camelback park, snow cones, and tin foil dinners. We will see what we can do. 
Someone put a basketball hoop in the church parking lot behind our house! Sweet! 

Discovery Park

The park even had a water sand pit.

Non screen time. Ha.

Scott had to dig some serious trenches for the wiring.

Dessert time!


Getting ready to make bird feeders.


Eagle Island

We have a light switch.

We have air!

Sunday, August 11, 2019


Summer is wrapping up! I took the kids swimming again of course. I've been slowly working on school supplies and clothes. I'm mostly done. On Tuesday night I met up with my girlfriends and we went to a new restaurant that opened up called Donuts and Dogs. They were out of donuts! I'm not a huge hot dog person and the bun was my favorite part...because I am a bread person! It was good to have an in person catch up with them. 

On Friday we went camping or rather cabin camping/glamping! My way to "camp." We went up with our friends the Millers. Kimberly's dad owns a cabin in Cascade. Sweet! I basically invited our family to go "camping" with their family because Corbin really wanted to go camping and I really didn't want to do that so this seemed like a great option...and it was! We had a great time. We headed up Friday afternoon and hit the lake. The kids had a blast and we stayed there for about 4 hours. The water was warm which was really nice. We had such a fun time. Luckily the weather was warm on Friday because it was fairly chilly on Saturday and Sunday.

On Saturday we mostly kicked it around the cabin all day. There are huckleberries on the hill by the cabin so we did some huckleberry picking. The kids had so much fun doing that. Later that night Kimberly made homemade huckleberry ice-cream. It was delicious. She also planned a scavenger hunt today and the kids had a fun time doing that. Other than that we hung around until it was time for the dreaded packing and cleaning up to go home. It was a really fun weekend. Our kids had a great time playing with each other. All in all it was a huge success. Summer camping...check!

Gabby loves Willow SO much!

I made blonde brownies and Ryan gave them a two thumbs up! 

Donut and Dogs...pretty good.

Now this is the life! 

Huckleberry picking

Hot Tub! I think Corbin spent 5 hours in the hot tub on Saturday. That has to be a record! Ha.

Warming my feet by the fire...I really should have packed some fuzzy socks.

The Cannons and the Millers

Sunday, August 4, 2019

Movies, Back to School Shopping, and Swimming.

Let's see, what were the happenings last week. Scott and I went with a big group of our friends to the new Tarantino movie. Scott LOVES Taratino! We had dinner beforehand. Our waitress, bless her heart, was not good! She lost our ticket among a million other mistakes. Good news for us, she just let us have our dinner on the house since she couldn't find it. Sweet! I thought the movie was good mostly because I love Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio like LOVE them. They are the best. I knew it was going to be super long so luckily with adjusted expectations (key to happiness, ha), I did great. Scott and I going to two movies two weeks in a row...uncanny! I also took my kids to the new How to Train Your Dragon movie at the Dollar theater earlier that day. Big movie day for me! 

I took the kids swimming again one day and other than that we haven't done much. I've started the mess of the back to school nightmare. I went through all of the kids' clothes and figured out what we needed to get rid of, donate, sell, and keep. I took Corbin shopping on Saturday morning and he is set with a PE locker at all. I had to teach him how to open a lock, he's an expert now. I still can't believe he is going to middle school.

On Friday Scott and I went to dinner. Scott took me to Tai Basil which is a place he'd been to before and loved it. It was good. After that we went to the park at the village and then we used a Baskin Robins ice cream coupon. It was yummy, I don't know if I've actually ever eaten at Baskin Robins before.

On Saturday night I met some of my book club friends for an early dinner. We ended up staying and chatting there for 3 hours. So fun! 

One of my friends is really good at home projects. She and her husband are currently redoing their entire house mostly themselves. It's impressive. She and her husband came over to talk to us about our shed. Justin said he could help us do the electrical. Sweet! When we called two companies one gave us a quote for $3500 and another for $4000. With the list of supplies and help from Justin this will cost us less than $200. It will be much better than using an extension cord which was what we were thinking of doing. Scott started digging the trenches today. He mostly finished. I think Justin can come over sometime this week and help us. Yay! After that we can start putting in the insulation. Slowly but surely we will finish the shed.

I'm feeling very burned out at VIPKID lately. I think it's just the summer drag (I hope). Having a full weekend helps for sure. Hopefully this week will be better than last week. Fingers crossed! 

Gabe sent me this pic from the Arco  fun run. He stopped to take a selfie with me before he passed me! 

KID CLOTHES! The worst!

Our blackberries are coming on. They are so good. Scott does such a great job taking care of the berry bushes. Such a treat!

I did an eight mile run on Thursday and felt kind of crummy afterwards. I was trying to cool off with a wet paper towel. It helped! 

Gabby fixed Ryan's hair. So funny. His face! 

Gabby then told him to smile! Ha! 

Cute Ry Guy and his new backpack.

A Facebook friend posted about a backpack sale at Fred Meyer. It was a good one! My kids got such cute backpacks for a great price!

I love when Ryan sleeps with a blanket on his head.

Scott with his serious "I'm looking for inspirational quotes face." He moved to the kitchen. Having all the kids in his office all the time has been making him nuts!

Digging trenches.

Strike a pose hottie!