Sunday, October 27, 2019

Parent Teacher Conferences

The kids had school off on Thursday and Friday for parent teacher conferences. That was a nice welcome break for all of us. I didn't have to sub or have basketball practice so I really loved it. I went to the small three kids' conferences and they are all doing well. Ryan is getting special reading intervention because he didn't do well enough on his standardized test even though the test is on his upper and lower case letters which he knows. The teacher showed me his paper assessment and he only missed 1 on each test. Whatever. He was probably slow to click the answers or something. I'm not worried about it. Piper and Gabby are doing well. I went back and forth on whether or not to go to Corbin's and I decided against it. I didn't see the point in waiting in lines for hours to try to talk to 6 different teachers especially since I can look up his grades online everyday. I figured even just relaxing and watching a show would be a better use of my time. I had a talk with Corbin about his grades and behavior and it's all good except for one C and I expect him to step it up on that one. 

We finally got around to painting our Willow rocks for her grave. On Wednesday night I had my book club over to watch a movie. I crammed pillows and a futon cushion in there to be extra comfy. It was SO fun. The kids also had a sleepover in it the next night. I had to take everything out so we can continue to work on it and finish it. 

On Saturday night we had a Halloween party that my friend Krista throws every year. She is the queen bee of parties. We had a great time. Today we are doing some celebrating for Ryan's b-day on Tuesday. We had our usual birthday breakfast and we will be going to Pojos later. 

It was really nice to have a few days to catch up, rest up,  and gear up for another work week. I just bought my costume for Halloween for my online classes. I'm excited. Halloween is SO fun! Love it!

Willow grave site rocks.

Ryan b-day breakfast.

The sweet set up for the movie.

All the party guests.

The most amazing spread for the movie. That is the biggest bowl I have ever seen.

We dressed up as Pam and Jim from "The Office." I think we pull it off pretty well!

Book club movie night in the shed!
Scott took Corbin on a special lunch date to the China Buffet and he LOVED it. Cutest.

The girls helped me make these cute Halloween cookies for the Halloween party.

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Basketball Try Outs

Well as usual it's been crazy town over here. Basketball started on Monday. We are doing 6:00 am practice which I love! I love being done by 7:40 am...LOVE! Lana starts practice and lets me come late so I can teach at VIP right up to 6:00. I didn't want to lose all of my clients or hours of work at VIP so I started getting up an hour earlier which is rough. I need to go to bed soon. I'm also subbing a lot so that leaves me working 12 hours but at least now with AM b-ball practice I'm done right after 3:00 rather than after 5:00. Basketball should be interesting. We started with low numbers and kept dropping some every day it seemed like. Between the 2 teams we only have 14 girls so now we have to have floater players who play on both teams. It is less than ideal. Oh well.

Over the weekend I busted out 5 gum drop pillows with the help of some friends. We picked a terrible book for book club that not one person read. It's a movie so we decided to do a movie night in my shed instead. That is happening this Wednesday night. It gave me the motivation to make some new pillows for people to sit on during the movie. I made some and then the kids wanted more so I made a giant one for each of the kids' rooms. I had a friend who wanted to hang out yesterday and I asked her if we could hang and work on my project and she said yes. She's the best. I had the same thing happen with another friend today as well. Score! I have some awesome friends!

Scott has been working a ton on the shed this past week. He almost has all of the dry wall up. He's learning from some mistakes and you tube videos. He's doing great work! I absolutely love the shed already. I love going out there to chill out. It's my fav! I found an awesome ottoman on craigslist this week and some of our friends drove all the way to Marsing to pick it up! I have the best friends!

Okay well I need to get ready for bed and gear up for tomorrow. I need to make a b-ball practice plan stat!
My awesome ottoman and favorite place to chill.

Gum drop pillows! 

Dry wall man! 

Sunday, October 13, 2019

RIP Willow, Utah visit

We had a tragedy on Monday. Our sweetest cutest bunny died. Gabby discovered Willow on Monday morning. She came in the house screaming that Willow was attacked. One of her ears had a wound and blood splattered on it and the opposite side of her head had some open wounds on top. I couldn’t decide if we should take her to the vet mostly because of the cost and also because I wasn’t sure there was much the vet could do. The wounds didn’t look deep enough for stitches and I decided I would clean the wounds and watch for signs of infection in which case I would take her in to get antibiotics. Gabby made Willow a bed and Willow drank some water but would mostly did not move. Around 3:30 Gabby went to check on Willow and started screaming because Willow was spazzing out. She was screaming about going to the vet. I found a vet close to Scott’s work and decided to drive there first. I was quite sure Willow had died already but I wasn’t sure. We went to the bank and Scott came out and saw the bunny and said she was dead and Gabby started screaming. It was so sad and traumatic. Scott left work and he dug a spot for her. We held a little funeral for her and buried her. We are going to paint some rocks to put on top of her grave. This was sad for everyone but especially Gabby. Scott took it very hard as well. I’m sad too. It was so fun to look outside and see the cutest bunny in the world back there. RIP Willow. I think in the end her neck may have been broken. Poor poor Willow.

I am working on redecorating the girls’ room since we have a girls’ room now. I started out with cleaning it out. I got rid of  SO much stuff. I had some paint that blended with the new bedspreads so I repainted the closet doors and painted their book shelf. I ordered some new drapes. I need to figure out how I want to paint the walls and how to decorate it.
We headed down to Utah on Thursday. Scott was barely able to take off work and come with us. We took the kids out of school for a couple of days. Usually they have a couple of days off in October but they didn’t this year. We decided we like out October visit too much to skip it. I also had a follow up eye doctor appointment I needed to go to. Thursday night the kids told spooky stories around the fire. 

On Friday they harvested and decorated the pumpkins. That night we went to Frightmares. It was very cold. This fall has gotten very cold very fast. I survived but by the end it hurt to walk because my toes were so cold. I do love Lagoon though so I’m still glad we went.

On Saturday we mostly hung around and that evening Nana had a family Disney Halloween party. The food was delish and the kids had a great time singing Disney karaoke.
This morning Nana had a special breakfast and early birthday celebration for Ryan. As always we had a great visit. One of the highlights was Mandy and Attie were there. We haven’t seen them in over a year. It was so good to catch up with them.

Basketball practice starts tomorrow. Wish me luck!

Cute Willow pics

Gabby made Willow a little indoor home after she was inured.
Right before we buried Willow.

It was our 14th Anniversary on Tuesday! 

Cleaning out the kids room.

Repainted the closet doors.

Repainted the book shelf.

Gabby and I got to ride Bombara all by ourselves! Gabby was super brave this year and stayed out late and went on all the scary rides along with Corbin.

Not sure what's happening here.

Pumpkin Pickin'

Sleepover at Colie and Rustin's.

Disney Karaoke 

Cannon grandkids minus a couple

Ryan presents!

Sunday, October 6, 2019

Districts and Portland

What a week! I did it! I paced myself and did all the things. I subbed on Monday and painted Tuesday and Wednesday and finished! Holla! I subbed Thursday and Friday. Thursday was a 13 hour day because we had our district cross country meet. Our boy's team took 1st by one point! It was very tense and stressful waiting. It was a great way to end the season. I think I've officially decided I am only coaching 7th-grade basketball next year. This is really about being a fun hobby for me and it's way too much strain on me and my family. I'm going to get through it this year and next year stick to one. Hopefully, then it can be a fun enjoyable thing for me. 

Friday night my brother Gabe had his annual soup party for his birthday. I really think of it as the kick-off event of the holidays. I love it so much. The food is amazing and it's fun to get together with my family. 

On Saturday I drove to Portland to take the table and chairs to Karen. We have had such a fun little trip. We went to my favorite Goodwill by her house that is amazing! It has the best stuff. I freaking love it. I bought some nice stuff. I'm super happy about it. We later went to Noah's to have their gyros. It is so amazing. Scott and I have tried a couple of greek places in Boise and it doesn't compare. Noah's is the best! We went to a stand-up comedy show that was okay and ended the night with Voodoo donuts that are SO good. I don't even like donuts that much. They are so good. This morning we went to Vivace for breakfast crepes. They were amazing. We got a savory and a sweet crepe and slip them. Another must stop next time I visit.  We went for a walk after breakfast. Karen lives in the best part of town. I love it. So many amazing houses, shops, and cafes. It's been amazing to be here in the fall. We are finishing the trip with a stop at Grassa for some spaghetti (another food I don't really like except for my mother-in-law's, and Grassa's). Then I will head back to Boise. Such a fun short trip!

I have one week off before basketball season begins. Oy! The pictures are all over the place because I'm using Karen's mac and I can't even handle it. Ha.

Our stop at Noahs

The top finishing boys. 1st place baby!

Nothing like coaching satisfaction action! 

Table and chairs completed

Gabe's b-day get together

Loaded up furniture

The table in her apartment. She made me lunch and we ate it on the table. So fun and she made the most amazing salmon!

Vivace for breakfast

Amazing Crepes