Sunday, June 28, 2020


Last week was a great week. I finished painting the walls and moved onto our dresser/entertainment center and my desk. I’m just waiting for the paint to cure a bit on the entertainment center and still working on my desk. I’m nervous/excited for my desk. I used fabric...

I took the kids to a couple of splash pads and that’s about all we did outside the house. Scott and I went to RC Willey and found some flooring we like and scheduled them to do it. They are ordering product right now and will get back to me on an install date. EEEK!  I’m very nervous/excited about that.

Well that’s about it. More pictures of house stuff to come.

We had another parking lot book club meeting.

Me: "Ryan I love you." Ryan: "Guess what? Me too."

Sunday, June 21, 2020

Utah trip/Father's Day

We had a great week last week. I mostly took it easy M-W but I did go ahead and do two coats in the hallway. Now I only have to do one more coat and I'm finished with all of the painting...of the walls at least. I do think I want to paint my entertainment center sometime real soon. We headed to Utah for a few days on Thursday. I originally had my 1 year post op eye appointment around the 4th of July but Scott wasn't able to get the days off that he needed to for us to make that trip. I switched my appointment and Scott took some days off so we headed to Utah. My appointment went great, my vision is 20/20 and my eyes look very healthy. Now I just have to go to the eye doctor every year and if my vision gets worse than 20/40 I get a free tune up! Sweet.

For the visit we pretty much just stayed at the house which was perfect. I didn't really want to go anywhere or do anything because the covid cases are pretty insane in Utah right now. We were able to go swimming in some neighbors' pools twice which was awesome. The kids loved it! It was so nice and generous for those families to share their pools with us. Swimming was a highlight for sure. Other highlights were finger painting, slime making, hole digging, s'more making, and bunny chasing. The Cannons have a great yard combined with Nicole and Rusitn's yard next door. It's such a fun amazing time.

Happy Father's Day to Scott and all the dads. We spent father's day driving home from Utah so we aren't really celebrating today, I'll make Scott a yummy dinner tomorrow and he wants yet another fruit tree so we will call it good with that!

The kids were trying to catch the bunny.

Carole got a new dog. Betty! She is so chill I kind of love her, not enough to actually touch her or have anything to do with  her BUT I love that my kids had a chance to hang with her for a few days.

Scott working with Ryan on his swimming skills.

Cutest mermaids.


Slime party.

Cute facebook memory. 

Colie gave Ryan this hat, I love him in it so much! 

Scott stole some plants from his dad, he's so excited.

The kids love the chickens.

Rustin built an impressive fire.

The wild bunny, bunny buns. She's pretty cute! 

Corbin is in heaven! Papa makes shrimp to share with Corbin special just because he loves it so much. 

Really cool view of the back of the Cannon's house.

Gabby loves Betty!

Sunday, June 14, 2020

City of Rocks

What a week! I've pretty much been in  full project mode all week. I think I took a day or maybe even 2 off from painting since last Sunday. I would start to blister up and I had to tape my hands the whole time. I had a couple of friends help me and that made a HUGE difference. I can't believe it but I'm already done with the kitchen and front room. All I have left is the hallway. I am feeling pretty exhausted so I may take a break and do the hallway after our trip to Utah or I may not. You never know! I am really loving the fresh light paint. LOVE! We are putting in new floors starting in July and I can't wait! I hate the chaos of these kinds of projects but it will be well worth it in the end.

I got to catch up with my friend Jessica this last week. We had a late night chat and then had a play date with her girls as well. It's always fun to catch up with people.

We had a short family trip this last weekend. I've been wanting to go to the City of Rocks for a few years now and we finally went. Some of my family was also going. They met at a camping spot in Burley and I opted to camp in a hotel. The kids got to swim and have breakfast so it was pretty much heaven for them. We met up with my family Saturday morning and did a caravan to the City of Rocks. When we first got there we did some hiking around and Scott climbed to the top like a crazy person. We continued to drive and stopped and had a terrible windy standing dirt picnic, not my favorite. If only we would have waited until the end and had it in Almo at the visitor's center where there was grass and a picnic table. Oh well, we didn't know. We stopped at another spot and hiked around. We then waited until the hot springs in Almo opened at 1:00 and we went swimming and then we headed home. It was a fun quick trip. I loved it. I especially loved driving through the small towns I've never seen before but have heard of. Everything was green and it was pretty.

When we got back from our trip I unpacked everything and continued to paint and finish up. This morning I worked for 3 hours and finished before heading to brunch with my girlfriends for my friend Krista's birthday. I've been chilling the rest of the day and I imagine I will chill tomorrow as well. I'm spent!

I'm copying this story from facebook about my new quilt:

My sister Trisha is THE best! She made this amazing quilt for me. When I got married Trisha gave me a quilt she made as a wedding present. I’ve had it on my bed ever since. After nearly 15 years it’s gotten worn out. I wanted a new quilt but I couldn’t decide what to do. I thought about making one for a hot second and decided hard pass. I thought about buying one but then I thought about how much I have loved having a quilt from my sister on my bed. I went ahead and asked her if she thought she would be up to making me a new quilt. She said yes as long as I didn’t put any pressure on her and she wasn’t on a time crunch...done! I mean with the quarantine she can thank me for giving her a project to work on am I right? J/K! We got together this weekend and she gave it to me. I LOVE it. I can’t wait to see this beautiful quilt made by my beautiful sister every day. She really is the best.

The crew minus the picture taker, my mom.

I think Scott took that crazy shot. I don't even want to think about it.

Trisha taking a picture of Scott taking our picture.

The Scott picture, we were looking into the sun. It wasn't going to work out! 

Hotel Swimming

The little three shared one bed and much to Corbin's chagrin he slept on a pad on the ground. 

Corbin and Gabby finished their 10th quest. Corbin earned some type of computer upgrade. He has to complete 10 more quests to get another. 

Hot Springs in Almo. Corbin with cousin Cooper.

I can't love this picture enough.

My new quilt from my sister.

She even wrapped it beautifully. 

Brunch with friends.
The walls used to be a gray/beige color. Now they are off white and I added yellow in the kitchen.
Gabby's latest painting.

Sunday, June 7, 2020

Summer Vacation!

It's Summer vacation! Well I'm not as excited as I usually am considering my kids have been home almost the entire length of a summer vacation already, but I am excited about not having to worry about homework packets or working. YAY! I'm very much enjoying getting up at 8:00 rather than whatever wee early hours I was getting up during the previous summers. On Monday and Tuesday I worked half days and we were cleaning and organizing the library which I kind of loved but now there's no more workie! The kids are already kind of used to a routine with being quarantined the last 1/4 of the school year so it's been a pretty easy transition to their new summer routine.

On Monday Ryan had a drive through graduation ceremony. The staff was there to wave and congratulate and give a goody bag. It wasn't nearly as great as a regular ceremony but they did a good job making it as special as they could. I got teary eyed for sure. My last Kindergartner!

I went roller blading with a friend on the green belt and I totally biffed it hard out of now where! I haven't been that injured in a while. It sucks! According to the internet it's better to be bandaged up. I feel like this will take forever to heal. We will see.

We went to the park on Wednesday and it was so great. I'm not sure if that was wise or not. It's really hard to know what to do corona virus wise. Even Corbin enjoyed himself at the park. I'm forcing him to go on a bike ride with me everyday and play some basketball every day too. It's on his list of chores! Ha.

Yesterday I cleaned the blinds! They were disgusting. It was on my list for months and months but I could not make myself do it. I'm so glad I got it done! Wiping that off my list was very satisfying. I also washed the inside and outside of my windows. Never am I more grateful to live in a small house than when I am deep cleaning. Fortunately, unfortunately I got the bug to paint the kitchen, front room and hallway last night. I couldn't decide what color and decided to go back to the white color it was before. I've repainted the laundry room and both bathrooms back to that color and have been very happy. I really like the fresh clean look and the white helps brighten my dark house. Hopefully I will be happy with my decision to paint the rest back. It's a horrible daunting job. I started today and I am already taking a giant break. This is a marathon not a sprint. I have to pace myself.

Scott continues to spend hours researching berry bushes and fruit tree care. He had to re-do his blueberry pots because he used bark instead of rocks for drainage. It's been a rainy weekend so he's been forced in the house. I'm hoping he will install our much needed new toilet in the master bathroom. Please bless he gets it done!

Little graduate.

We caught an actual smile!

Ryan's teacher Ms. Sherod on the left.
I died when I saw him wearing his cap while on his computer. Ha.

Love this picture! 

I love that monster blanket so much! There are no words.

The damage after the fall.

The damage the next day dried out.

The damage 3 days later after being wrapped. Yikes! 

Gabby painted her iphone case. Cool! 

And she painted this pic.
Laundry room painted and organized.

Scott's re potting station. 

Scott bought some shade perennials for the back yard.

Forced basketball time! I love that this hoop is back there.

Dust those blinds!