Sunday, August 30, 2020

Crazy Town

 Well it's been a crazy week. Last Sunday I painted ALL day to finish the section I was working on. I really wanted to get that part done before I started work on Monday and I did it! Yay. I showed up at the school on Monday and basically took a couple of days to start to figure out google classroom and get my hands on materials from other teachers. I also advocated for a desk for myself. They didn't have a desk for me since I'm a traveling teacher but I really felt like I needed a home base. Luckily they were happy to help me and we found a desk. I share the classroom with the other family consumer science teacher and she has been wonderful. I just love her and I'm so thankful for her. I took over my classes on Wednesday. I felt scrambled moving around during the periods and by Friday I decided to check with Janet (the other teacher) and see if we could just share the space and teach in the same classroom together. She agreed to let me stay. I hope it works because staying in once space and dealing with her background noise is so much better than moving around all day. We will see how it works out this week. We are teaching online which in some ways is much easier. I just have to give instruction and then I assign something and they all log off to work on it and then we check back in at the end of class. No classroom management needed! Amazing. I'm also very comfortable teaching on the computer because of my experience teaching with VIPKID. It's still a lot and I have to take just one task at a time and plan one day ahead at a time. I was EXHAUSTED Friday after work. It's going to be an adjustment for sure. I just don't want to have a nervous breakdown like I've heard of my friend's mother in laws had when they started working full time and still doing all the work at home. I have to have boundaries and get help. My kids are doing good. Piper has the hardest time with me working. For the most part my kids are very self sufficient. When I waited for my kids to be old enough to go to work full time I didn't expect a pandemic where they would be stuck at home. We will all figure it out and get through it. Overall I'm really happy to be back teaching and feel really good about the subject and the school. I can do hard things! Okay that's all I've got things to do! 

Another finished section! 

Book club

My desk

My classroom...sometimes (and Janet my co-worker, I heart her)

I'm official

Sunday, August 23, 2020

Ummmm... I Got a Teaching Job!

 Okay what a week! WOW! I was going about my merry business of working, painting and parenting when I got an email from the Boise school district about a teaching position teaching family consumer science. I did not want to get a job under these conditions but this is exactly the job I wanted. As I've been subbing and looking for jobs I've thought how much I would love to be a family consumer teacher. So I e-mailed them back. The next day had a quick phone call with the principal to figure out logistics and if I was qualified to teach it knowing I would need to get provisional certification through the process. The next day there was an interview over the computer with a soft confirmation and a few hours later with a confirmed offer. Wow just wow! I didn't sleep hardly at all Thursday night and I'm still trying to recover from that while also doing 1,000 things to try to get ready to start working full time tomorrow. Some of those things included showing up to work my Saturday shift at Target while also quitting at the same time. I wasn't happy to quit without a 2 weeks notice but I think Target is very used to high turnover. They were understanding and hopefully I didn't burn any bridges in case I ever want to work there again. Who knows. I'm also trying to paint a ton today because I can't help myself. Anyway more details later. I really don't know what I'm getting into. 

In other news we were able to borrow my friend's key to her community pool and go swimming as a family last night! Yay! We haven't been swimming since our Utah trip in June. We had such a fun time and practically had the pool to ourselves. Alright well that's all. I've got things to do! 

Finished another section! 

They attempted this several times and were very successful once when I was in the water and couldn't take a picture. They were shortly successful later and I was able to snag a pic. When they came crashing down every time it made me nervous! No injuries though. Phew! 

Short success! 

Sunday, August 16, 2020

Never Mind! Rewind!

 As soon as our Oregon trip was over I started to go into full panic mode about home school. I couldn't sleep and was stressed to the max! Ultimately I decided to back out of that plan. I could not even handle the idea of figuring out curriculum and lesson plans for so many kids on so many subjects. Could. Not. Handle. It. I think we've decided to send them to school but know that the schools will likely shut down fairly quickly. Who knows! I'm not buying school supplies yet that's for sure. 

This past week consisted of a lot of work, painting, naps, and some parenting. Ha. On Thursday Corbin and Gabby were invited to go to roaring springs with friends so after day of painting (I actually finished the front faster than expected) I took Piper and Ryan out to get McDonald's happy meals and to the splash pad. I wanted to do something fun with them since they missed out. Tonight we checked off some of our summer checklist things. We had tin foil dinners and floated the ditch at DeMeyer Park. We also got snow cones. Check, check, check! 

Today I went to my friend Jaynee's baby shower. It was so fun to see my friends. We have not gotten together at all this summer, I think corona virus and everyone seems extra busy. It was fun to see my friends and fun to see Krista's beautiful work. She throws the most amazingly beautiful parties. Well that's it more work, painting, naps, and some parenting to do this week. Repeat! 

Before, although not a true before. The bottom was painted white here. Before it looked worse up close at least. Some chipped paint and all that. 

After. The top part was hard and scary! 

It feels really good to have the front done. I love it! 

Outing with the littles.

Clover got mites. Scott gave her a oil bath and we had to bleach their cage. Omg pets! 

Tin foil dinners! Yum! 

Floating time.

Jaynee's baby shower.

Sunday, August 9, 2020

Oregon Coast

What a week! We had a great time at the Oregon coast this past week. We planned this trip with our friends back in early June I believe. It was kind of hard to plan a trip with covid because we weren't sure what would happen. Luckily we were able to go! The only bad part about covid for our trip was it closed the community pool our beach house had access to. That was a bummer but not that big of a deal because the kids played on the beach for hours each day. Before our trip I was able to completely finish the house section I was working on. I couldn't believe it! I was so excited to finish another section. I will start on the next section tomorrow. I'm hoping I can finish the front in the next week or so. It's looking so much better! I'm really happy so far. 

Tuesday was as busy day. I cooked all my meals for the trip and worked at Target and then came home and finished packing. We got up early Wednesday and left the house around 6am. We caravaned with the Millers. We stopped for lunch and then again in Portland. Kimberly's dad lives in Portland so we stopped and visited with him at a park for awhile. Poor Ryan got stung a few times by a wasp. I hate wasps! Luckily Kimberly, the prepared mom had some bandaids. Ryan is big on the power of the belief of bandaids. We got to the beach house in Lincoln City around 4:45 and check in was 4:30, pretty good! We just chilled for awhile and enjoyed the house. After dinner we walked down to the beach. The neighborhood we were staying in was so adorable. I'm obsessed! Almost everyone got in the ocean that night but me. It was freezing. No way. Ryan was already in his jammies and they were soaking wet by the time we left. 

On Thursday after breakfast we packed up a lunch and all of our things and headed down to the beach. We stayed there most of the day. The weather was perfect that day! The kids had so much fun. On Friday most of us headed down the road 20 minutes to check out Depot Bay. It's a cute little town with fun souvenir shops. We got some souvenirs, caramel popcorn, and clam chowder. I loved it. After lunch we headed down to the beach again for most of the day. We packed dinner down to the beach. It was windy and cooloer on Thursday but that didn't stop the kids from playing for hours. At about 8:00 when just a few kids were still in the ocean we decided time was up. I was standing on the beach with my warm leggings, pullover shirt, and jacket and was freezing. Those kids were nuts! We called it and made them come home. Saturday morning we got packed up and headed home. It was such a great trip. It was maybe a little short but better to leave wanting more I say. The house was perfect! It had a hot tub and two family rooms with TV's. It was so fun! I hope to go back again soon. I just love the Oregon coast. We had the best time. 

We almost had one tragedy. I brought my jean blanket down to the beach for us to sit on and through missteps it got left on the sidewalk all night! We didn't know it had gotten left until the next day. I was really sad of the thought of it being gone. I'd wanted a jean blanket forever and finally made one and have good memories of piecing the top with my friend Rachel and tying the top with my mom and sister. Luckily when we came back to the road it was still sitting on the side walk. Praise be! I was so happy. I would have been really sad to have lost that quilt. Phew! 

Now it's back to reality. I need to start figuring out some home school stuff. So far they have me scheduled about 24 hours a week at Target which is perfect. They also have me working 4-5 hour shifts as well. I like that a lot. 8 hour shifts are tough. Well that's all.


It's looking so good! 

We enjoyed some beautiful sunsets! 
Cute boys

Cannons and Millers at the beach

The kids had SO much fun! 


Little nature walk

Just before we left group shot

Picture of the house.

Playing in the sand

Snack time.

Happy girl

Playing in the freezing Pacific

I hung out on the beach with the food and my book.


I love chatting with these guys! 


Running into the ocean the first night.

Our walk to the beach. It was on the CUTEST street ever.

Giant slug! 

Little nature walk on our way home.

Friday was a kite day! So windy!