Sunday, December 27, 2020

It's Christmas...and Corbin's B-day

Oh man I am tired right now. Just uploading all of the pictures are videos...stick a fork in me! Christmas time is SO much work but I love it. I worked two half days on Monday and Tuesday I tried to get ready for my classes in January but it just didn't happen. Luckily I don't go back to work until the 11th so hopefully I can get some lesson prep done that first week in January. The week has been a blur at this point. Lots of movies, cooking, baking, dishes, napping, movie watching, puzzling. On Wednesday night I got together with my girlfriends and we did our annual gift exchange. We had dinner and then we watched a movie that I slept through. 

I decided I wanted to switch it up this year. Normally we do our big Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve but I wanted to go out to dinner instead this year. All the places I wanted to go to were either closed or booked so Scott offered to make stir fry...DONE! We had stir fry and then played some games and watched Klaus on Netflix. It's so cute! I loved it. Gabby convinced us to get up at 6:00 am on Christmas morning. Gifts were a hit with the exception of Ryan who wanted his own VR Headset. We had Christmas turkey dinner with the works that night and played a game and watched a movie. It was a GREAT day! Yesterday was a little recover day slash get ready for Corbin's birthday. Today was Corbin's birthday. I made him his requested birthday breakfast of breakfast casserole and sausage. After we got ready we headed out to jump time. Scott took Gabby and Corbin to the Grand China Buffet for lunch. Tonight we had fish tacos and lemon cake. Corbin is having a virtual b-day game night with his friends online. He is screaming loud in his room right now and will stay up late playing with them. 

I almost forgot. I'm so tired. I bought myself a Bernina sewing machine on Tuesday. I've decided I need a new sewing machine since I'm an FCS teacher now and I basically stopped sewing years ago because my old machine caused me so much aggravation. After bidding on a few used models online and losing (because I wasn't sure if I wanted to spend hundreds of dollars on a gamble) I just decided to buy a new one instead. I got the cheapest model but it was still A LOT! It's an investment that I dont' think I will regret. 

That's all for now! 

Oh yeah! 

Christmas morning video 

Gabby present

This picture popped up on my phone. It's SO cute I had to share.

The girls spent hours decorating their gingerbread houses on Christmas Eve day. It was a perfect activity for them.

Puzzle Station. Both girls are better than me already.

We wanted to make zebra dessert for Christmas Eve but I went to Albertson's 4 times and they were out every time. So I tried this peppermint pie. It was okay.

Ryan helped a little

I forced Corbin to help me make it. Ha. And YES he lives in this set of jammies.

Scott's stir fry. Yum! 


Christmas morning treats!

Gabby made Piper this unicorn all by herself. She picked out the fabric at the craft store and all.

Ryan is not so sure about those roller skates.

Piper loves hers! 

Christmas dinner. Yum. I made boneless turkey breast in the crock pot for the first time. I may never go back.

Gabby got an art tablet. She's been drawing for 2 days straight. 

Christmas dinner.

Art Tablet! 

Front Room Disaster! 

Corbin's/sharing with the other kids VR headset.


Girls night movie.

Corbin is 13 can you believe it! Me either! 

Sunday, December 20, 2020

Gabby's Dance Recital

Work was same old. I am so excited for the hope of kids coming back in January...we will see..or at least Janet being back. It's been pretty lonely at the school. I did work from home on Tuesday and Thursday and that was really nice. I am trying to work hard now so I don't have to do any work over Christmas break. I'm trying to be more prepared for next semester but I'm not making much headway. I will probably continue to be day to day for awhile. My kids are out of school now but I have half days tomorrow and Tuesday. 

Gabby had a mini dance recital Tuesday night. Each class performed at the dance studio to an audience of 4 people at a time and continued to do the dance over and over until each dancer's family had a chance to view. Luckily Gabby's class is small so it was only 4 times. I was glad they were able to do something. She did a good job! 

Wednesday night we went to a steak house in Caldwell for a birthday dinner. It was fun to see our friends. The dinner took a long time but it was kind of nice to have time to chat and hang for a bit. I've never been to downtown Caldwell. It's cute! The downtown has a small town shops kind of atmosphere that I love and it was all decorated for Christmas. I loved that! 

On Saturday I made cinnamon rolls for Christmas morning. They are so good! I deliver extras to friends. I made a bunch of mint cookies to deliver to co-workers tomorrow and for neighborhood gifts. I have more to make. We will see if I get to it. 

I think I'm mostly ready for Christmas. I need to do more grocery shopping but I think I'm done buying gifts and they are all wrapped. Score! I can't believe it's Christmas this week! It makes me a little sad. Ha. I just love December so much. Well that's all!  

Scott is brushing off the cobwebs of his drawing skills. He's been working on a new quote board for 1 1/2 years and wants to draw the background. Gabby wanted to join in on the fun.

Cute drawing bonding time.

YouTube link (Better quality) 

Gabby's dance class. 

Parent sandwich

Cinnamon rolls! I should have taken a pic with frosting. These are so amazing! 

Corbin and his friends at a b-day party.

I made another apron with the school sewing machine.

My friend Jen's Christmas blanket. Isn't it amazing??? Jen is the one that taught me how to sew.

My mom and dad playing guessters. 

Sunday, December 13, 2020

A Beal Wedding

This past week was pretty chill. The days are kind of long and lonely at work. I try to keep myself busy and motivated which isn't always easy and I don't always do. I worked from home on Tuesday and Thursday and it was so nice. My house was quiet and clean and chill. I also cooked and froze a bunch of chicken for easy soups and casseroles and made bread while I was working from home. It was nice to be home and get that done during the week. Sometimes I don't feel like doing time consuming things on my weekend. I think I'll work from home Tuesday and Thursday this week too. I'm trying to sew another apron at school. When I have down time at work I want to try to make myself sew as much as possible. I really need to get comfortable with the school sewing machines if we are ever in person again. Teen II has a lot of sewing apparently. I am not good at figuring things out. YouTube videos saved my bacon and I was able to load the bobbin and thread the machine by myself! Ha. Well with the help of YouTube.  It will be interesting to see how the kids do on the sewing machine. Ha. 

My niece got married on Saturday. My parents and sisters came into town for it. Because of Covid my sisters just hung with me all day since there were very limited numbers of people at the wedding and luncheon. We went shopping and to lunch. We hung out at my house and watched a movie in the shed. It was really fun. We headed over to the drive through reception. They had people drive through with their cars to greet the couple from a decorated tent. It was very cute and creative. After that we headed to my brother Gabe's house for dinner and games. It was fun! 

Scott had a work Christmas dinner but spouses weren't invited this year because of Covid. He last night wearing my ugly sweater. He said people at the restaurant clapped when they saw his sweater. Ha. Strangers, not his co-workers. So funny. 

Well that's all! 

Scott wore my ugly sweater to his work party.

Ryan's Giraffe's are so cute!

Gabby's picture for school. (For some reason I flipped and saved it in picasa but it doesn't flip when I load it, grrr). She still has to add water colors to it. I'll be curious to see how it turns out. It is a perspective drawing. 

I cooked and froze a bunch of chicken for easy soups and casseroles. 

We gathered for food games and fun after the drive through reception. Such a fun night!

Hart, Jory, Brynn, Braden and Kyle! ( Braden also got home from his mission last week and reported his farewell today. Busy weekend for them!) 

The beautiful couple