Sunday, April 25, 2021

Counting Sheep

 This last week was ROUGH! I have been sucking at sleep for forever but I've been on a bad kick lately. I decided to try to get on some sleep meds. I met with my doc and tried some and they didn't help AT ALL and possibly made it worse. I had three nights in a row where I was awake the whole time and maybe slept 1-2 hours. When I've had insomnia in the past I was never working full time and knew I could take it easy the next day. This has been my first time not sleeping and having to get up and go to work and function ALL day! It was rough. I got a different prescription that I've tried this weekend that I think might work...maybe? I will be curious how it is tomorrow when I have to get up early to an alarm. I'm hoping it works because this busy lady needs SLEEP! That made for a long tiring week. I've made up for some lost sleep this weekend that's for sure. I watched a documentary on Ruth Bater Ginsberg and apparently she was a crazy work acholic who didn't sleep during the week and would make up for it on the weekend. I've definitely been channeling my RBG this weekend.

Everything else is pretty much same as always. We are going on a road trip starting this Friday for Scott's 40th birthday. I'm actually pretty ready work wise and have the next two weeks of plans figured out. I have an excellent sub lined up so it should be all good! Fingers crossed. 

Goofy Kids

I designed this fox for my students to do in class. I couldn't find a pattern that worked so I had to create my own. We will see how they do. I figure hand sewing is a great way to fill a 95 min class because who wants to do worksheets and listen to lectures for 95 min?

Our crab apple tree looks really pretty for 2 hot seconds. 

Ryan planted this watermelon plant from seed in class. It's growing! He's so proud.

Ryan was having a runny nose. It was very distressing to him if it were allergies, and how long would he have them and how did he get them?

Scott nature pic.

We tinted our windows for our road trip! 

More Scott shade plants?

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