Sunday, May 23, 2021

Gabby's Dance Recital

 This last week was busy. I had to go to Nampa on Monday to take Gabby to her dress rehearsal and then again on Tuesday for her recital. My parents came into town to watch Gabby's recital. They came about 3:00 and we visited and they got us Casa Mexico for dinner...yum! Then we drove to watch the recital. Hart and Jory also met us at the recital. The recital was cute and not too long which is the best! Gabby did a great job! Afterwards we went and got a Krispy Kreme donut. On Wednesday I was the clerk at the track meet and that was a bit of a disaster. It was so much harder than I thought it would be and I didn't do a great job but at the end of the meet...I totally had it figured out. My ISU class started last Monday. I'm already really behind but I talked to my professor and he's okay with me catching up after work is done this coming week. I think I will be able to get caught up and be okay when that's the only thing I really have to worry about. 4 more school days! Tuesday through Thursday I'm going to be done by 10:30 because of scheduling conflicts at Boise High. I'm basically done there. Woot! 

My friend Jaynee turned 30 last week and we had a big party for her on Saturday night. She is a HUGE Friends fan and had a Friends themed party. We had tons of fun!

Today I need to go on a long run. I decided I want to try to run a full marathon this year since I'm turning 40. It might be a BIG mistake. Ha. 

We got to dog sit for my friend Lisa. The kids were SOOOO excited and had so much fun. It made their weekend. Corbin joined scouts about a month ago and he went on his first camping outing. He said it rained off and on but other than that he had fun. I'm just happy for him to get out of his room for 5 minutes.

The girls made a presentation to present why they deserved to go to the Dollar Store. Spoiler alert. It worked.

Girl's Just Want To Have Fun costume

Jaynee's 30!

Scott is almost as tall as Jaynee kneeling on the ground. 

Little Graham 

Gabby's Dance!

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