Sunday, May 16, 2021

Mother's Day, Birthday Pics

Alright let's see... after the trip there's been work and Mother's Day. Work is full on survival mode for me at this point. I HATE my 1st period class. It's just a lot of hard students lumped together and there is no fixing it. Rather than me being uber stressed out and possibly killing them or dying of a heart attack I just relaxed big time. I let them do what they want to a degree and they are much more manageable and less stressful. Ideal? No...way better...YES! So since then it hasn't been too bad. I have 9 more school days. 9! 

Scott has been pretty dissatisfied with work lately. He feels overqualified and underpaid. He is casually on the hunt for something else but in the meantime he decided to ask for a significant raise. Luckily they met him more than halfway what he was asking for and gave him some appreciation to boot. He may still be on the hunt but getting a raise and thanks helps!  Okay that is all.

The weather was beautiful today! Had a fun time with the kids at the park.

Blueberry flowers

Gabby Dad Card

Scott has been wanting a massage FOREVER! I bought him one! 

Scott helped Ryan with a school project. (How a plasma dome works)...I don't know ask Ryan.

The kids were playing a stuffed animal game forever! 

Scott's work spoiled him on his b-day! 

His boss made this cake!

Gabby Mother's Day card

Inside each petal was a note but mostly a picture of hearts.

Cute Piper pic.

I went to go inside and Scott scared me so good! I always go straight to the ground when I get scared.

Scott's garden pic. We have potatoes, beets, spinach, lettuce,  and peas all coming up!  

Ryan's watermelon plant from school.

Ryan sleeps with his coonskin hat. So cute.

I almost died when I came to bed and saw him with my eye mask. (That eye mask is ridiculous I'm aware...but it's cozy. (Ryan has been sleeping on our floor for months).

I made this owl pattern for a back up project at school.

Scott spends HOURS on his garden.

Extra Mother's Day notes.

Scott birthday love.

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