Sunday, May 30, 2021

Peace Out School Year!

I survived the last week of school! Wahoo!!! I hated my 1st period class so much. I was so happy to be rid of them! The week was pretty chill and I was done really early all week due to weird schedule conflicts with Boise High. On Tuesday I decided I wanted to make the staff some cookies with my extra time. I started an ISU class and I didn't realize I needed to have a book and I ordered it on Amazon and it finally came in an empty package! I had to wait for them to send it again. I am very behind in my class now so I will have to do double the work this week. At least that's all I really have to worry about right now. I took the kids to Chick Fil A to celebrate my last day of work. Woot! They've also been begging for me to make crepes so we had crepes today. I can only cook one at a time and I can't successfully cook them fast so it took me 2 hours this morning. Oy! I definitely traded one job for another. My kids expect me to feed them and stuff! Rude! Our friends booked a theater room tonight so we are going to Quiet Place 2. I'm so excited! Alright well that's all. I need to go on a long run...woof!

I made the faculty some cookies.

We went to Chick Fil A to celebrate my last day of work!

Cutest Piper note.

Garden munchers



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