Sunday, June 20, 2021


 Highlights from last week...swimming at Roaring Springs, swimming with friends, coffee date with friends, shed date with Lisa, finished my ISU class, gardening for Scott...always gardening. That's it!

Swimming fun!

Cute Pipes

Chic Fil A!

Thai Food!

Teeny Tiny Pancakes.

Gabby the Chef.

Running through the sprinklers.

Coffee Date with Friends! 




Hot Pink Strawberry Blossoms!

Pink Strawberry Blossoms!

Scott's Micro Orchard with Espalier (Trellis, along the wall behind trees)

Roaring Springs Picnic 

Sunday, June 13, 2021

Avid Training

 This last week was pretty busy. Monday was really busy I can't really remember why now. I did meet with another FCS teacher to talk about lesson plans for next year and as I sat down to talk to her I was just like I cannot care about this right now. We chatted for about an hour but I am SOOOO burned out. I don't give a flip right now about next school year. Tuesday through Thursday I had an all day work training on the computer. My Vice Principal wanted me to be trained as an AVID elective teacher. AVID is a program that is geared to helping teach students how to be successful students and help them get to college. It was nice the kids were still in school because being on the computer training would have been hard with them home. It was a little boring and painful but I got paid for it and it's another class I could teach in the future (not that I want to) which is more job security. So win win. I also worked on my ISU class. I need to write two more papers and I will be done with that class. Hoping to finish this week and then take a BREAK! 

On Monday Gabby had a drive through 5th grade graduation celebration. I think they should have had a ceremony since most of the mandates have been lifted. Dumb. Oh well. Their last day of school was Thursday. They wanted a special breakfast on Friday to celebrate. I also made dinner for my friend who had a baby. I also had some friend hang outs this last week. I worked very hard last school year. Now it's time to play hard! Yesterday I ran 12 miles. It was hard and I couldn't really do much the rest of the day. It zaps me! I'm feeling good today. We are headed out to Roaring Springs to use our free reading passes before they expire.

Scott continues to fret and work on his plants always. HA!

5th Grade Graduate! Moving onto Middle School!

My friend Krista's birthday is tomorrow. I got us matching shirts since we are both turning 40 this year!

I love my friend Lisa. She comes over and has shed show dates with me!

Gabby's prospective project.

Celebratory breakfast!

Lana and Odin!

He's so little!

Sunday, June 6, 2021

Memorial Day

We didn't really do anything for Memorial Day. We had a BBQ and had ALL the food, so that was yummy. I spent a lot of the week catching up on my ISU class. I am caught up and hope to finish up with the class a bit early.  I need to work on it today! This coming week I have a three day training on the computer that I hope is not too terrible. I just got an email that I will be paid for it though so that is awesome! Nothing much else to report. The kids have 4 days left of school. They are excited! I ran 10 miles today. I'm surprised I'm already at that many miles. My body hurts today though...wooo doggy! 

The feast!

Gabby berry platter. 
Cute kids.
Gabby made an obstacle course.